As a result, this person has a pearl the size of a nail in his mouth.

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This bead is dark in color and has no energy fluctuation. Xiao Fan will probe into the gods’ knowledge and look at it carefully for a moment, and he will gain nothing.
It’s like this bead is just an ordinary stone.
However, since this magic protoss master’s mouth can also prove that this bead is unusual.
Even Xiao Fan took out the beads, and at the same time, the body of the demon protoss master suddenly decayed and turned into a pile of dust in the blink of an eye.
This pearl must be big!
Xiao Fan sank in his heart and slowly put away the beads. He made three bows from his heart towards that pile of dust and immediately turned away with a heavy heart.
It seems that everything has become more complicated.
And how does it all relate to the same back in the collapsed star?
Xiao Fan faintly felt that if he could explore everything, he might step into an unknown world.
There seems to be a force of legal resistance pulling him to explore and finally get to the bottom!
I enjoyed a lava bath on my way back from this dark Xiao Fan road, which brought me benefits.
"Senior, you are out!" See Xiao Fan jumped out of the lava crocodile god hurriedly meet to bow and say
"Well, things have really come to fruition, Crocodile God. You are going to go to Shenjia with me. After all, Shenjia’s position is extremely high. It’s not that I can break into places casually. I have to rely on your influence!" Xiao Fan nodded his head and looked heavy and said
"Er’ Shenjia’?" Crocodile God was stunned. "The’ Shenjia’ master of the elder generation is the overlord of the double heaven-even a small god may not be qualified to enter China!"
"I don’t care about this. I know you will find a way, don’t you?" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick leisurely say
Crocodile god is very difficult to bite bite lips immediately a stamp, "good! Since the elder ordered the little god to throw caution to the wind, he also asked the elder to wait for three days. After three days, the little god led the elder to go to Shenjia together! "
Chapter 1116 Evil black bamboo forest
Three days later, the crocodile god came to’ Gucheng’ again with several elites.
Xiao Fan has arranged everything for three days.
Ma Tan still assumes the position of acting head, but Xiao Fan has built a good foundation and a solid foundation during this period. Even if the’ death group’ sits on the mountain, it will stand for thousands of years.
And Xiao Fan left a communication token to ask him to shout a whole’ death group’ and he would be ready to go through fire and water.
"The ten people of the predecessors are absolutely trustworthy!" Crocodile God saw Xiao Fan coming out of the’ solid city’ and hurriedly stepped forward to greet him with his hands fuels respectfully and said
"Well, that’s good!" Xiao Fan eyes swept the crocodile god behind ten masters after light nodded.
Compared with the leader of the’ Blood Wolf Group’, the ten men who cultivate the capital in the middle level are really a top player.
"It’s an honor!" Ten masters respect Xiao Fan at the same time. They have been warned by the crocodile god that they must not be rude to respect Xiao Fan.
"Well, I need you ten to take care of me!" Xiao Fan nodded and laughed
"I will do my best when you are serious!" Ten masters shouted at the same time.
"By the way, the crocodile god …" Xiao Fan suddenly said, "Have you ever heard of … the evil god Xu Seng?"
"The evil god Xu Seng?" The crocodile god’s eyes shrank when he heard this. "That’s a great master like Ghost Rain God, and he’s called the second-generation overlord. Do you know him?"
"I don’t know but have something to do with him! Now that you know, just tell me about this person! " Xiao Fan light shook to shake head a way
"Xu Seng, the evil god, is the weirdest person in the overlord. He is eccentric and evil. It is said that he once defected from the door and stole the Buddhist protoss’ skills. Few people are willing to deal with him. He simply doesn’t act according to common sense!" Crocodile god nodded and said
"Well … that’s really interesting!" Xiao Fan rub the rub "do you know where he is? If you want to go to Shenjia, I don’t feel very sure about it just by relying on us, but it should be much easier if you have his help! "
"Er … the elder rightly said that people are so strange and difficult that no one wants to offend him. The’ Shenjia’ master will give him my meager sensibilities even if he doesn’t give Ghost Rain God a face!" Crocodile God thought, "But … that guy really knows how to face his predecessors?"
"Don’t you know if you try it?" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way
Followed by the crocodile god with Xiao Fan and ten hands galloped toward the north and went over the mountains for dozens of hours before reaching a bamboo forest filled with evil spirits.
This bamboo forest grows on a hillside with different columns. All the bamboos are gray and black, and the thick pathogens gather together to turn into clouds, which are like bamboo forests floating.
"Senior, this is the residence of the evil god Xu Seng. The evil spirits in the black bamboo forest are terrible. When ordinary people enter, they will be manipulated by the evil spirits and lose their minds. Do you really want to go in?" Crazy crocodile god asked some fear.
"You guys shouldn’t be able to resist?" Xiao Fan smiled with a smile. "Then wait for me outside and I’ll go in myself!"
"This evil spirit of the predecessors is serious!" Crocodile god hurriedly nervous said
"Don’t worry!" Xiao Fan nodded and stepped into the bamboo forest.
Suddenly, all the pathogens flooded toward Xiao Fanyong to invade his body.
Xiao Fan seems to walk forward without feeling, and at the same time, his feet are full of ripples.
And those pathogens seem to be closer to Xiao Fan’s body than fear, and they fly wildly around in an instant.
But just scattered and dragged back by a strong suction, all of them merged into Xiao Fan’s body.
Forcibly plunder evil spirits!
Xiao Fan’s body is controlled by evil attributes, and these evils are just the perfect complement to Xiao Fan’s evil attributes!
As Xiao Fan kept moving forward, the pathogens around became weak, and even the crocodile god outside the bamboo forest could see Xiao Fan’s back that had walked out of dozens of feet.

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