Wu nodded casually. Xuan Nv grabbed Wu and stuffed it into the sleeve. Wu was in distress situation. He and Xuan Nv did not change their body shape, but they were directly put into the sleeve-neutral mysterious female wrist. This feeling is really wonderful. He is also a mixed yuan saint, so he was caught and thrown into the sleeve at will. This kind of boundary creation is really amazing.

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Living in Xuan Nv’s sleeve, you can see things with your ears, but for a moment, Xuan Nv stopped.
At this moment, the Tathagata stereo said, "Bodhisattva Pilanpo is here." When I was shocked, I arrived at Lingshan. Listening to Tathagata’s calm tone seems to be a coincidence.
Xuan Nv said, "The Ursa Major Hall is very lively today."
Another stereo said, "I’m afraid it will be so lively again in the future." This sound is from the east to the Buddha.
The Tathagata said, "Maitreya’s words are poor. There are thousands of buddhas in the world, but there is only one true Buddha."
The Buddha from the east laughed. "That’s natural. Buddha, everyone else is suitable, isn’t it?" There is a lot of teasing about this, just like a secular bickering, which is not like a monk’s argument
The Tathagata said, "Today, it is unfortunate for all people that three Buddhas died in the First World War in Qitianling."
Listening to the burning lamp, "It’s strange that even though there are several powerful people in Qi Tianling, they can beat the pharmacist Buddha. What happened to bring up the rear, the corpse Buddha of Pilu?"
I couldn’t help laughing when I was confused when I heard the lights burning.
The Tathagata said, "I have to ask Bodhisattva Pilanpo about this matter."
"Oh?" Burning the lamp, he said, "Bodhisattva, are you really so powerful?"
Tathagata said, "Bodhisattva Pilanpo saved the day, but I don’t know that she not only got cold feet, but also tried to stop the pharmacist Buddha Pilu’s corpse Buddha twice …" Speaking of this, Tathagata suddenly raised his voice and said, "Meaning?"
"ah!" Burning the lamp frightened, and then pointing to Xuan Nv, he said, "Bodhisattva, who are you?"
Xuan Nv couldn’t help laughing when he saw the burning lamp. "The burning lamp ancient Buddha wants you to comment on it."
It is difficult to look at the light. "Bodhisattva, why don’t you explain what happened today?"
At the Tathagata, Xuan Nv said, "Now, do you want to be pretentious? I don’t want to see Lingshan topple! "
Tathagata frowned and laughed. "It’s said that nature can make people laugh, but people can conquer nature."? Fear? "
Xuan Nv said, "Although I fought the war today, it didn’t change because of me. Who is that person? You know it in your heart." Xuan Nv said that nature is Kunpeng’s nature. If you don’t believe in the Tathagata, you dare to fight against Kunpeng.
I don’t know if the Tathagata said, "What I do is unstoppable even if Pangu is resurrected." This sentence is full of domineering and shows a strong self-confidence.
Don’t Tathagata in Xuan Nv’s heart know that Pangu is still alive, but since he said that he and Kunpeng didn’t care about this move, he said, "If you have Ling Yunzhi, you will get into trouble?"
Before Xuan Nv came to Lingshan, he knew that today’s Qi Tianling War in Lingshan would cause Lingshan to die if he had to make moves. Looking at the situation, Maitreya Venerable was going to leave Lingshan, but the Tathagata still wanted to stay.
The Tathagata said coldly, "Well, it’s my wishful thinking. It’s not worthwhile for you to guard this world together. Only I know it!"
The Buddha from the East laughed. "So it’s a waste of the Buddha’s kindness."
Tathagata hummed "I don’t lack people"
When he said this, he realized it, but he was moved to read it. It is true that he is not short of three thousand buddhas and bodhisattvas. These two forces can be earth-shaking. He lured the lantern and Xuan Nv to join the partnership, but it was just a matter of convenience. If he said that he lost the lantern and Xuan Nv, he would not be able to achieve enlightenment. He absolutely did not believe it.
Xuan Nv said, "Well, even if you’re on the right track, it’s the same thing."
The Tathagata took a deep look at Xuan Nv and said, "It’s convenient to know what’s in the mouth and make people suffer."
Xuan Nv replied, "You need to say more when you are warm and cold."
The Tathagata sighed and left the hall of the Great Hero. He said from a distance, "Lingshan was built by burning lamps, and I didn’t take any dust. Only the pagoda was built by me later, and I will move it away."
Xuan Nv’s glances at Tathagata are true. Naturally, there is no reason to stop them, but they know that the pagoda is connected with Buddhism and hell. If the pagoda is moved, the consequences will be …
They hurried out to see Tathagata’s figure drifting, and reached out for a recruit before the pagoda. A large pagoda was uprooted into Tathagata’s palm.
Xuan Nv looked at the ground as flat as a mirror and there was no trace. Even the secret of the occult law did not show that there was a law ban.
The Buddha changed this place without knowing it, but he didn’t know it at all
The Tathagata accepted the pagoda and drank a "follow me, follow the law and go against my life!" " There are several figures flying out of the Lingshan Mountain, such as the pharmacist Buddha, the treasure-building king Buddha, the world-watching lamp Buddha, and the Pilu corpse Buddha … The venerable Lohan King Kong Galand medicine fork all went eastbound with you.
When Xuan Nv saw Pilu’s corpse Buddha move freely, she was shocked. Her technique was a "big seal" in the Yuan Dynasty for a while, except for the Tathagata and her.
But now the Buddha Tathagata is a mixed yuan Jin Xianxiu, how can he solve his own seal? Then he heard the Tathagata scream and shake for nine days.
Xuan Nv is a surprised Tathagata … When the holy?
Burning the lamp suddenly reminds me of something urgent: "Mother River"
He jumped eastbound for Xuan Nv and followed the Buddha Lohan Venerable all over the sky to form a wonderful array to block Xuan Nv’s way.
When the lantern is lit, the brows knit, and people will leap forward. At once, dozens of Buddhas stop the lantern and light it and shout, "How dare you stop me?"
The first pharmacist Buddha said, "Everything is the same as before." Since the Tathagata has emerged from Lingshan, there is nothing to hide the burning of lanterns. Since then, it has been worse than passers-by
Burning the lamp knows that things are urgent and doesn’t fight with the pharmacist Buddha. He waved his hand and turned into a world. Xuan Nv entered this world. The pharmacist Buddha knew that burning the lamp made the world superb and then attacked him, so he collected the law and hurried to the east slowly.
When the world of burning lamps crossed Wan Li and came out again, they had already rushed to the daughter country in front of the pharmacist Buddha and others. When they looked at the burning lamps, they murmured, "It’s a step late!"
Wu Xuan Nv couldn’t help shouting in his sleeve, "Don’t let me out now that I’ve torn my face!"
Xuan Nv laughed, "I’m in a hurry, but I forgot you." The first thing she did when she shook her sleeve was to look at the girl country. It doesn’t matter to teach him to gnash his teeth.
Such a bustling daughter country has become a pool of blood at the moment, where is there a stranger with dead bodies everywhere? It turned out that a huge tower was suddenly erected at the palace, just like the floating pagoda moved from Lingshan!
Wu was so angry that he jumped over and smashed the burning lamp of this tower and pulled it. "Do you want to be like a moth?"
The fourth volume The cat was the fourth chapter three five elements.

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