It is extremely difficult to step into the realm of the true monarch and then want to upgrade. Otherwise, thousands of people who are prone to Shou Yuan will not be trapped in the realm of the true monarch for life.

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The mid-term of the true king is already rare in the advanced late stage, and it is even more difficult to ascend to heaven.
There may be a lot of cultivation in the real monarch realm accumulated in Luoxing mainland over the years, but the initial realm has come true, and there are very few generations who can continue on the road.
And the key point is the accumulation of ashes.
The cultivation and promotion of the ashes realm can only be considered as breaking through the shackles and promoting to a new level. This realm has a great leap, especially when it enters the ashes realm, the strength of the same realm is very different.
The deeper you accumulate at this level, the easier it will be to break through the true monarch realm in the future, and after promotion, these accumulated profound practices can often go further. The cultivation of the true monarch realm is far beyond the personal power of others, and it is far from unusual and comparable.
The man who is addicted to alcohol is desperate.
It took the old ghost two thousand years to be promoted to the real king, but it took only a few hundred years to be promoted from the early stage of the real king to the middle stage of the real king. This speed is amazing
This is also the reason why he is rarely bound by the Lian Fu Association.
The strength has reached such a level that no one can endure it unless the true gentleman is old and deathless in his later period. He has reached a certain level of detachment from the outer level, and he would not be detained here if he was not worried about it. He has already fled into heaven and earth to find opportunities and seek to soar to the avenue of achievement in the thousand stars as soon as possible.
When I was poor, I was the first person who claimed to be the true monarch. The fighting power was fierce and fierce, and I was able to kill ordinary ashes. I was called the strongest ashes in tens of thousands of years.
But the title of eye seems to be changing hands.
Meng Fei has broken out the peak momentum of ashes. At this moment, the strength of dual-force integration has soared nearly several times, and the outbreak of all combat power has definitely exceeded the poverty of the year.
If this strength is unexpectedly promoted to Zhenjun territory, it should be a sure thing.
Moreover, it is inevitable that the speed of upgrading after the accumulation of this terror in Meng Fei will be extremely fast. The medium-term possibility of advanced real gentleman exceeds the chance of success, even if it is achieved in the later period of real gentleman, it is not impossible
This is the envy of the true monarch’s cultivation.
Although they are far superior to Meng Fei, their potential is limited, and their strength in this life is destined to stop here. If nature is lucky in the future, they will eventually end up in a life-and-death disaster.
The five deacons at the headquarters of Lian Fu Association look at each other at the moment and look at each other in an advanced way.
This Meng Fei incredibly not refined operator means high uniting the talent is also amazing.
At all costs, this person must be admitted to the Lian Fu Association.
It can be seen that the Lian Fu Association has spared no effort to cultivate this Meng Fei, which is bound to explode with great growth potential in the future, and it is very possible to protect this world with every achievement.
This kind of person must stay.
At this moment, at Meng Fei, the spirit mother city slowly recovered her calm face and could not help sighing.
Just sensed the Meng Fei outbreak, and this Johnson couldn’t help showing envy and jealousy in his heart.
This kind of talent is really upsetting.
Alas, I feel that I have regarded you as important enough, and I still look down upon you too much.
I’ll kiss you and be my servant when the steering assessment is over, but now it seems that Lingya shakes his head and smiles bitterly. Although he is now repairing more than Meng Fei, Meng Feixiu will certainly overtake him if he doesn’t die halfway in Meng Fei.
Ling Ya believes that he is no longer qualified to teach him.
reviewing stand
Poor and helpless shook his head and smiled bitterly in his heart.
It seems that on that day, his imposing manner was oppressive, but he still failed to find out this little number. Who knows that he has hidden it so deeply?
Now, I’m afraid several old ghosts have hit this small body with their ideas, but fortunately, he is poor and far-sighted, and he has already pulled this small one to the steering chariot of Lingmu City early. These old ghosts can also stare and drool.
In the future, as this small strength continues to rise, the steering strength of their mother city will inevitably increase.
The East China Sea is divided into two parts: ice, moon, cold and beautiful eyes.
Yue Bai’s rudder was silent, and Ma Fei’s black face was flustered.
The refining is still in progress.
But at the moment, Meng Fei has really become the core of the line of sight. At the moment, the top 100 operators of the Lian Fu Association are all complicated, and their eyes can’t hide their envy, awe, jealousy and shock.
At the moment, Meng Fei didn’t notice all these things. Even though the power of God knowledge in the outbreak department suddenly rose a lot in a short time, he still didn’t dare to make the slightest careless use of it to increase God knowledge and quickly arrange medicine power.
Meng Fei is not sure whether the seven little charms and the seven middle ones will become equal charms. At the moment, he is still sorting and combining according to the efficacy of these two charms. Fortunately, this method has not changed.
A day later, when it was still half an hour before the deadline, Meng Fei suddenly burst into bright divine light in his eyes.
A moment, the stove rang, and the spirit became a symbol.
Meng Fei body slightly sway strong stability mind pressure weak soft cotton feeling take talisman cross legs sit directly Chapter six hundred and ten The champion settled.

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