"Come so fast, you should have it with Taiti!"

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"quick! Immediately prepare materials for the Strategic Research Department to make possible solutions as soon as possible! "
"Ma Lian, our allies, we must agree! Damn it, it’s too short. He’s trying to catch us off guard. "
All countries in the world have been completely activated by this invitation letter, and all kinds of emergency meetings, large and small, have been called everywhere to analyze the future trend of the world pattern, hoping to strive for favorable conditions for themselves in the meeting as much as possible
Five hours later, representatives from all over the world have landed one after another and a huge virtual venue has appeared.
Layers are distributed in a ring shape, and thousands of seats in the open-air seats are arranged neatly. The overall pattern is similar to that of the Roman Colosseum, with blue sky, white clouds and cool breeze blowing overhead. A lecture platform is arranged in the central venue.
This kind of meeting mode is no stranger to all countries. After the founding of earth defense force, many military meetings in earth defense force are in this form of virtual meeting. It is called for having a virtual helmet and being able to enter the virtual meeting room of Qizhong Special College after identification.
Although Yun Nie’s virtual technology is not yet popular, the convenience it brings is like a delicious bait, which has long made the top leaders of various countries want to stop.
Just a few hours to prepare a ball range summit, which is highly effective and ultra-efficient, and also has the virtual technology of "making the world close at hand"
Wait until the virtual technology shop can foresee that the earth will become a real global village!
At this time, thousands of delegates in the virtual conference room have been seated, and everyone’s seat is floating with their national flags.
When the last representative landed, a figure slowly appeared on the central podium.
It’s still the bohemian dress that exudes a cool temperament. Look around. "The topic of the sub-Atlantis summit is’ too resource development’ and’ virtual technology promotion’!"
No white talk, no nonsense, code name adhering to the consistent principle of artificial intelligence efficiency, the first sentence set the tone of the meeting, and the tone clearly entered everyone’s ears
Too resources to send? Virtual technology promotion? Everyone’s heart is pounding, and there is a sense of historical witness of the arrival of a big era.
"Next, the CEO of Atlantis will introduce you to the specific integration matters!" The code word made everyone stunned.
CEO of Atlantis?
A moment later, a girl-like figure appeared, with a white skirt and a delicate white mask beside her.
The girl looked around her eyes and was surprised by the crowd, but then she turned and looked at the code curiously.
This is the first time that Chu Xiaoxiao saw the code name with her own eyes. She once asked Yun Nie Nie Yun curiously and told her that the code name was a senior manager trained by ghost captain himself.
"Personally cultivate big manager? This is an absolute confidant, so her organizational status should be higher than that of Yun Nie? " Chu Xiaoxiao thought so and smiled and nodded in a friendly way at the suspected "Yun Nie Leadership" code.
Code wanted to think, but also gave me a smile, and made a dress ceremony for Chu Xiaoxiao, expressing a respect for the proprietress, which slowly disappeared.
Chu Xiao leng leng, she actually smiled to herself?
Unlike the cold temperament, it seems that he is a very amiable leader?
The atmosphere of the first meeting between the two sides was very harmonious …
When the representatives of various countries saw that the CEO appeared, they actually made the famous cold beauty smile and salute, and suddenly they decided … This must be the top power in ghost captain!
Unfortunately, wearing a mask! Many people regret it.
There are also many people who have noticed from their clothes that Chu Xiaoxiao is not young and can’t help but be surprised that ghost captain organizes "youth"
Judging from the summary of information from various aspects, ghost captain’s forces have been seen at present. Both the code name and the CEO are incredible, including the people from ghost captain in the 13th district!
It’s incredible that the top leaders of a huge power are all young people in the eyes of the major forces of the earth! It is impossible for the health promotion system to have such a wonderful phenomenon.
It’s impossible for young people to work at the age of ten to be a retirement age, right?
What does this say? Whether to say … Everyone in ghost captain Organization Department … is ten years old forever?
Many people can’t help but feel a little short of breath when they think of here …
No, at the moment, everyone’s thoughts are here. Chu Xiaoxiao has already given her a speech before the podium.
"You are honored to be here to discuss the future of the world.
Taitai has been opened to traffic, and Taifa is a smooth road. The virtual helmet will be sold soon, and the world will soon usher in a complete change.
Mr. ghost captain United Company is also responsible for these two foreign industries. Atlantis welcomes all people of insight to join us and make history together! "
Chu Xiaoxiao’s words with unique code name and different styles finally made everyone feel back to the normal diplomatic atmosphere.
This passage is not long, but it contains a lot of information.
First of all, the CEO defined Atlantis Company as a "joint company" in ghost captain for the first time. How deep is this joint company?
Is it a capital holding company? Or is it a combination of multiple forces? This is very intriguing.
This is also Chu Xiaoxiao pulled up the tiger skin in ghost captain to tell everyone that there is a big BOSS behind Atlantis, so be careful to be cut!
Second, Taiti and Virtual Helmet have been assigned to Atlantis Company, so ghost captain himself is not going to intervene?
There is a great difference between the nominal combination of companies and the combination of national power forms.
If ghost captain organizes countries to join together, then this is a diplomatic category. If it is a company … then this is a business negotiation!
But in any case, the other party has released Atlantis’ attitude of preparing to release it to the outside world, which is the message that really makes everyone ecstatic.
That’s miracle island!
There are several mouth-watering technologies and extension to Taitongtian Road. Who can seize the opportunity is definitely soaring!
"First of all, let me briefly introduce two projects that Atlantis is responsible for.
One of the main industries in Taiyuan Resources Development Project is Taiyuan Transportation! As you can see, the Taiti transportation system will officially release the ball to the outside world from January, and all countries and companies will speed up the development of Taiti resources.
The virtual technology promotion project aims to promote the wide use of virtual technology. After one week, we will distribute the design source code of the public virtual world.
From now on, "Do the World" will be a platform to welcome all individuals, companies and countries in the world to join hands to create their own virtual world! "
Chu Xiaoxiao’s introduction directly detonated the scene. Some people were unbelievable, some were happy and inexplicable, and some were wary.
At this time, everyone’s speech function was started and someone immediately asked.

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