"Being defeated by inferior military forces is not to say that soldiers can."

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"I, Zhao, can’t eat defeat, but it’s such a shame to lose. Hum, I think it’s necessary to withdraw."
A few cold-sounding words said that Luo Shixin gave the man a look at the man angrily. "You have to fight and scold something when you have lost the battle, but some soldiers are all top men, but you can’t insult them. They really did their best."
Listening to Luo Shixin’s words, he still begged Ashu with injuries. He also said, "We will be responsible for this battle at the end, but none of the Xi cavalry in our room is afraid of death. If you want to blame and punish, come at me alone."
Li Chongjiu listened to the two generals and said, "I heard that you encountered Tang Jun cavalry. Is it a Xuanjia army?"
Luo Shixin said, "Our army Tang Jun can see clearly that this Tang Jun cavalry is very skilled in horse fighting, but they are not necessarily covered with armor. Their horses have negative armor and they dare not judge that they are the elite armor army in Tang Jun."
Xue Wanshu said to Li Chongjiu, "This is our army stepping on the white army and the intelligence of the fine hair meeting is almost the same. The Xuanjia army is a title, but not all foot soldiers are covered with Xuanjia."
Zhao Junzhong will whisper aside Xue Wanshu and say, "For the strength of the Xuanjia Army, you have all seen in the post just now that this is the elite of Li Tangxuan’s Turkic Xianbei Li family trilogy, and the elite of the front is selected from the Tang Jun Zhongfu Army."
People smell speech is nodded.
One side Zhang Xuansu said, "The art of war has a cloud, so we can’t expect that the enemy will be less United and weak. Qiang Bing will choose the front, and Luoyang, northern Li Shimin will not be able to help the tiger prison. The two generals, Luo Shixin and Ashu, are doing their best."
Zhang Xuansu said that several people pleaded for Luo Shixin and they hoped to be excused.
Li Chongjiu looked at Luo Shixin’s begging for surgery. "On what Xuanjia doesn’t Xuanjia Army, our army first defeated our army in the first battle of Tang Jun, and the two of them went to leather to go to Luo Shixin to hawk and hawk, and they also went to the army to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds."
Luo Shixin’s begging for O-Shu’s face is not at all indifferent. He fuels and says "no position".
People listened to Li Chongjiu is still severely punished two generals can’t help but be stunned.
Wei Zhi said, "When our army lost in the first battle, should it be like breaking the enemy if we want to attack the tiger prison?"
Xue Wanshu said, "I don’t think Tang Jun is the best at breaking off the route for providing foodstuff for people in Li Shimin. If he takes advantage of our army and sends cavalry to harass the route for providing foodstuff at the rear of our army, it will be insufficient for our army to deploy troops to guard the route for providing foodstuff at the rear."
Jichuan said, "At present, it seems that in addition to Li Shimin’s 3,500 fine riders and Chai Shao Li Junxian’s 2,000 troops, there should be 10,000 Tang troops. At least 350,000 troops must be sent to break through the Tiger Prison before Luoyang falls."
After listening to Xue Wanshu and Ji Chuan, Xue Wanche smiled slightly. "Don’t forget that we still have oil bombs, which is very effective for siege."
Li Chongjiu’s eyes narrowed slightly but he didn’t speak.
Tiger prison north gate Yumen ferry hangs white sails, and dozens of Tang Jun ships are slowly approaching Yumen ferry.
On the deck of the first ship, Huang Junhan, the marching manager of Huaizhou Road in Tang Jun, stood with his arms in his chest and his hands in his arms. The battleship river wind swayed and Huang Junhan looked calm and looked at Tiger Prison City not far away.
Tang Jun was already a man of the hour before he entered Li Tang, the main manager of Luoyang.
When Yang Guang was still in office, Huang Junhan was just a jailer in the eastern county. At that time, the county magistrate suffered and sat down to be beheaded. At that time, Huang Junhan, a jailer, saw that he was brave but clanking. The suggestion sneaked into the middle of the night and said, "How can you die in prison when the weather and personnel are not yet known?"
The other party replied, "Now it’s like a pig in a cage, and it’s up to you."
When Huang Junhan released the other party and fled to the grass with him, Huang Junhan, a thief in Wagang, East County, was saved by Zhai Rang, the master of Wagang Village, and Zhai Rang was killed by Zhai Rang Shi Biao. Huang Junhan Shi Biao squeezed out the army and led the army to go out to the town. After Shi Biao was defeated in Wang Shichong, Huang Junhan was appointed as the general manager of Huaizhou.
This time, Huang Junhan, who attacked Wang Shichong, sent troops from Heyin to lead the boat division to attack and return to Los Angeles. He captured Zheng Jun’s general Da Xi Shanding and burned down the Heyang South Bridge, cutting off Luoyang and Hebei and making great contributions.
Now, after Li Shimin led the army to the Tiger Prison, Huang Junhan led his water army downstream and the Tiger Prison transported grain and grass.
Huang Jun, Han Tang Army Navy arrived at Tiger Prison and Li Shimin personally met with him on the shore.
Huang Junhan should see the ceremony and say, "See the Hall of the King of Qin!"
Li Shimin took Huang Junhan’s hand and smiled brightly. "There is a yellow manager, a water army and a tiger."
Huang Junhan bowed his head and said, "I’m flattered by the king of Qin. I heard that the king of Qin defeated the Zhao striker at the end of World War I and will congratulate you."
Li Shimin, when I heard that, put away his smile and stood in awe. "It’s just a small victory, Zhao Junhu, and a hundred thousand troops in prison. It’s also not easy to beat."
Huang Junhan said, "The two armies in the Temple of the King of Qin are in the same position. According to me, the front line of the Zhao army must rely on the Liyang warehouse. If we lead the water army to cut off the Henan-Hebei alliance, the Zhao army will be defeated."
When Huang Junhan finished his words, Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui beside Li Shimin all laughed.
Huang Junhan didn’t lose his heart because of the other party’s laughter. "Please give me some advice if you will say something wrong at the end of Qin Wangdian."
Li Shimin said with a smile, "It’s not that Xuanling laughed at him, but that you and I happen to agree!"
Huang Junhan listened to hurriedly blue way "at the end of the mistake"
Li Shimin waved his hand and said, "You don’t have to be too modest and lonely. You just have to rely on your water army to count on you to win this battle for loneliness. I heard that there are thousands of Zhao warships. Are you sure to win?"
Huang Junhan proudly said, "I started out as a Yellow River sailor in Wagang when I robbed a tanker. I can stop dozens of warships at the end of the temple. Although there are not many, they are all good at playing with water battles for many years, and a captain, Zhang Haga, is even more brave."
Li Shimin nodded and said, "But if you capture Da Xishan alive, will you get a hag?"
"It’s the hag, but his nickname is that he is brave and good at fighting for a long time, but his real name is forgotten. Although there are many Zhao ships in Qin Wangdian, the commander of Hebei Province is shorter than the water war. In that year, Cao Caozheng’s Dongwu 200,000 troops were defeated, which is an example. Secondly, many sailors were hired by the people and were not my opponents without war."
Li Shimin listened to Huang Junhan and looked at Fang Xuanling Du Ruhui with a happy face. "Xuanlingke, what do you think of Manager Huang?"
Du Ruhui said, "blazing with anger, the manager of Huang, can see through the advantages and disadvantages of the two armies at a glance, so can the king of Qin be such a general?"
Li Shimin haha laughed. "Gram’s words are right for me. Manager Huang lives alone …"
Just as he was talking, a captain suddenly told him, "Zhao’s fleet appeared in the tiger prison tour of Qin Wang Dian!"
Huang Junhan was surprised. "Zhao Jun actually took the initiative to fight?"
Li Shimin led the crowd to the north of Tiger Prison, but saw that the Yellow River was dark and covered with Zhao warships.
Du Ruhui was pale. "How can there be five-toothed ships and more than two ships in the Zhao fleet of the Qinwangdian? This was when Yang Sugong recruited Sui!"
Li Shimin didn’t say a word. The details of the Zhao fleet obviously exceeded his expectations. He couldn’t figure out where Hebei was not Jiangnan Li Chongjiu, but where it was that it had been a large-scale water army.
On the other hand, two five-toothed ships of Zhao’s fleet are striking.
Each five-tooth ship has 500 Zhao troops operating the ship, while the five-tooth ship can actually have 100 soldiers.
Cheng Mingzhen, the general manager of Zhao Jun’s water army, stands proudly at the bow of Wuya Ship, while Zhou Zhou, the chief of Donglai County, and Zhou Jiang, the chief of the Ministry of Industry, joined the army.
Cheng Mingzhen was pulled out by Li Chongjiu, the general manager of the water army, from Xia Jun. Sometimes there were more than 100 warships behind him, but Zhou Zhou spent a year trying to repair the ships of the Sui Dynasty crossing the sea to levy the Liao army.
This time, this fleet was transferred by Li Chongjiu to attack Tang!

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