Lilith is also very busy. She and the three sisters of the wise are deeply studying the data periods of the Blood Reward, and after getting the cosmic wonders, she will quickly promote the Blood Reward to Class B and strive for perfection.

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Connor threw him a big book "My Captain’s Life" with Lin Sisuo in his arms, but unfortunately, except for those treasure-hunting passages, which are readable, some of him are worthless in Kang Pang’s eyes. Connor knows that a good captain’s life does not need imitation, and he needs to be strong enough to achieve his goal
Luda Damon practiced day and night, and the Li crew was the hardest group in the fleet. Moreover, Dada Damon had tried to develop the class B ship of Blade, and he vowed that this time he would leave Kangpang far behind and let Langqi be completely at the bottom of the fleet.
Yu Lin momo? He enjoys life.
Every afternoon, Lin momo will go to Christine to give directions. Every afternoon, Lin momo will harass Pei Lin on time to make silly girls not forget to eat and sleep too much, and Lin momo will sit together and practice hard at night.
Since Lin momo and incarnate son merged once, their telepathy is better than before.
Lin momo found that the cultivation effect in his core cabin is best to rely on the help of the incarnate son, which can slightly suppress the excessive division of cell mitochondria. I can’t help but think of the sinking blade to judge that the sinking blade once said that the star cruise ship is the prototype of the oversized artifact. It seems that this statement is true
Every fleet has its day and night timetable. Momo Lin brought Green Star day and night to make the crew rest very reasonable. Besides, Pei Lin is not the only one who works hard, others try their best to improve themselves.
There are many people in Phantom of the Opera, besides Pei Lin and Mei Er, there are also adjutant Sasha, crazy wise man, Harley matrix teacher Cui Hetang, elf worm teacher Odin Wu, brother Xuanyuan Cangtian, Xuanyuan Cangyun, Morgan Moore Lie, pharmacist assistant Christine, and the great mirror teacher is quite pretty.
I really like it when the crew calls it. It is the master’s favorite to add modifiers such as "great and wise enemy" before the title.
Every crew member of the Phantom has his own stall, and all kinds of people get together very lively. Recently, Mollie changed from a tailor to a winemaker, and his first batch of Morgan soju is brewing.
Lin momo through a period of observation found that this Moore is still trustworthy, even if human Morgan people used to be sworn enemies, they can’t kill everyone with a sap.
From Morgan’s body, we can see that there are also peace-loving guys in Morgan clan. Moore is kind and sometimes sentimental, especially when he is drunk, he likes to raise his glass and sing Morgan’s poems. It’s a pity that he doesn’t become a bard.
As time goes by, the voyage approaches the end.
Although the road encountered several waves of insect clouds that came out to feed, but the Tianzhu fleet left a few wisps of cosmic dust in the artillery fire, the fleet arrived at the mirage very smoothly
Speaking of the name mirage, it makes people feel too mediocre, so many mirage captains will have aliases.
For example, when Lin Sisuo arrived at the Dahu Mirage, he was told that the Mirage had an alias called the Mirage Amorphophallus.
Why did Big Jack Hoo get this name? It is said that when he was young, he gave his wife a gift for practical reasons, which is unknown to outsiders.
This time, the Tianzhu fleet arrived at the Mirage, which is also called the Mirage Blunt Tire. From a distance, this Mirage looks like the first impression of ancient car tires, and it is not surprising that it is called the Blunt Tire.
As soon as the Phantom of the Opera arrived at the berthing area, the Mirage began to search. The public network soon got the latest auction information. When the universe was strange, the island was the seventeenth auction object, and the auction organizer had listed the reserve price of 30,000 units of refined crystal, which was not a small sum.
"Thirty thousand units of refined crystal? Can let the C-class star cruise ship be promoted to the B-class cosmic curiosity, the price is fair and reasonable. The more rare the cosmic curiosity is, the more intense it will be. Those aristocratic families like to hoard cosmic curiosity and consolidate their foundation. I don’t know how many pairs of eyes have been fixed on this baby. "Lin momo said that there are already many crystal refining units in his heart, but it is very likely that this fight will offend some big families. The most important thing is to have crystal refining and a lot of crystal refining.
Lin momo is not afraid to offend the big family. He even dares to challenge the organization of gods for fair competition in the auction. Is he still worried that those big family bidders will be unhappy?
But when it comes to refining crystal Lin momo, money is really tight. Repairing Hades and Rising Fluorine Dragon requires a lot of money, and the Tianzhu fleet will travel far, so it has to prepare a lot of resources. Now the Tianzhu fleet has less than 300,000 units for refining crystal.
It takes a certain amount of crystal refining to maintain the operation of the fleet. After careful calculation by Charm, at present, the six star cruise ships of the Tianzhu fleet need at least 170,000 to 200,000 units of crystal refining in the core cabin. Otherwise, it is a warning line to deal with successive wars or to quickly recover 200,000 units of crystal refining when the fleet is damaged.
Lin momo is very resistant. Since the incarnate son has positioned the warning line of 200,000 units of refined crystal, he can get it. There are 100,000 units of refined crystal, which seems to be a lot, but in fact, those big families are nervous when they compete.
"Roderick, look at what we have to sell? Those resources can’t be moved until the blood reward number is promoted, so that Pei Lin can make a laser sword. Maybe someone will buy it, and I will prepare an extraordinary visual medicine to temporarily increase my spiritual strength. If it doesn’t work, I will sell a set of silicon-based hearts and make a 30,000-50,000-unit crystal refining, so I can rest assured. "Lin momo decided to sell his possessions and raise crystal refining for the island."
"Eldest brother to class B mirage, eyes are higher than the top guy let’s things may not sell well, isn’t there a cosmic wonder in your hand? I remember when I killed the Dragon and another elite ship, I got two cosmic wonders, and the phantom of the Tianmen Star killed an elite ship with great power. Since the eye needs it, it is better to sell it to the auctioneer for extra mysterious auction. "Roderick blinked and walked over to wake up.
"Ha ha, my possessions can’t escape your eyes. There’s another cosmic wonder, but it’s not good enough to draw it out from the elite star cruises to make it fair for the D-class star cruises to rise to the B-class." Lin momo waved his hand gently and immediately appeared a semicircle crystal.
"So that’s it. When Langqi and Blade were promoted, they lost two cosmic objects, and this cosmic object was the worst. Even if they were sold to the auction direction, they announced that they would make a mysterious auction. According to my estimation, they also earned fifteen thousand units of refined crystal. But if we want to be on the island again, it won’t be ridiculous to need one hundred and forty-five thousand units of refined crystal auction, right? I think the boss is worried about some redundant "Roderick rushed Lin momo shook his head. In his mind, 100,000 units of refined crystal can almost secure this cosmic wonder.
"Careless mistake, we still have a magnetic card from Moon Star, which is beneficial to the time when the core data of the island has not yet been released. Even so, it is very attractive to come to bid. It is likely that those chaebol will have a fight if they want to take it." Lin momo is equal to the previous assertion.
Roderick knows very well that the hidden function of the Blood Reward can escape the detection of most elite star cruises. If the Blood Reward is upgraded to Class B, it is definitely a powerful killer for the Tianzhu fleet.
"Good to me to transport! There are three days before the auction. In this issue, I will make the fleet without equipment and materials as much as possible. The boss’s preparation of drugs is naturally the main thing. With our Tianzhu fleet, it should not be difficult to raise 50,000 units of crystal refining in recent years. "Roderick promised to do business. It is his strength that it is urgent and difficult to have some losses.
Volume 11 Hurricane! Adventure king Chapter 616 Harmony
We arrived in Roderick in three days, and we also raised 43,000 units to refine the crystal. It is because everyone wants to save money for the auction, and no one wants to buy some unplanned things at this time.
Maybe someone will ask Lin momo why he doesn’t sell his specialty potion, but he can definitely sell it at a good price by leaving the annihilation ball with ten-level energy potion. Isn’t it easy to solve the problem now?
It’s still out of the secret world. Lin momo is afraid that the pharmaceutical formula will be cracked, and it’s hard to get it. Can’t others marry him? Except for teaching Christine that some pharmaceutical formulas are obtained from twelve metal test tubes, the rest of the formula must not be leaked, but there is no such concern.
Before the mirage blunt tire auction, there were tens of thousands of auctions for the public. Most of these tens of thousands of auctions were open to off-site bidders who could bid for the highest bidder through the Internet.
There are 173 items in the auction hall, and there are ten mysterious auctions interspersed in the auction. No one knows what they are, and the organizer promises to give everyone a surprise, but the exact size of this surprise is unknown.
Lin momo personally array Lilith Roderick on his left and three people on his right entered the auction hall, and many bidders were seated on the top of their heads, and a set of hanging chairs let the three captains of the Tianzhu fleet board their seats.
"If you come, you will be safe. Although the island is the 17th auction, you have the honor to attend the auction meeting of this scale. You must have a look. I believe the competition must be fierce. There will be a lot to watch." Lin momo said, lifting his feet and taking his seat. Lilith Roderick smiled at one another and his body floated with the boss.
The organizer of the small auction gave a brief opening speech, and then the first auction appeared in the crystal cover of the front platform
The first auction is a low-level war animal, Starcat, but this Starcat is very expensive. Its former owner was a famous Mufeiyan.
Although Mu Wanhua is also a wooden woman, she is nothing compared with Mu Feiyan.
Mufeiyan is the first in the galaxy, and the little princess of Mujia is the favorite of the Mujia owners nowadays. Even she once had a cat, and she was labeled as distinguished.
"Please pay attention to Miss Mufeiyan’s pet with a base price of 5,000 units for crystal refining," said Yang, the auctioneer, and his eyes swept ahead.
"Five thousand units of refined crystal! Just a pet is worth five D-levels. This is the starting point of interstellar flow society. First of all, people are much higher than me. "Lin momo’s heart is full of thoughts. His eyes at Starcat immediately become different.
"I hold this where is a pet? Points are a lot of refined crystal hateful I don’t know Mufeiyan, or seize the opportunity to sell Mufeiyan’s things and get rich soon. "Lin momo maliciously thought.
"The gentleman bid six thousand units of refined crystal and a higher price? I repeat, someone has already gone out to 6,000 units for crystal refining. Is there anyone who has added crystal refining? " The auctioneer shouted excitedly that he could be heard "roaring" at this moment.
It’s true that someone raised the price to 7,000 units in less than ten seconds after 6,000 units of crystal refining, and then there was such a crazy bidding for 1,000 units of crystal refining. Lin Sisuo, a one-star cat, didn’t understand this line.
"I pay 15,000 units to refine crystals and pay tribute to Miss Feiyan", which was an unexpected sound like a thunderbolt slamming into the crowd.
"Wow …" Who is so crazy to buy a one-star cat for fifteen thousand units in the auction hall? Even if you want to hold Mufeiyan’s fragrant feet, you’re not so defeated, are you? All eyes turned to the graceful bidder.
See a young man sitting in the pavilion in the auction hall. He is surrounded by four brothers Wu, who should be followers but not repaired to the tenth level.
The young man raised his glass in a dignified manner and looked at another diamond corner pavilion not far away. The top of the corner pavilion was hung with fine gauze, and three figures were sitting in the pavilion. Everyone wondered if there were wooden swallows among the people in the pavilion.
There was a moment of silence in the auction hall, and then a series of exclamations broke out. If it was the noble little princess sitting in the corner pavilion, then everyone in the field was glad you came.
Regardless of Mufeiyan’s beauty, does it mean that China is very beautiful and her identity is great? The first galaxy will tremble when stamping its feet.
Who dares not give it to the wooden master? No matter whether the young people who shoot Starcat propose a toast to Mufeiyan or not, no one dares to offend Mufeiyan, the owner of the corner pavilion, in the auction. If you look at something, it will be Mufeiyan. This is the first-class situation in StarCraft.
Since the graceful young people toasted, the veils covered the corners, and the gazebo released subtle air lines. All external induction was blocked, and it was difficult to spy secretly.
Lin momo looked back because the deep and remote eyes have recently risen, and the visual nerve has also evolved. Just a glimpse saw a woman and two men sitting in the pavilion.
The female face is seven points similar to that of Mu Wanhua, wearing a gray-black coat, showing elegance and luxury, while the two men are very tall at a young age and almost noticed by them.
"Will it be a wooden swallow? The first galaxy wooden house when I go to the first galaxy, I should meet "Lin momo muttered a few words. Then he put his eyes on the auction table and left the corner pavilion behind.
At this time, a voice in the corner pavilion said, "Miss! To say that this Lin Tiannan is really good at being a man, does anyone dare to bid after his publicity? It seems that miss can’t enjoy herself today! We’re here to give the owner of the mirage blunt tire the town. I never expected this kind of drama. "
"Ji Shuang you little provoke from technique is not high! If he wants to hold Mufeiyan, let him hold it. I’ve never been interested in this kind of person, so just forget it! Bad mood "female cold so smile elegant Leng Yan temperament gives a person the feeling that she is definitely a beautiful demon peaks.
"Ha ha ha Ji cream beaten? Who does Lin Tiannan think he is? The Lins are just the wooden family abandoning the outer branch. It’s wishful thinking to please Miss Feiyan! " The man around the woman looks like he is familiar with Mufeiyan.
What did you say in the corner pavilion? The three of them didn’t go outside to chat for tea. They didn’t care much about the auction before the head, just like coming to vacation.
The auction went on, and everyone seemed to forget the opening episode. Some star cruise ship captains came out and blushed and looked quite interesting. The real fierce competition has not yet begun, and everyone is brewing emotions and waiting for the auction to appear later.
"Mian is the 27th auction bracelet from the First Galaxy. It is said that it can raise the spiritual strength of the captain of a star cruise ship to a bottom price of 1,000 units of refined crystal." The auctioneer excitedly showed the bracelet to everyone.
"Increase the star cruise ship captain spiritual strength? Can you be the captain of a star cruise ship? It’s really strange equipment "Lin momo can’t help but make you secretly observe the godsend bracelet and get a tingle all over.
"What happened to Momo?" Lilith is good at capturing details. Lin momo’s body tremor did not escape her eyes.
"Nothing! This God-given bracelet is a good thing. It can really make a star cruise ship captain fail to make a bracelet. It should be two bracelets with a thousand units of refined crystal, which is a little high. "Lin momo explained that it is easy for you to see the quality of the God-given bracelet clearly.
If a pair of God-given bracelets are put together to bring benefits, even Lin momo will be greedy. If one bracelet is worn by Hengbo to cultivate people’s body and the captain holds the other bracelet, he will get spiritual strength bonus.
God-given bracelet ships are effective. Even so, they will take advantage when encountering Star Wars. At the very least, the speed of dispatching the crew will increase, and the constant wave of tree people will cooperate more closely, which will make the command smooth in general.
"Someone bid? From the first galaxy, the God-given bracelet needs thousands of units of crystal refining. "The auctioneer encouraged his lips to introduce the God-given bracelet. The advantage is that the bidders present are not stupid. Who will buy something?
"I’ll take a thousand units of crystal bracelet." Suddenly, a female voice appeared in the suspended gazebo.

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