In particular, the little boy who was given the name An Heibu had a crazy feeling of being hit by a pie. It is said that after being given the name, the little boy also muttered, "Really, my name is Ann?" I cann’t believe I ran in front of the teacher elder sister in Louyi? Are you kidding me? Bad bad black hip elder brother now don’t know how to think … "

The truth is that Ann Heibu finally found herself thinking too much. When pays photogenic attention to return to Nami Xianfeng with Awu, the martial sister Lou Yi is already very clever, with a bright smile on her face, a sister Awu and a black cloth brother … Black hip also bitter face before him […]

After I woke up, I went to practice in the mountains and forests to see lady white snake, and then he wanted to visit Jinshan Temple.

That’s where Tian, the incarnation of Fahai, practiced since childhood, but he hasn’t been back for more than 300 years since Fahai left. Jinshan Temple is near Hangzhou. One day, a young monk came to Jinshan Temple and people recognized him. The abbot of Jinshan Temple came out in a hurry after he reported the […]