After I woke up, I went to practice in the mountains and forests to see lady white snake, and then he wanted to visit Jinshan Temple.

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That’s where Tian, the incarnation of Fahai, practiced since childhood, but he hasn’t been back for more than 300 years since Fahai left.
Jinshan Temple is near Hangzhou.
One day, a young monk came to Jinshan Temple and people recognized him.
The abbot of Jinshan Temple came out in a hurry after he reported the name of Zen master Fahai.
The abbot of Jinshan Temple looks very old. From the way he walks, we can see that he is old and weak, and his qi and blood are declining.
After the abbot came to Tian, he looked at Tian’s handsome young appearance. It was unbelievable. "Are you really the founder of Fahai?"
Be frank and admit
The abbot looked at the sky. "I heard that Father Fahai once went to Lingshan to see my Buddha, and he was immortal. When he left Jinshan Temple 300 years ago, he was an old monk with a white beard."
Jinshan Temple is a great family, and nature can’t be their founder just by any one person.
"Now that you know that I have been to Lingshan, you should know that everything that appears to me is nothing but clouds."
As he spoke, he turned back into an old white beard and then turned back into a teenager.
"This appearance is the portrait of Fahai!"
Immediately, the abbot of Jinshan Temple was a little excited, and he was going to "visit the founder of Fahai" as a gift to Tianxing.
"Don’t bother"
God is not a person who pays attention to these empty gifts, and he is too lazy to stand up in the face of this kind of younger generation who has been separated for many generations.
Is it true that the abbot’s body and bones are not good enough to see the sky? He didn’t bother to ask the sky, "The ancestor was born long ago and will return to this world this time?"
The abbot also knows something about Fahai.
A monk like Fahai who has seen the Tathagata Buddha in Lingshan is equal to the pride of the villagers in Jinshan Temple.
The name Fahai is a glorious history of Jinshan Temple.
Just not coming back for 300 years is not enough to make Jinshan Temple forget his name.
The third chapter Lingshan I wish the world of mortals disaster
"My protector, the white snake, is caught in the world of mortals."
Tianyi, a Taoist monk, said that he had come here to express his purpose. "This is the time to spend her."
"When the abbot wants to stay in Jinshan Temple for a while"
When the abbot of Jinshan Temple heard this, he said without hesitation, "My father, the poor monk, arranged the horse."
Even if it’s too late, the abbot of Jinshan Temple will take the initiative to keep Tianjinshan Temple for a while.
It is definitely a good thing for Jinshan Temple to live in this way.
In this world, however, there are demons and ghosts who can exorcise evil spirits. The monk said that wherever you go, you will be respected and honored.
As soon as the abbot of the great cause of Jinshan Temple arranged for the monks to tidy up the house where the day was to live.
There is another place to stay in the dust for the time being
I learned that the monk who said that the ancestor of China and France had returned to Jinshan Temple was a bit of a generation, and all the monks came to visit Tianyi, looking like they wanted to listen to his teachings.
Although Tian has a bad Buddhism calculation, this calculation can’t reach these monks.
Tathagata Buddhism is their lifelong belief.
Heaven generally doesn’t do meaningless things.
Because of his seniority, the monks of Jinshan Temple wanted to ask him about Buddhism, but they didn’t dare to disturb his monastery. After their visit, they didn’t disturb the peace again.

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