"Ding Rinrin!"

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At this time, a melodious and crisp horse bell rang, and when I heard this pitch, I raised my eyelids and took a faint look at the front. At this look, I was suddenly covered in a bomb. A white horse came from a distance. A handsome young monk in a cassock quietly read the scriptures. A monkey in a tiger skin skirt walked quietly with a white horse.
"Monkey King Sun Wu? Tang Priest? "
Gao Caishen blew up his face and instantly sank. I didn’t expect this Tang Priest to come so soon. When his figure flashed, he was ready to leave here quickly and return to Gao Laozhuang to report to the master.
When Gao Cai’s figure flashed, he took Ma Sunwu’s eyes off and smiled. In this smile, his figure disappeared and suddenly appeared in front of Gao Cai, grinning.
"Hey, hey, what are you trotting for?"
Seeing the monkey who suddenly stopped himself, Gao Cai turned his eyes and shouted, then ran quickly.
"Hey, hey, what are you running for? Do you pretend I’m a monster?"
The monkey stretched out his hand and arrested Gao Cai. After this arrest, Gao Cai was moved by a strange force and rushed into the body to seal a mana instantly.
At this moment, Gao Cai knew that he had been seen clearly by this monkey, and he couldn’t help but know that this monkey’s mana is strong, although it wants to be a true fairy realm, but it is a natural stone tire with strength comparable to that of an expert Jin Xian. Although his strength has risen, he can deceive those fairies who have just entered the fairyland, but he can’t hide from this monkey’s eyes.
"Don’t mess around. It’s normal for you to be ugly and scare this benefactor."
I didn’t answer until I was unequal in height. Tang Priest rode on a white horse and came to the monkey lightly. When the Tang Priest exported, Sun Monkey couldn’t help but let go and sealed the magical power of high talents and immediately eliminated it.
"The benefactor doesn’t know that this barren mountain is walking?"
See the monkey pine high just tang’s monk horse hands folded a full face of sincere asked.
Looking at the famous Tang Priest of later generations, Gao Cai couldn’t help but look at it a few times. This Tang Priest is worthy of the reincarnation of Golden Cicada. There is a trace of Zen in his beautiful face, which makes people dare not despise the pure eyes. There is a trace of wisdom and firmness. Looking carefully, it seems that this monk is the incarnation of Zen. His words are pure and elegant, which makes people feel calm. It seems that listening to Zen sounds and Buddha drums gives people a kind of inspiration, which makes Gao Cai unable to praise a monk who is really enlightened.
I admire the fact that I have developed according to history, and now I can’t escape, so I can tell you the truth.
"Master, I’m a servant of Gao Guzhuang Gao’s father, because a monster came to my family a few years ago and took over the life of my young lady’s master. I went out to ask the mage to get rid of the demon."
"The devil? Hey hey, I want to meet this monster, and you don’t want to find any mage. I specialize in exorcism. "
After listening to Gao Cai’s words, Sun Wu turned around Gao Cai with a grin and a thief’s smile, which made Gao Cai’s heart tremble and go back to inform the master when he wanted to, but he didn’t know it was time to go back before the law until he looked up at the monkey.
Chapter 21 A monkey gives a treasure
It was almost when the monkey was in a high state that the Tang Priest and the monkey were brought into the Gao Lao Zhuang Autonomous Region. At the moment when the pig quit, the monkey and others were discovered. After all, if a master enters his territory and the pig quit, it is not a true fairy, and the monkey still makes no secret of his breath and mana.
However, Zhu Jie knew that he had to go to the West and prepared some things.
At this time, after meeting with Tang Priest, Master Gao seemed to be infected by Tang Priest’s temperament, and he made things clear from beginning to end.
After some explanation, the monkey took everyone to the backyard, so that the old lady Gao and Gao’s father and daughter saw a monkey and changed into Gao Cuilan, waiting for the pig ring to come.
At this time, Gao Cai was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks, but he was just watched to death by the monkey. When the monkey left, Gao realized that the battle was not something he could participate in, but it had developed according to history.
Thought of here, my heart is not lost.
After the monkey left, Mr. Gao has been talking with Tang Priest, and he is also waiting patiently for Sun Wu to return from exorcism. I don’t know if it is because the monkey showed his strength or because of the influence of Tang Priest. This time, Mr. Gao seems to believe that he can bring down demons in the backyard.
In this way, after about midnight, Mr. Gao insisted that he couldn’t go. He couldn’t help looking at the hall and was anxious to die.
"Gao Cai, you go to the backyard to see what happened to the demon-removing of the elder Sun? Do you need help? "
"yes, sir."
When I heard the words of Mr. Gao, I was so happy that I was anxious about what happened to the monkey and the master. I was suffering from no excuse to leave now, just to leave here openly.
Gao Cai immediately turned and ran towards the backyard and ran to the backyard gate after a while.
But not equal to the height, a white horse came out of the yard and took Gao Cai in.

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