"Ding Rinrin!"

At this time, a melodious and crisp horse bell rang, and when I heard this pitch, I raised my eyelids and took a faint look at the front. At this look, I was suddenly covered in a bomb. A white horse came from a distance. A handsome young monk in a cassock quietly read the […]

The lantern ghost jumped at me immediately after being attacked by me, and hit me directly in the stomach with strong force, which made me fall to the ground.

"Pain …" I was getting ready to get up when the warning sounded again. "Cat! Watch your face! 」 Face? I looked up and found that Lantern Ghost was jumping high, intending to hit me with the acceleration of gravity. "Wow-" I quickly rolled a few times to the side to hide from the lantern […]

Deep in the mountain range of Warcraft, Daozun’s three turns to the peak level of Warcraft is very common. It can be said that it is extremely dangerous day or night, which is even worse for human beings. However, Yuan Ye’s journey has gone very smoothly. Although he didn’t intimidate, the powerful king breath of the spirit beast made many Warcraft retreat.

Yuan Ye’s spirit beast walked easily and directly into the deeper part of the Mountain of Warcraft, where it was damp, hot and humid, where it was dry and hot, but in the same place, they all adapted to the life of the king and all kinds of things that they dreamed of in the […]

Teller Wang was afraid that Jishu didn’t understand and raised his voice again. "Do you think this only earned ten thousand yuan in almost a month? What if it fell again after two months?" You are a big customer in our sales department. I am worried! "

"Wang Ge takes a long view. Just now, the investors in the building are right. It is not impossible for foreign countries to double the stock market for many years." Ji Shu’s tone is light, like he doesn’t care. Teller Wang’s forehead is sweating. "Of course, it’s up to Comrade Ji to decide for yourself. […]

Smell speech small mink is zheng claw in front of the light scratched immediately blame laughed but head beast hiding here, I didn’t expect this deep xuan Yin jian can monster beast to live.

Look, I forced it to move across the mind, and the spirit of the powerful horse surged, but it was directly condensed into a huge spiritual spear with dozens of feet in front of me, and a little spiritual spear whipped and violently shot into the dark crack. chatter The spirit giant spear shot into […]

Will you jump or not?

Wu Chi squinted at the foot nebula half ring again. This look shows something else. Isn’t the shape of this nebula the pentagram? There is also a blood-red crack in the center of the nebula, which is always ferocious. Sweat! Don’t you just jump into that thing and really be reborn-not a dog Can choose […]