Burning fireworks, the dragon sword immediately cut out Xuanyang’s understatement, as if telling Hua that all resistance was in vain. Even if it is immortal, Xuanyang, who is not dead, will be beheaded with a sword Then I saw that the burning flame did not burn the dead body and quickly ignited the whole body […]

Adam, the "master", put on his stereo and walked over with a bowl of steaming ginger soup in his hand. "Chi Yao told me to make it and please drink it while it’s hot."

"What about her?" "Chi Yao has fallen asleep." Jingmuyun smiled, and suddenly there was an impulse in his heart. He walked softly to the front of Chi Yao’s door and gently twisted her door. Chi Yao lay in a big head with beautiful curly hair on the pillow, which made her more petite and lovely. […]

Li Guanghan showed disdain.

Jishu shook his head and looked dignified. "The problem is that there is a lot of information, which is actually the accounting material of Guanhua Primary School. I can prove many problems by reading this material overnight, such as purchasing substandard and inferior cement and so on." Guanhua Primary School is the tofu dregs project […]

Yang day and couldn’t help cursing way

In order to help the jade workers set their goals, the jade workers’ handbook introduces the celestial order from low to high, fairy fairy, fairy fairy king, fairy emperor and fairy emperor. Among them, the fairy is divided into twelve levels, and each level of ascension can not be separated from the physical strengthening, and […]