This is Meng Pojun, and this is the real strength of being one.

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Just relying on one punch to threaten the 20-odd cousin with a sword as a body meteorite doesn’t even have a trace of pain, so with the arrival of Meng Pojun’s thunder, he personally wrote a full stop for the rest of his life.
Leave Qin Yu three people.
This game gathered in Yongchun City is just now.
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine I want to change the world myself
Run …
Run as fast as you can …
Stay at the end of the field of vision …
Push the door in front of you.
The time is pressing, and there is no more time to be lost by her.
(There are still three days before Heroes’ Meeting …)
"Something’s wrong!"
Look straight at predecessors and then a face of dignified color to quickly mouth and said
Since she is a sword hall person, all the dead in her eyes are her enemies, and what she wants to report to Weidong is now regarded as the most important event in Sword Hall.
This is that Chen Lili is the only one in Weidong who can still have confidence.
In front of Chen Lili Weidong …
It still looks so casual, as if there is a sword in the hall now. All this chaos is nothing to him. Now he is still obsessed with the things in this cage, even if it is on fire at the moment, but Chen Lili’s eyes are not anxious at all. He is still addicted to flowers, birds, fish and insects. He is still addicted to getting drunk and having fun.
But Chen Lili is very clear that the real Weidong is not so fatuous as he showed at this time that he can really make a decisive war.
Wei Dong is the only one who can go to confidence now. Chen Lili will know that even if she wants to report to Wei Dong at the moment, it should have been clear.
Otherwise, before the sweat on Chen Lili’s forehead disappeared, Weidong glanced at her with profound meaning, and then he Chen Lili puzzled his eyes to keep himself feeding the birds.
If you are not familiar with Weidong, everyone will definitely order a wan ku stamp for Weidong when they see this scene, but if someone who knows Weidong very well like Chen Lili sees this scene, she will not order a stamp for Weidong so easily because she knows that this is a habit of Weidong, and now this habit has already become the most powerful disguise of Weidong.
Because Chen Lili knows that Weidong doesn’t like people talking face to face, he prefers to show his side face to the other side, so that his speaker can’t see his other side and read his real thoughts from his sight.
"You are in such a hurry to come to me, even those people have gone out of the city one by one."
See at this time, Weidong didn’t directly ask Chen Lili what happened, but let himself still hold the bug in his hand and throw it at the trough in the bird cage. When the birds in the cage are crazy and their beaks keep pecking at the poor bug in the trough, he slowly mouthed it.
"Does the owner know?"
Even though Chen Lili is very clear about Weidong’s disposition and temper, the other party must have known that Mu Ye and a large group of people went out of the city before dawn, but she still chose to make herself look more knowledgeable at the moment because she knew that Weidong had proper knowledge around her to be more heavy.
"What can I do if I know? What can I do if I don’t know? People who should go will still go. People who shouldn’t go will still not go. Lily, don’t you think that’s right?"
Feed the sparrow Weidong in his cage. This is Chen Lili’s gaze. He slowly straightened his waist and then swayed to the front of Chen Lili. While staring at Chen Lili’s eyes, he gradually picked his mouth slightly.
"What should we do then?"
At the moment, Chen Lili didn’t shy away from Weidong’s gaze. Instead, he asked without hesitation with the darkest eyes that run through the hearts of the people.
"If you don’t do anything, wait until the day after tomorrow, and then you guys can follow the plan."
It can be said that Weidong’s assurance at this time really gave Chen Lili a firm hope and made her feel that their action plan would be successful this time.
"What did the group of people in Mu Ye do to find Xiao Hong this morning? You guys don’t have to inquire about the fact that the situation is very sensitive. A slight mistake will make our intention exposed. The day after tomorrow, the heroes’ meeting can be carried out smoothly. Let’s take the next plan and implement it smoothly. In the next three days, you must not let Xiao Hong’s gang be alert, continue to let themselves hibernate, and make everything look more natural. In this way, we can give Xiao Hong the group the most fatal blow. We can’t let them guard against us. In particular, there are still three full days before the Heroes Meeting, and once Xiaohong and them are alert to us, the other party has enough ability to stop the Heroes Meeting in these three days, and once the Heroes Meeting Method is held as scheduled, it will be difficult for us to explain it to the positions. "
Gently patted Chen Lili shoulder Weidong words can be said to be very real without any hidden ingredients.
"But the treasury where Wang Jiaojiao, the head of the company, is still dominated by Xiao Hong. If we can’t take the account from Wang Jiaojiao, you still can’t explain it to you. After all, you said before that if we take charge of our account and personnel records in previous years in Yijiantang, Wang Jiaojiao and Lin Xiaoyun, who are holding our staff records in Yijiantang, will all listen to Mu Ye’s eyes and the heroes will be remitted in three days. Aren’t you worried that Xiao Hong will let Wang Jiaojiao and Lin Xiaoyun ruin the accounts and personnel records in these three days?"
After hearing Weidong’s words, Chen Lili thought for a moment before continuing to talk about what he wanted in his heart.
"It’s not important, Lily. Remember that it’s not important in our eyes whether it’s a sword hall account or a sword hall staff record, and what our pursuit will ask me for these two things is just to pull with me and find a header casually."
Weidong explained to Chen Lili what he had just said while slowly pulling Chen Lili’s hand to lead him to a map with many signs, and then pointed to the map in front of Chen Lili and continued
"Lily, what our position really wants is the unification of heaven, and the unification here refers not only to other countries in the region, but also to the whole Jianghu world. I hope that in his lifetime, the Jianghu will be unified and rectified, and then the Jianghu world, which has been in turmoil for thousands of years, will be unified. When Longhuan encounters a great crisis, it can be said that this Dragon Globe will be United again."
Speaking of this, Weidong’s eyes couldn’t help but feel a layer of grief, but he quickly let this grief be hidden in his eyes so that he could continue to explain the current situation in Chen Lili.
"Because from the red tide of that year, our position found that the rivers and lakes are now fragmented, even with unparalleled fighting power, but you can’t really play for the country. But if you look at our neighbor Rizhaoguo, you should know that Rizhaoguo also has rivers and lakes, and those so-called clan-tolerant factions are similar to all the families in our dragon world."
And pointing to the Japanese Zhao logo Weidong continued
"But Lily, you need to know that in those days, a fierce naval battle broke out in our Long Huan, and both sides sent elites in that naval battle. What’s more, we lost the war with a great military advantage. At that time, the captaincy of Japan Zhao Guo was to integrate the factions of various clans and make it a conscientious country, so that the defeat that should belong to them had to be reversed, and then several super masters joined forces to directly chop us off on the spot. This was to beat our Long Huan’s face."
Speaking of which, the fighting spirit in Weidong’s eyes is so hot and dazzling.
This is due to the hatred of the two peoples, and this is even more due to the fact that the two languages will never compromise.
"Do you want to reorganize the Jianghu through your hands by mobilizing people with lofty ideals like the head master?"
Listen Weidong explained that Chen Lili responded to his understanding.
"You can understand this, but the most important thing is that you have ignored Lily. Imagine that the rivers and lakes have to be reintegrated one day. Then there will be no such complicated sects and clans at that time, not to mention what sects hate. Then, let alone fighting and killing, even the most common fights will be rare at that time. It is rare to know that our identity is still in the third place, and the ninth stream is so noble because our identity is also the lowest. There is no way to get a security guarantee. Our daughter is not peaceful and stable, and there is no apprentice. Let alone whether our descendants can test for fame and honor our ancestors. Nowadays, it is a problem whether we can fight and kill rivers and lakes. This is not what I want to see. I want to change it. I want to change this muddled world by myself through my efforts. I don’t want to say that the backcourt of our sword hall is getting sadder and sadder, and the only way to change our humble status is to rely on the Longhuan court.
Wei Dong’s words really mean that Chen Lili feels inferior because she finds that every word of Wei Dong directly pokes the weakest point in her heart.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Lies
It can be said that Weidong’s remarks made Chen Lili feel that his choice was correct, and he himself struggled for the great ideal of Weidong all his life.
"Leader, I have roughly understood what I said. Now we have to do one thing, that is, remit the heroes according to their wishes, and then take the opportunity to get rid of Xiao Hong’s faction so that you can have a leader in Yijiantang, and then you can lead us to submit to the imperial court?"
Looking up at Weidong, Chen Lili first discovered that Weidong’s personal image was so great in his own eyes.
"It’s almost understandable, because I feel that our position doesn’t want to let the dark history of the red tide repeat itself. After all, the cruelty of the historical truth is even unbearable."
It’s not sad when I get to the red tide.
While Chen Lili is awkward looking at Weidong.
"What is history?"
Thought for a long time Chen Lili this just slowly asked.
"You want to hear it?"
Hesitantly staring at Chen Lili Weidong’s red eyes are looking straight at each other and then gently asked.
And Chen Lili’s answer is like a key to playing Weidong for a long time.
"Let’s just say it’s no big deal today. I’ll tell you when you want to hear it …"

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