"Where is the prestige of Brother Zeng Xiong? It’s wrong for Xiao to come to see him as early as possible!" Xiao Fan also shed crocodile tears hand laughed

When two people flatter each other, it is quite a bit like hitting it off at first sight. "The former Xueying sister invited the younger brother but didn’t know to refuse?" Once seated, Zeng Xiong asked with a smile "Hey, I just entered the outer door with low strength and wanted to practice hard, otherwise […]

Lilith is also very busy. She and the three sisters of the wise are deeply studying the data periods of the Blood Reward, and after getting the cosmic wonders, she will quickly promote the Blood Reward to Class B and strive for perfection.

Connor threw him a big book "My Captain’s Life" with Lin Sisuo in his arms, but unfortunately, except for those treasure-hunting passages, which are readable, some of him are worthless in Kang Pang’s eyes. Connor knows that a good captain’s life does not need imitation, and he needs to be strong enough to achieve his […]

The lantern ghost jumped at me immediately after being attacked by me, and hit me directly in the stomach with strong force, which made me fall to the ground.

"Pain …" I was getting ready to get up when the warning sounded again. "Cat! Watch your face! 」 Face? I looked up and found that Lantern Ghost was jumping high, intending to hit me with the acceleration of gravity. "Wow-" I quickly rolled a few times to the side to hide from the lantern […]

"When did this happen? Why didn’t anyone contact me this time?" Looking at the three diamond-shaped signs of the car keys in his hand, he wondered and asked

"The general office informed me that I didn’t say anything, and the driver didn’t say anything about handing over the formalities to me. I left it as soon as I saw the approval form signed by all leaders." At the same time sanatorium "Wenxuan, your dad’s retirement application has not been approved. There is no […]

"Hum, don’t scratch your face before you put it!" The woman still won’t let him go. "It’s not a shame for you to rely on this broken chip to support you!"

"Warning the third refusal to attack the chip management system with cold and violent language" "If you trigger a warning three times a day, please go to the first floor of the building for re-education on your own 24 hours. If you fail, your body will be enforced by chip custody!" The man didn’t say […]