Deep in the mountain range of Warcraft, Daozun’s three turns to the peak level of Warcraft is very common. It can be said that it is extremely dangerous day or night, which is even worse for human beings. However, Yuan Ye’s journey has gone very smoothly. Although he didn’t intimidate, the powerful king breath of the spirit beast made many Warcraft retreat.

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Yuan Ye’s spirit beast walked easily and directly into the deeper part of the Mountain of Warcraft, where it was damp, hot and humid, where it was dry and hot, but in the same place, they all adapted to the life of the king and all kinds of things that they dreamed of in the human world.
Yuan Ye didn’t kill Warcraft all the way. Maybe Dan will kill a lot of Warcraft, but their status and ability are unnecessary for the king’s masters.
Suddenly careful Yuan Ye turned around and saw the spirit beast snap away. At the same time, Yi tooth growled at the enemy, and the scales were scattered with faint purple light. Yuan Ye’s face changed almost instantly and turned directly.
Don’t be nervous. I didn’t mean any harm. At this time, a steady and magnetic female voice sounded from the depths of the jungle in the direction of Yuan Yegang. Well, Yuan Ye, a master player, looks even more dignified. Now he is already a king player, but the other party is so close that he didn’t even notice it at all. Now he still can’t really show the position of the other party. What level is this? Is it that the king player hasn’t played the king cup yet? This king cup is too casual?
At this moment, a young woman wearing a blue robe came slowly. Her short brown skin was not beautiful, but she was full of heroic spirit. This woman walked slowly every step, but every step seemed to be stepping on Yuan Ye’s heart.
Yuan Ye’s heart is also shocked several times, and this female strength has to be a lot higher.
Who are you? You’ve been following me. Yuan Ye dare not be careless.
Not following you. I’m here to see you. The woman bowed down to Yuan Ye leisurely and said, You can call me Duguyue.
Duguyue, what do you want to see me about? Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly. In recent years, he has seen the honour list even more than the other three big six-level masters, but he has never heard of this figure. The first female master on the first floor of Wan Zunxing is Jia Lan Da 6 Tianwang Fish.
The mysterious master Dugu Yue smiled and said, I don’t know if you ever remember a woman named Xuan Ying.
The Yuan Ye, who gave me a ring from Wan Jia Lou, suddenly brightened her eyes and Duguyue nodded. She was going to enter the second floor of Wan Zun Star. Before she left, she wanted to meet your friend, but it happened that you came to the first floor of Wan Zun Star in the Mountain of Warcraft. We can all protect her. Even we dare not say that we can protect her 100%. I told her that you are a leader of Xiaoyao Army and will let her go to Xiaoyao Mountain. When you remember, she will leave in ten days at most. I hope you can go to Xiaoyao Mountain in ten days.
She has reached the Tao Zun four turns so fast that Yuan Ye suddenly became surprised.
Hehe, Duguyue smiled. Maybe you know a little about her, but maybe later you will know more. Well, I have brought the message to hope that you can meet her. She seldom takes a friend seriously. By the way, you are good. I didn’t look at you much at Wanjialou at the beginning, but now it seems that your eyes are terrible. In four years, you have achieved the strength of the king. At the first level of this wanzunxing, you are all honored with three turns, and you can leapfrog the challenge. It is also considered that you can respect four turns and one battle at the king level, and you can respect five turns and one
Talking about Duguyue is slowly turning around and preparing to leave.
Wait a minute. You met me in Wanjialou. Who are you? It’s chapter 196. Found the red snake again.
No longer thinking about things, Yuan Ye finally threw away these distractions and walked towards the Mountain of Warcraft again.
Early the next day, Yuan Ye is now in that part of the epicenter of the Mountain of Warcraft, and this time, Yuan Ye finally found the red snake of Warcraft that he had been looking for.
It was in a red snake’s belly that Yuan Ye found the red alchemy in the third prison, and many red snakes immediately came after him. This is enough to say that the red snake knows how to occupy the red alchemy in the third prison. Now Yuan Ye’s plan is to find the red snake and let the red snake take him to their lair to see how Yuan Ye knew where the red alchemy in the third prison was in such a big mountain of Warcraft.
Brother Soul Beast, it’s not good if you don’t kill it. I’ll come. Yuan Ye said a word to Soul Beast and condensed a golden sword directly in the palm of his hand.
With a wave of his hand, a golden light has almost flashed through the past. Jin Jianyuan is the first big move of Jin’s spirit, and the power is not enough to kill Dao Zun, who is strong in three turns and peak level, especially in defending Warcraft, which is famous for its rough skin.
At this time, the red snake swims slowly in the dense forest, so it is easy to be seen in the dense forest. However, the red snake doesn’t care because the adult red snake is the weakest and the most terrible is that the red snake is a large group of social animals. What is the concept of the red snake? It is also a king of Warcraft in the Mountain of Warcraft.
The red snake suddenly saw a burst of golden light, but its roots could not react.
The snakeskin at the center of the red snake unexpectedly produced Mars instantly after Jin Jianyuan’s attack, and then suddenly burst a small hole. Jin Jianyuan broke through a little bit abruptly, and finally it was nai’s fracture. However, the fracture of Yuan Ye’s strength Jin Jianyuan has almost no effect on him now.
HSS red snake pain big snake mouth shape by powerful force side flew for more than a meter, after waiting for the body to stand on top of the red snake immediately pain anger entrenched, and then stare terrible eyes to Yuan Ye position.
Haha, I saw you run this time. Look who ran Yuan Ye and laughed.
Yuan Ye’s legs suddenly stepped on his body and shot directly at the red snake for hundreds of meters, and several breaths came.
Yuan Ye body flash came to the red snake and didn’t stop. It was just a sword swing to hear Peng Yi’s golden quarrelling. At the same time, the red snake was eating pain and struggling to bite Yuan Ye. Unfortunately, Yuan Ye was already flying back.

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