More than 60 scattered fairy eyes lit up the spirit giant’s words clearly, but if Lin Xiao really has a secret spirit giant worth their money-the nine white star fields around Bai Hengxing are famous, and the scattered fairy will unite with the forces behind many guilds in Baishui to swallow Lin Xiao in one gulp.

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The sects behind the multi-guild of Jiubaixingyu Group have enough strength to cope with the attack of Tulong Mountain Villa, Ghost Emperor Valley and Thunder osawa.
-If they know that the giant whale star in Tulong Mountain Villa has lost almost its essence, these scattered immortals dare to make a crazier decision.
"So ~" The spirit giant cast a glance at the whitewater fellow workers.
"agree!" All the scattered immortals raised their hands in favor of launching the Ministry to search for Lin Xiao.
According to Baishui, according to the hidden rules of the monastic world, if Lin Xiao is captured by Brother Baishui, his personal interests will be divided up by the major sects according to their strength. Lin Xiao himself will become an alchemist in the alchemy line, and his refining of elixir will be distributed by the largest alchemists such as Yuan Dan Men according to their respective power.
Absolute industry monopoly, pursuit of maximum benefits, this is the true face of Baishui.
Lin Xiao has flown thousands of miles away with Qing Qi and Bai Jile. They have seen the towering figure of Qingfen Mountain in the distance. They have seen that the relocation array at the top of Qingfen Mountain is bursting with colorful lights, and monks are flying in all directions from outside the relocation array.
"Hurry into the relocation array and leave Bai Hengxing" said Lin Xiao in a hurry. "Ji Le just gave you flying swords and magic weapons. You can have good luck with these flying swords and magic weapons ~ If you are in a critical moment, don’t be reluctant to let you blow yourself up. That is, if the teacher is separated from you, you will go to Chongzhen Gate to find some stars and two Taoist friends, and we will agree to meet them there! Two stars, two stars ~ I think it should be probably reliable? "
Qing Qi looked puzzled at Lin Xiao and said, "You don’t need to confront Baishui Danhang with Baishui Danhang. Although their style is overbearing, Dan Shi, who is refining Dan medicine for them, has a good life."
Lin Xiao took a faint look at Qing Qi and said coldly, "Qing Qi, I’ll give you an extremely spiritual stone and a batch of Dan medicine enough for you to rush to the later stage of Yuan Ying, so you can stay in the white star and live a good life!" Lin Xiao was too lazy to explain to Qing Qi why he wanted the killer to kill the three monks sent by Danxing-who was Lin Xiao? Lin Xiao is a man who inherited the mantle of the meteorite world! Lin Xiao is forbidden by the spirit of the master of the meteorite world, but those mental fragments are becoming more and more overbearing and evil. How can he tolerate three bugs yelling at himself?
"Now the strength is not enough Bai Hengxing Bai Shuidan line? Hum! One day, Zun will eradicate your plate! " Lin Xiao thought to himself, "With my great Rodin Road, there will be no need for another Dan Gate this day! If someone can monopolize the Dan medicine business on this day, it can also be our big Rodin Road! "
Looking at Lin Xiao’s cold face, Qing Ge wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything. His spirit was out of control. Lin Xiao arranged for him. Maybe it is the best arrangement for Qing Ge to take a large amount of lingshi and leave a batch of Dan medicine for a long time to find a place to dive.
With a sigh, QingWan nodded his head and obeyed.
Lin Xiao smiled and was waiting for comfort. A few words of Qingfen Mountain suddenly flashed with a blue streamer. Two middle-aged men in red robes were surprised by the appearance of Lin Xiao’s heart sinking and cried, "Master of teleport virtual environment? Didn’t you say a few days ago that there has never been a virtual master passing by here in Qingfen Mountain? "
Qing Wan stammered, "Yes! Unless you are those who have a strange temper and practice, you will never make Qingfen Mountain move! "
Bai Jile lost his voice and cried, "Master, did they react so quickly? How long did it take you to fly here from Baishui? "
It takes about half an hour for ordinary sword light to fly over thousands of miles. Although Lin Xiao’s golden light tactic eludes light quickly, it takes only a light of tea when he brings Qing Yuan and Bai Jile. "Maybe pedestrians in Dan can react in such a short time?" Hey, if so, their efficiency can be compared with that of the year when they left the shrine. "
Some things in the memory of the master of the meteorite world are slowly revealed when he left the shrine. Lin Xiao seems to have seen that when the master of the meteorite world left the shrine, it was as fast as thunder. "Well, maybe one day I can really inherit his name, his strength and his strength."
A flame burns in Lin Xiao’s heart. Among the mental fragments, a kind of broken memory called’ ambition’ fuses together. Lin Xiao’s heart lights a fire called’ desire’.
In the virtual, two virtual masters folded and shouted, "I was ordered by the Zonglao Association to close all the relocation arrays of Bai Hengxing! Quickly close the relocation array and forbid people to enter or leave! "
An expert in virtual environment went straight to Qingfen Mountain and casually released a Lei Guang to split a few pieces of lingshi of the relocation array and fly out of the distance. A bright light flashed in the relocation array and lost energy. The relocation array immediately lost its effectiveness. Those monks who were waiting in line to make the relocation array bow their heads and dared not look at the monk for fear of provoking disaster.
Another virtual monk is floating with his hands on his back, and his eyes pass by. He is turning around and fleeing toward the east with a golden light. Lin Xiao suddenly took out a piece of spar from his pocket, lit it with one finger, and showed the figure of Lin Xiao in the explosion. The monk laughed with joy and couldn’t help but shout, "Wu Na Xiao Xiao ~ Lin Xiao ~ is you, don’t run! Come back to the old society with me quickly or I’ll kill you on the spot! "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Escape again
Laughing wildly three times, the monk did not greet his companion’s body shape and flashed a wink, and he reached Lin Xiao’s back with a big hand. He grabbed dozens of lines as thin as a thumb’s golden light and flew out like a rope. This monk’s cultivation was a heptyl metal achievement method. He grabbed the empty heptyl gold energy everywhere in his mind and condensed it into dozens of lines, which was stronger than the metal alloy and dozens of times stronger. The rope was twisted to Lin Xiao.
Just now, the Bai Hengxing Zonglao Association-formed by representatives from various major sects and families-passed the request of the Baishui Guild Alliance to close the array and seize Lin Xiao, and many sects under the jurisdiction of the Zonglao Association have been promised that whoever captures Lin Xiao alive will get a generous reward, and if he kills Lin Xiao and takes his body to a job, he will also get half of the reward.
There’s a magic weapon in the reward!
"Extremely clever, Uncle Yan Ding, I am coming!" That instant came to Lin Xiao’s back, and the friar in the virtual world laughed and laughed more wildly and proudly. "Come here for me at the beginning of a little baby!" Dozens of golden ropes formed a big net and easily wrapped Lin Xiao in it.
"Arrogance!" Lin Xiaoqing rebuked his hand, pointed to a wisp of purple skyfire, and flashed out a large purple flame. When the golden rope touched the purple fire, it was like the sun and the snow lion’ goo goo’, and the golden solution fell and attached to the rope. The mana was broken by skyfire, and the Geng Jin gas dissipated. Dozens of ropes dissipated instantly.
"Hey?" Yan Ding started laughing. "No wonder the Zonglao Association chased you for such a big sum of money, a little monk in infancy! Sure enough, there are some abilities! When can Yuan Ying control the purple thunder and skyfire in the early days? " Yan Ding was so jealous that he couldn’t wait to strangle Lin Xiao. If Lin Xiao was alive and dead, the price difference between Lin Xiao and Lin Xiao was too big. He would really use thunder to directly kill Lin Xiao.
Yuan Ying can control the purple thunder and skyfire in the early days. This is a freak! Purple thunder and sky fire, this is a fairy who is qualified to touch things!
Yan Ding suddenly zoomed in and shouted, "Little darling, give up or I’ll be rude!"
Speaking, Yan Ding’s hand has already added a handle with a strange-shaped sword with a length of three feet. The sword has a length of three feet but a finger width. The body of the sword is as thin as paper, but it is as straight as a ruler. The hilt of the sword is two feet long. Yan Ding’s hands hold the sword, and Ling is the sword that splits into Lin Xiao.
Interest rate is as thin as hair, arc-shaped firm but gentle tears the virtual virtual, with a series of golden halos split to Lin Xiao as fast as lightning. Half the sky is covered with golden light, and the bitter Geng Jin gas is straight through Bai Jile and Qing Yuan’s fu organs several feet away. At the same time, their fu organs are hit hard by sharp Geng Jin gas, and a blood arrow is ejected from their mouths.
Lin Xiao also spit out one mouthful blood. He bit the tip of his tongue and launched a’ monty-turned-blood-escaping method’ from the memory of an unknown monk in his mind to burn himself. Jingxue cooperated with Jinguang tactic to turn himself into a golden red and two-color Changhong. The flight speed increased by about ten times, and he rushed out of the ground with the ghosting of a line.
Pang Da Zhen Yuan Lin Xiao’s body tumbled, and Jing Xue was constantly being burned. Zhen Yuan urged it to be sent out, and the urging method was faster and faster.
Inflammation Ding once again exclaimed that he hewed out firm but gentle and scratched Lin Xiao’s back at the same time, but did not even scratch a hair of Lin Xiao.
Yan Ding’s face would be a little bit. His body flashed again and teleported to Lin Xiao. This time, Yan Ding’s hands condensed into a golden thunder, and his hands clasped Lei Guang’s melee and flew to Lin Xiao.
It’s also teleportation, a virtual master who can master the avatar. It’s forced Lin Xiao’s method to think that this is the absolute gap of the realm. No matter how fast you dodge the light, you can’t stop people from being able to directly cut through the virtual teleportation from dozens of miles to hundreds of miles. No matter how fast the flight speed is, you still need to cross and teleport when you need it. This is the distance avatar.
Lin Xiao heard the thunder behind him, and he barely turned his head to see Yan Ding waving the thunder and slamming himself.
Geng Jin Shen Lei, a common five-element thunder method in monastic circles, contains not only furious thunder power but also Geng Jin power. The hidden human body is bombarded by Geng Jin Shen Lei, which will not only hurt the human body, but also be chopped into pieces like a giant axe. It is really a kind of extremely lethal thunder method.
Lin Xiao roared 199% of Lafayette’s strength, and he suffered a violent sloshing of his insides, and his eyes were sweet, and he almost didn’t breathe.
If it weren’t for the sudden increase of his physical strength caused by the strange hand-written Taoist scriptures during his alchemy, Lin Xiao would have been blown to pieces, so Rao didn’t come to guard against Lin Xiao, or he was blown to the five zang-organs by the thunder of Yan Ding. There was a "beep" sound in his spine, and I don’t know how many cracks were blown out of his spine.
Inflammation butyl is put exclaimed, "damn it! You’re a loser in the early days of Yuanying, and your body is even stronger than that of the old bald donkeys in Dade Temple! How is it possible! "
Yan Ding looked at Lin Xiao in disbelief. He is a real expert in virtual reality, and he will be able to enter the realm of Aikido at first sight. Further, it is a fairy and fruit. Although he has no motivation in this thunder, ordinary virtual reality experts can’t afford to be seriously injured if they are prevented from being specially trained by this lightning strike.
And Lin Xiao, a small role in the early stage of Yuanying, actually gave him a hard shoulder, and even the speed of flying didn’t slow down. It was still that kind of horrible high-speed flying forward.
Behind another virtual condition monk a teleported to inflammation Ding side this monk laughed "old inflammation you won’t see this small to accept him to do what you adopted son loathe to give up? You are a giant thunder in Geng Jinshan, but the whole Nine White Star Fields are famous. How can you be one of the top three players in Jin Jiazong? How can a thunder not solve a small baby? "
In this short sentence, Lin Xiao flew forward for more than three hundred miles! Lin Xiao’s flying speed can be abnormal when he burns his own blood.
Lin Xiao clung to Bai Jile and Qing Qi, both of whom were affected by the thunder. Bobo Lin Xiao was able to gather all the true elements in the end, and Bai Jile’s own true elements blocked Bai Jile’s injury to Ji Le by Geng Jin’s thunder. Bai Jile suffered only a little insignificant oscillation, which seemed to be a sign of mild concussion, while Qing Qi actually suffered the last distraction. The aftermath of the thunder oscillated, and his internal organs were torn by Geng Jin’s spirit and he was bleeding heavily. His body was soft and piled up, but it was bones.
I feel a little sorry for Qing Ge Lin Xiao. After all, he cares about protecting Bai Jile and ignores the care of Qing Ge, but Lin Xiao doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it. Ji Le is his apprentice and Qing Ge is just a temporary employee. There is a difference between intimacy and intimacy!
"If you don’t die, I’ll do my best to make you!" Lin Xiao said coldly to Qing Qi, "If you die, I will kill Yan Ding for revenge."
Qing Qi’s face was blackened by the thunder, and a weak smile appeared. He struggled with strength and said, "Qian ~ Senior ~ You, you or I should take revenge ~ Be sure to kill that fellow!"
Just struggling to finish this sentence, Qing’s head tilted and died completely.
Lin Xiao frowned. He bit his teeth and threw Qing Qi’s body to the ground. His flight speed suddenly increased by 30%.
But there was a flash of blue light behind him again, and Ding and another monk teleported behind Lin Xiao again!
Great pressure came from behind, and Yan Ding and the monk sacrificed Lei Fa at the same time.
A group of Geng Jin Shen Lei and a group of Kwai Shui Shen Lei hit Lin Xiao at the same time, and the spirit of Geng Jin burst into Lin Xiao’s back and tore deep traces. Feminine, cold, cold, sunflower water, cold and straight through the bowels, vowed to freeze Lin Xiao’s insides and muscles and bones into ice. Two thunderous fires broke out in Lin Xiao’s body, and large pieces of flesh and blood were peeled off from Lin Xiao’s body. Blood was sprayed on the ground. Lin Xiao was so painful that his eyes were black and his brain was buzzing, and a large piece of pale bones was exposed behind him. He was almost hit from the sky.
If it weren’t for Lin Xiao’s body, the two virtual peak monks hit Lei Fa hard enough to blow Lin Xiao into smoke.
Lin Xiao was so painful that he hysterically cursed, "You bastards are so unreasonable! Respect for not dying today will definitely end with you! "
A finger of his hand shows a green light from Lin Xiao’s fingertips. He has released a sword from the Taifang people. This is a magic treasure refined by the Taifang people. It is a treasure that he has worked hard day and night for tens of thousands of years. The sword light is not strong and hazy, but it is not long. Compared with those virtual masters, it is almost a hundred feet long and radiant. This sword light is as inconspicuous as a small earthworm on the roadside.
At the same time, the sword light spurted out of Lin Xiao, and at the same time, the Yuan God attacked the practice. The Yuan God became powerful. Two swords were far away and straight, and Yan Ding and the monk knew the sea. Two masters suddenly felt the golden light flashing in front of them. The purple mansion knew the sea, and the Yuan God suddenly let out a scream. At the same time, both of them lost some limbs, but Lin Xiao’s attack on the practice was as unpredictable as monty’s attack. The killing power of the monk Yuan God was as fierce as monty’s. Yan Ding and the monk were exulting in their own thunder method and hit Lin Xiao
When Yuan Shen was injured, there was a sudden chaos in their control over the body and the real yuan. They were stiff in their bodies, and a chaotic riot in the real yuan almost destroyed their meridians.
At the right time, the reincarnation sword turned into a light green light and passed over the two bodies lightly.

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