"Where is the prestige of Brother Zeng Xiong? It’s wrong for Xiao to come to see him as early as possible!" Xiao Fan also shed crocodile tears hand laughed

When two people flatter each other, it is quite a bit like hitting it off at first sight. "The former Xueying sister invited the younger brother but didn’t know to refuse?" Once seated, Zeng Xiong asked with a smile "Hey, I just entered the outer door with low strength and wanted to practice hard, otherwise […]

Huang Mei, the bodhi old zu, was a little surprised. He knew that listening to truths was a god beast, but he really didn’t know that listening to truths was such a big card.

Chapter 14 Rogue, a snake ape colleague. "Of course there are other ways." After the day replied, "Master is the future Maitreya Buddha, and the gold medallion is his magic weapon. His ability to hit the gold medallion will usually give him a face." This is a mythical world. For Sun Wu and others, gold […]

Then the five people drew the boundary line of the area in charge of each other, and formally stipulated that the border resources would be discussed by the two forces, and the resources in charge of the area would belong to the monks in charge of the area

Except for individual cultivation resources, for example, a medium-sized Lingshi mine appears in the area under the responsibility of a certain power, so this medium-sized Lingshi mine must be taken out and shared by all forces. Whoever discovers it first or the area under the responsibility of that power can get more shares, and it […]

Su Li didn’t speak. Suddenly, he stepped into the sky, and the dragon gas released by the green dragon approached him.

"Huh?" Green dragon look a slight change suddenly feel dragon gas released by a physical force to all the shock back to follow from Su Li body release a stronger coercion, in turn, oppress yourself. "Interesting!" Qingtianlong’s eyes lit up and he felt something. In the sight of this young human strength is not weak. […]

"Hum, don’t scratch your face before you put it!" The woman still won’t let him go. "It’s not a shame for you to rely on this broken chip to support you!"

"Warning the third refusal to attack the chip management system with cold and violent language" "If you trigger a warning three times a day, please go to the first floor of the building for re-education on your own 24 hours. If you fail, your body will be enforced by chip custody!" The man didn’t say […]

Chi Yao successfully played the role of a silly elder sister, as if she had never seen anything in the city. She looked here and there, touched her mouth and kept muttering, "What a big reservoir there is never such a thing in my house." Then somehow she suddenly slapped her arm and said, "Why are there mosquitoes in this warehouse?"

Yang Feng Tao Tao ears "line don’t wordy son will take you to find elder brother" Chi Yao smiled "Good Brother" Focus on eavesdropping on Lin Ya’s lost headphones and immediately install "the old warehouse next to the Northern Suburb Reservoir will take people out quickly" "Wait, the captain has something for you." A policewoman […]