Just near the top of Shenyue Peak, Tianyang lies on a cold stone, and the Black Star Castle is far ahead.

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This is the first time that a teenager has observed the Black Star Castle so closely. The terrain of the Black Star Castle, which was built on the Shen Yue Peak, is dangerous. This environment is easy to defend but difficult to attack in a world where flying tools have not been promoted.
The size of Black Star Castle is far smaller than that of Qingtian Castle, and it looks like an urban area.
At present, there are a lot of armor and machines scattered in the fortress, and some machines are also sprayed with sparks from time to time. These seem to be the necessary components to support the city weapons yesterday. Because of the continuous shooting of the city weapons, most machines overheat and explode.
It turns out that the defense of Black Star Castle in this direction is very lax, but after the bombing of the back hill of Shenyue Peak, Black Star Castle has already transferred an army nervously.
Now the number of guards at the fortress gate has increased significantly, and there are several gas fields in it that are full of oppression, and all of them have the strength of rank 5.
Tianyang came back and seemed to leave for a moment, then he went to his team’s rest place.
"How about it?"
See Tianyang back Han Shu looked up and asked
Tianyang briefly summarized the situation near the gate, and Han Shu caught him.
The short brown hair said, "You really didn’t give us a chance to take advantage of it. I thought of taking the opportunity to raid and call the gate behind this."
Rita didn’t good the spirit way "told you this is an unrealistic idea, even if we can call, we can keep the three teams until the army arrives? I said Han Shu, you’ve just risen to the next level. Now you’re at the level commanded by Cao? "
Liang Sen laughed rudely.
Han Shu face some would "I didn’t compare myself with Cao’s command. I don’t want everyone to earn any more merits. Okay, okay, just forget I said we were still waiting to meet the army."
On sentry duty, Ji Yu suddenly whispered, "There is a situation in the Black Star Castle!"
A few people hurriedly came to the hunter’s vicinity and saw a light rising from the Black Star Castle towards the high. After a while, there was an explosion and a muffled sound. After a while, everyone suddenly felt that the light overhead seemed to dim a lot.
"God, what is that?" The rain cries softly.
When the sun gazed intently, I saw that there was a thick gray in the high clouds, which was spreading everywhere, but for a moment, this gray had covered the heavy moon peak and the day continued to expand.
Ten seconds later, finally, in the distant clouds, there was a black cloud-like thing breaking through the clouds, and it fell to the ground like a curtain, blocking the scenery outside.
From a height, it looks as if God took a dark circular cover to cover the Shenyue Peak, including the nearby plains.
This cover cuts off the light and makes the world inside dark. It is not allowed to climb the mountain. The Qingtianbao army can release flares to illuminate the mountain road.
Even so, except for the mountain road, the place of Shenyue Peak is still unclear.
"Black Star Castle, which is this singing?" Han Shu lit a cigarette and smoked.
Cang Du frowned and said, "The light is so dim that it seems to be in the reverse world."
Tianyang nodded in agreement. It’s true that this situation is no different from the inverse world. It’s really not true that the black star castle wants to do this. How can creating a similar inverse world environment help to turn the tide?
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There is a strange noise coming from the nearby dense forest, as if the wind blows the grass and makes a sound.
In order to avoid revealing their whereabouts, the team did not dare to take photos, but they had another means of detection. After clicking on the wrist plate of their left hand, an information projection image appeared on her hand.
This projection image shows the environment of the nearby mountain forest. From the image, we can see the grass, trees and rain nearby, manipulating the information image and trying to find something, but from the image, there are no suspicious people around.
Suddenly, she "Yi" zoomed in on a corner, and Ji Yu took a deep breath. "Captain, come and watch."
"What happened?"
Han Shu several people came up and studied the image, where there were a few rocks and a meadow.
Ji Yu pointed to the meadow. "This thing seems to be moving."
"What move do you mean the grass?" Han Shu ha ha a smile "Ji rain you dazzled, how can the grass move?"
Others also gave a chuckle, and no one put Ji Yu’s words at ease.
Tianyang smiled and suddenly remembered something, and suddenly his face froze with laughter.
He descended with a jerk, so crowded that Han Shu almost didn’t roll away. The captain ignored swearing and looked at the image projected by Ji Yu intently.
"Where is this place?" The sun looked at the hunter.
Ji Yu pointed to a corner of the jungle. "What’s going on over there?"
"Nothing, there are some things I want to confirm."
Tianyang drew a sword from the storage box, not King Kong or a predator, but a red moon combat knife that he hadn’t seen for a long time.
"I hope it’s not what I think."
At this time, the troops supporting the Qingtianbao step by step are still in a hot melt, and the channel is stepping up to advance in the direction of the Black Star Castle.
On the way forward, a soldier suddenly slipped and fell.
"Are you all right?"
"Get up quickly"
Two colleagues pulled him up. The soldier looked down and saw that there was something like moss on the soles of his feet. They looked like some kind of fungus, and the surface was wet. No wonder he fell.
The soldier felt a chill for a reason and tightened his rifle and team.
He didn’t find that his sole had been stained with such a pinch of fungi.
The fungus that sticks to the soles of shoes is gradually crushed with the pace of soldiers. They creep quietly and attach to the position of the vamp to expose the hyphae.
These hyphae easily drilled through the soles of the shoes and stabbed into the soles of the soldiers’ feet. The soldiers felt that the soles of the shoes were itchy, but there was nothing unusual about them.
But not far away, he suddenly felt difficult to breathe, as if something was blocking his trachea.
He had to stop and cough a few times, but instead of relieving his symptoms, it became more serious.
Finally, the soldier fell to the ground and opened his mouth wide, desperately trying to breathe in, but he could not breathe in anything.
"What happened to him?"
"Sir, someone fell."
An officer hurried to turn over the eyes of the soldiers and couldn’t help but shout.
From the soldier’s eyes, from the bottom of his eyes, a soft fungus came out.
Moreover, some strange silk threads in the soldier’s eyes spread and swam, and suddenly the soldier jumped up and skillfully picked up his rifle and pointed it at his colleague.
"What are you doing!"
"Put the gun down quickly."
Next to a few colleagues exclaimed, but the officer reacted quickly, cutting off the rifle with one knife and cutting the soldier’s throat with another.
But instead of blood, the soldiers’ throats were full of bacteria, and the soldiers didn’t die, but jumped at the officers.
The officer Xing Yun showed that he would cut the soldiers in two without mercy.
As soon as he was relieved, he heard someone screaming in front of and behind the line, and then a gun sounded.
On the other hand, at the peak of the sinking moon, Tianyang held up a fluorescent stick, and a rock several meters above the ground was on the stone surface. He clearly saw a large group of bacteria crawling slowly and swimming in the direction of the hot melt mountain road.
"This is an inverse flora. How did they get here!" Tianyang gasped when he saw the bottom things clearly.
Chapter 376 Arrangement
Clapped the high-strength glass cover made of composite material with one hand, which was too big. A tired but excited face was reflected in the observation window.

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