Later on, Fang Ning put his hands on it and said, "I can’t help it. I’m obsessed with it. There is no threat without it."

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The system is adamant. "You brew again. I brushed it again just now and got 100 million experience. There are still many famous people who can’t let it go."
When Fang Ning heard this, he suddenly realized, "I don’t know why it is so embarrassing. You will have 100 million experience after playing for the second time. This Luo Cha Xiong Lingxian is definitely not a lake level!"
System "yi richest man you can also be induced? Now it’s really a pond-level peak, but it can also give 30 million experience once. There is no reduction in experience in my rules. It is said that this bear spirit’s own strength has dropped. "
Fang Ning Naidao said, "This must be because there are too many ethnic groups in Luo Cha who worship the bear spirit. Perhaps less than one third of the 150 million people worship the giant bear."
"After it comes back to life again, people’s minds should not be able to read for a while. After all, most of them are ordinary people with too little mind. Now it’s just a pond-level monster with another surrender gesture that can’t threaten us and can’t trigger my obsession."
"Oh, so that’s it. Now let it go and wait for it to fatten up before brushing."
Fang Ning soothed Uncle Tong and said, "Don’t worry, Luo Cha people will definitely drive them to come again after they fatten up."
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine It’s not that we Xiong Ling can’t fight, but that Chivalrous armor is too cunning!
At this time, while Chivalrous Man A didn’t take the initiative to attack Zhenggong Knights, people were urgently dealing with the desertion in the battlefield …
Several priests discussed it together for a while. Finally, an old priest explained to Grand Knight Ivan, "The reason is that the summoning ceremony was carried out too hastily. The totem bear spirit is still in its gestation stage. It still retains a lot of consciousness. When it matures, the bear spirit should have no individual consciousness, but we Luo Cha people’s consciousness. At that time, it was the real enemy weapon."
The Great Knight Ivan said with a cold face, "Master bathurst, I knew that rushing to work would definitely make a mistake. No wonder Mi Shan couldn’t resist the dragon sword and those hateful guys would rush to work!"
After the Grand Knight finished speaking, he held his head up for a while and shouted at the tall knight-in-arms, "Good. Let’s remember for the time being that we won’t come here to drive them away again, but soon we will have to compete again!"
He turned around and left after the cruel words. He didn’t seem to worry about the knight-errant attacking him from behind.
Because he knows that the other person is a pedant and will definitely not attack himself.
As he expected, Chivalrous Man A said nothing, didn’t kill them and let them go.
When Fang Ning saw it, he decided to fulfill his responsibility as a dog-headed strategist, so he woke up and said, "Uncle, this team of knight priests adds up to more than a hundred people, although they are not pond-level, but they can earn thousands of experiences by playing at the top of the bathtub."
Tong "didn’t he say that he would compete again?" I’m afraid to scare them … "
Fang Ning a listen to the language, "you have scared them … this guy may not have the courage to come back again. You don’t understand people’s hearts. I think this guy is now arrogant, not to mention that he belongs to Luo Cha as a whole. He is not the only one who can make decisions. It is estimated that this bear spirit will not risk letting this bear spirit out again until it reaches the end stage. If it is allowed to develop completely, it is estimated that it is extremely dangerous."
Tong "Richie, you guessed it well this time. This guy is still very tender, and he can’t even dodge. If he is perfect, he can’t drop a trick for a second. Now he is in the stage of good brushing and high experience value. You play games in terms of brushing it very efficiently …"
Fang Ning turned his head and thought, "Let me think that they have seen that we are powerful and won’t dare to get into trouble in Yunwu City before defeating us. Then don’t worry about getting into trouble for them. This will be simple. You will activate the master camouflage as before to disguise the knight-in-arms. Actually, it’s just a waste of effort and a strong support … Give them some confidence and let them recover their injuries. Now that the uncle wants to win by krypton, he can save more ingots."
Uncle Tong, "Hey, is there such a practice? I still dress up as a pig to eat tiger, and I haven’t been a rich man’s host routine since I was corrupted by that break. "
Fang Ning’ ha ha’ a smile unfathomable way’ array and then the art of war often; It’s wonderful to fight with one heart. I can’t look forward to my uncle’s back; You can’t catch up with me even if you flatter me. "
Unified "…"
Fang Ning looked at more satisfied how long did he not get stuck with Uncle Tong? Today can be regarded as saving a game.
After the prairie war, the sun was setting in the west and Luo Cha people pulled out a long shadow, which made them particularly down and out.
The knights templar of Zhenggong did not come forward again, and one by one, with his head down, followed the grand knight and hurriedly withdrew.
And the huge bear spirit already knew that the horrible guy would not pierce it with a sword again, and finally got up and followed the team under the command of the possessed person.
Step by step, it moved in the direction of the road, and there was no bloodthirsty and tyrannical momentum before it came. It hung its head and walked in line. Finally, its bear had just suffered the most vicious ravages.
The people in the field observation team shook their heads and sighed.
"It’s a pity that such a powerful totem bear spirit was killed twice and I don’t know if it can vibrate again?"
The master blaise, who is proficient in Shinto, wiped his reading glasses again and shook his head. "Just now I heard the priest Luo Cha say that this bear spirit was summoned in a hurry and is still in its gestation period. No wonder it has so few means of fighting against those who are weaker than itself and can crush them. Once it touches an opponent at the same level, it will be the other way around. The dragon honour person is of noble birth and has been exercising in this field for half a year. It can be said that this totem is ill-timed."
When others listen to it, they nod their heads in agreement after a moment’s thought.
"What exactly is Master blaise right? In the mature stage, Xiong Ling is sure to have a fierce battle with the dragon. This Luo Cha people are too impatient. Xiong Ling just came out and rushed to the battlefield, just like those tanks in the Great Eagle country, which are sure to go wrong."
"Hey, do you think that the dragon honour person seems to have some special circumstances?"
They stopped talking and looked up at the battlefield again.
See knight-errant A flying sword body suddenly shook, and then the royal sword went straight into the sky and disappeared.
"You see knight-errant armor just strength breath suddenly weakened a lot! And go a little too hastily. "
"I’m finished now! As Master blaise said earlier, the knight-errant A must also know that the bear spirit totem can quickly recover its strength at home, so he will not hesitate to pay a great price but also take the tactics of killing with one blow and killing twice, which will scare the bear and make the other side retreat! "

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