No matter what happens, the three major schools of fairies, Weifu, are all in the limelight. Many fairies have long been disgusted with them. If someone can make them retreat, it means that many fairies have a bad breath.

But Xuanxing ignored these things. Anyway, he must get the power stone. The power stone is too important for himself, and he must not let it fall into the hands of other immortals. "One million" Xuanxing directly raises the price by one million Xuanxing doesn’t believe that the three schools will always compete with themselves. […]

"No one in Cang Yue and Zhu is better off crying secretly there. Lantian is a girl in Lantian. It’s warm day, day, day … I won’t explain this to you. It’s a very bad thing anyway."

"So’ and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever was already disconsolate’?" "Afterwards, although the more I think about it, the more I regret that I shouldn’t have gone to that place, but at that time, my head was bloated, my mind was dizzy, and my brain was a mess." "Bullshit" Shuyuan Diji […]

Chapter seventy-three

This businessman looks like a master with his feet stuck in the ground for a while, and it is this opportunity that whitewater peeps at him. His left hand makes efforts to turn himself over and rush, while his right hand takes advantage of the situation, so he comes to a site to shoot a […]

"Curse … the plague"

Lu Fei read those words, and his parents died of the plague. In the final analysis, they were all out of his own body. "Who recast this gun?" Lu Chen was curious. He speculated that the characteristics of Gon Gonul in the mythical period and Gon Gonul today should have their own advantages and disadvantages. […]

Gloria thought about it and then elbowed him in the ribs as if they were drinking buddies in the village bar and knew each other very well.

"I told my mom it was a school, too, but I didn’t care." "What does this mean?" Tidal pits, forests, trails, all these things, most of the time, I really wandered around, but I also learned something. Saul can imagine this kind of dialogue, "You can’t get points here", and another idea paves the way, […]