If a man drinks cold water, he knows it.

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Fang Siyi casually patted a fox PP grumpily said, "Be honest and get down to business."
"Hum!" Fox gave PP a white look angrily.
Others smile.
Fang Siyi gave a wry smile to look at YingBao.
"Do you have some leisure after the New Year?"
"Yes," Yingbao asked strangely. "What’s up?"
"Before noon, the sunshine sent an audition invitation." Fang Siyi took out a play from her arms and handed it to Yingbao.
Fresh ink fragrance has just been printed.
"Well, I said, why didn’t you come out for a long time just now? Did you go to print the play?" Big dollar quipped with a smile.
Fox gently hum also expressed dissatisfaction.
"Fool!" Fang Siyi pinched the tip of the fox’s nose and explained with a smile, "This role is not suitable for you."
"ha! I don’t believe it! Tell me what role it is? " Fox doesn’t obey.
"your CUP is wrong." Fang Siyi spoke a sentence that stunned everyone very seriously.
Looking down at the mountains, which were faintly visible because of his thin pajamas, the fox blinked and his mouth was slightly bent.
However, it is strange for Fox that Yingbao has already called a drama according to the past situation. Why hasn’t there been any response yet?
Looking up, I just saw Yingbao looking at the drama face with a face of ecstasy. The aunt’s general smile is …
What play is so attractive?
Fox couldn’t help wondering.
Others are quiet, waiting patiently for Yingbao’s evaluation.
It took more than an hour for Yingbao to finally put down the drama in his hand.
Although it was a cursory look, Yingbao actually had a feeling of fondling it.
"I took this role!" Yingbao said cautiously
It’s hard to find anything that suits her heart after the original filming of "Here comes Shanshan", "Hua Qiangu" and "Chu Qiao". After all, she doesn’t have a wide range of plays.
But I didn’t expect to meet the role that made her so obsessed again.
"Come is your preparation" Fang Siyi said with a smile.
"But I have one request!" Ying Bao looked at Fang Siyi and said seriously, "You want to play the leading role!"
Fang Siyi one leng immediately said with a wry smile, "My image is somewhat inconsistent …"
"What’s the discrepancy? Anyway, you usually play this role like a little old man without any difficulty, "Yingbao said naturally.
Fang Siyi looked at Yingbao silently and always felt hurt.
Fox several people laugh.
"Yingbao, look at Siyi’s dissatisfaction with your power. He also said that this role is not suitable for power. Guess what’s the reason?" The big dollar fanned the flames with a bad smile
Yingbao leng for a while, then her face became red with the naked eye, and then she became livid. She directly picked up the orange and threw it at Fang Siyi.
Good Fang Siyi nimbly grabbed the orange directly or hit the fox.
Fox couldn’t bear it anymore. He picked up an apple and threw it away.
"ouch!" I protected ya ya when I was a big dollar, but I didn’t think I was hit in the back.
Yingbao quit, picked up things around him and began to have a disorderly fight with Fox.
Fang Siyi took the big dollar with a wry smile and fled away with Ya Ya.
Although these two guys are mixed up now, they will occasionally fool around.
This Korea is called convulsion.
"What’s going on!" Ya ya Wu wear the waist by two people holding the walked towards the room, heard behind hilarious a face of distress situation said, "the two men are not holding together chew the other day? How suddenly … "
"The two of them make a scene for three days and make a scene for five days, but they are better than before. Do you believe it?" Fang Siyi holding the ya ya asked with a smile.
Fang Siyi stopped and pulled two people back to the stairs on the second floor and looked into the living room on the first floor, which had become quiet.
"These two ….." Ya Ya looked at each other in distress situation, wiping each other’s foreheads with paper towels. Two eyes looked at the painting style and began to turn pink, with a wry smile.
"What do you think I said?" Fang Siyi smiled and said, then continue to hold the ya ya goes to the bedroom.
"Aren’t you jealous?" Big dollar walked over and asked
"Why be jealous?" Fang Siyi asked 1.
"Don’t you have a … huh?" That sentence can’t be said with big dollars.
"Ha" Fang Siyi smiled and then said, "Both Ying Bao and Sister Power take care of me."
Ya ya leng leng immediately this just suddenly enlighted.
To put it bluntly, what they did was actually due to Fang Siyi.
Yingbao is Fang Siyi, who can set his mind at ease to prove that he really gets along well with others.
Fox is also able to convince Fang Siyi and Ying Baoan that he is still the same fox.
Said two people really take care of Fang Siyi.
There are fights and likes. This is the truth that two people love each other and kill each other.
To put it bluntly, this freak can get a balance.
Of course, two people can respect each other as guests.
It’s normal for two people to be close now.
But if so, is it a good thing for today’s deformed family?
After all, Yingbao and Fox have to crush Yaya and big dollars whether they are popular or famous.
In this case, if two people unite again, what do the remaining two think?
Chapter 114 Fox gratitude (4)
In particular, Yaya has been wooed by the little fox, while the big dollar has been free, but it is also more inclined to Yingbao.
Four people and two camps are just separated.
Popularity and fame, although Yingbao is weaker here, can be balanced with Fang Siyi’s support.
But once Yingbao and Fox are really good, then Yaya and Big Dollar will naturally be isolated.
At that time, one side will be the most popular and famous, and the other side will be the least popular and famous. That family will fall apart if it goes on for a long time.

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