"Yeah, you’re the one I lied to the most." Fang Ning plausibly said.

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"Damn it, you cheated me again …" Uncle was very depressed.
"Don’t talk nonsense. By the way, what’s the business of telling me to get up so early?" Fang Ning was very satisfied with his oral victory.
"Oh, just now, Lao Huang wanted us to inspect the inauguration ceremony of Yiqi Academy of Sciences. It has found a lot of people who want us to cheer in the past …" Grandpa said faintly.
"You said earlier, what time is it? I’ll clean up quickly." Fang Ning heard half of it and hurried to the front of the floor mirror in the lounge …
Then he ran back and said angrily, "Give me the horse."
"You just found out that you are a ghost now … you can’t look in the mirror." Grandpa gloated.
"What the hell are you? Then I won’t go. You can do it yourself." Fang Ning used his killer.
"Nonsense, I don’t have you. You are the best at boosting morale." Uncle hurriedly shirked.
"No, no, you’ve learned almost the same thing. Those words of fooling the red-backed woodpecker the day before yesterday are very classic. So much for me." Fang Ning pushed back.
"You really don’t go to forget it …"
"Don’t I go I go" Fang Ning from the heart.
A blue skyscraper in Zhengqi City seems to be a newly completed building. There is a huge colorful banner hanging at the entrance of the building-"the founding ceremony of Yuanqi Academy of Sciences …"
Fang Ning is taking a group photo with a group of people in front of colorful banners, posing as a cool gesture, which is particularly dusty.
He entered here through a special car in golden pass.
This is different from the mysterious environment and unification of dragons.
Zhengqi City, formerly known as Yinqi Mystery, is a relatively independent city.
Uncle controls the secret realm and heaven through the blue orb, but he can’t shuttle in anytime and anywhere.
If you want to get in and out, you still have to enter by the only means, the death train.
"Master can take time out of his busy schedule to come here, which really touched Xiao Huang." After the photo was taken, Xue Ba, the yellow dog, surrounded Fang Ning to please.
"Knowledge is productivity. Times have changed, but it doesn’t mean that knowledge doesn’t mean that knowledge should be updated. This is the purpose of the establishment of the Academy of Vitality. Even if I am busy, I will come and see for myself." Fang Ning inspected the style with a solemn face.
Xue Ba immediately said to the people around him with a big head and a face of approval, "The master’s instruction is that the master attaches so much importance to the establishment of the Academy of Sciences. Everyone must study hard and make fruitful results as soon as possible to live up to the master’s heart and have huge investment …"
A group of people, old and young, men and women nodded when they heard the news.
They don’t flatter like yellow dogs, but they all mean it.
At this time, it is rare to have private leaders to spend money on basic theoretical research.
Most people pursue the perfection of a certain achievement method, and it will take years, months or days to produce results. Where can they have the patience and funds to do this basic theoretical work?
Because of this basic theoretical research, there may be no direct output for decades.
On the contrary, the famous dragon honour person is the first in strength, but attaches so much importance to knowledge and science and technology that it can be seen that the other party really deserves its name and can be far-sighted
This gesture is enough to make ordinary people understand that it is important to study basic theories in the era of vitality, not to have cultivation techniques.
Fang Ning looked around and enjoyed the admiration of everyone.
That’s how a gentleman should be recognized by top people. That’s how he pretends to be cool.
At this time, he can particularly understand what leaders like to inspect …
You know, these people are all elites, experts in a field and experienced.
Their abilities may be high or low, but their hearts are right. They are all hard-earned by Xue Ba these days.
By relying on the title of knight-errant A, a lot of money and a lot of practice classics are quite gathered into a wave of top talents and choose the best from the best
It’s very convenient for Xue Ba to learn "Heaven and Earth Righteousness Tactics". Although he doesn’t have the ability to judge people, he can also sense whether the other person is upright or not.
Academic fraudsters may have been able to get along well in the past, but now there is certainly no righteousness around them, and Xue Ba can tell them at once.
Xue Ba, the yellow dog, is a real dog’s leg. It is necessary to satisfy Fang Ning, the master, and he will never find some mixed projects like human dog’s leg.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Vitality
After taking a group photo, Ning visited the building of Yiqi Academy of Sciences.
Compared with his holy land of scientific research, there is nothing worthy of praise here except that some experts are still famous.
However, there is one place in this era that his scientific research site does not have.
That’s Ann!
More than half of the experts were attracted by this reason when they were recruited by the yellow dog.
Leading experts, they are often more sensitive to the dangers of the vitality era.
The more you know, the more you know, the more you know that this era is really terrible.
Common sense has failed, and it is possible that you will be a different person when you go out to work today …
If it weren’t for the birth of the Dragon Venerable, a lot of people might be here.

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