Want Maureen this diamond level strong will certainly be able to detect this soon.

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After discovering that the virtual ant king can’t be limited to resurrection,
Maureen will naturally solve the problem quickly, and the guy will not give it a chance.
Therefore, there is no threat to Liu Yuan in this land.
This also makes Liu Yuan’s mood very relaxed.
Soon the land source left the ground and returned to the surface position.
And as soon as he returned to the surface, he heard Maureen sound in his ear.
"Your small strength … is really unexpected."
Liu Yuan turned to the mermaid queen Maureen and said with a smile, "Your Majesty, you are joking. I am lucky."
Maureen shook her head and said, "It’s not a question of luck or not."
"if you can do what others can’t do, you can say that you have advantages that others don’t have."
"Although I am curious about something about you, I want to ask you a question first."
"Gabrielle, did he … kill your hand?"
For this problem, Liu Yuan didn’t hide and nodded his head to show that Jia Buli was really dead by his own hand.
After receiving a positive reply
Maureen took a complicated look at Liu Yuan.
Finally, I said with emotion, "Although I have long discovered that this guy Gabriel’s heart has changed, I didn’t expect him to come to this step …"
"Want to come to his end today, it was doomed when it was blinded by strength …"
"Forget it. Let’s go home."
Maureen threw her right hand Hailong gun out.
For a second, the dragon gun suddenly turned into a huge dragon.
And dragged Liu Yuan and Maureen away toward the secret overseas.
And after the two left the land, Maureen released Liu Yuan and left here alone.
Catherine and Xia Fa, the’ Flying River Nanren’, looked at Liu Yuan, who came back after just one day, and they were very confused.
This is because the velocity is different from the outside world in the secret world.
It only led to five days in Lu Yuan’s secret land, while Xia Fa and others left Lu Yuan for just one day.
Xia Fa looked at Lu Yuan and asked, "Lu Yuan, did you solve the problem so soon?"
Liu Yuan nodded and said, "It is something that has been solved."
Then Lu Yuan put what happened in the secret territory of Santa Cruz Islands.
Probably said it to Shafa and Catherine.
Hearing that the opponent in this secret land not only has a virtual ant king who can limit resurrection and evolution.
There is also a member of Fantasyland with a platinum beast.
Shafa and Catherine suddenly felt the great danger that Liu Yuan encountered when they entered the land this time.
After hearing that Liu Yuan had defeated several platinum-level opponents in a row,
Shafa and Catherine were suddenly shocked.
Shafa couldn’t believe it and said, "No, how do I feel that you lied to me? Although your strength is severe, it is definitely not enough to defeat the platinum-level strong …"
"How did you beat those platinum rivals!"
After Liu Yuan heard these words,
A smile suddenly appeared on his face, and it seemed that he had been waiting for Xiafa to ask.
Right? Why don’t you ask me how to pretend?
See Liu Yuan first took out a moon stone filled with Barlow’s senior soul.
Then it probably explained that he could pass this moonstone.
Summon Barlow with platinum strength to fight.
Then he probably said something about himself if his cards were exhausted.
It is also possible to compete with the platinum-level strong alone for a short time.
After hearing this, even Catherine, who used to be indifferent.
At this time, some were shocked.
Liu Yuan looked at the two beautiful women with consternation and her eyes.
The small vanity of the heart has been greatly satisfied.
Kukuku (smirking) … You’re dumbfounded!
I Liu Yuan beast … That’s so fierce!
"Lu Yuan didn’t expect that you had such a huge rise in such a short time!"
"Continuous victory over several platinum-level strong strength like you … even the old man was shocked."
Just finished loading a wave of big B land sources at this time.
Suddenly heard his ear to adolf sound.
He looked in the direction of sound in consternation.
Immediately saw the splint adolf.
Liu Yuan couldn’t believe it and said, "President Adolf? !”
Shafa looked at President Adolf with surprise.
Then suddenly jumped into his arms directly.
While aside Liu Yuan is slightly embarrassed in situ.
After all, hearing Adolf’s words, where he is still unclear.
I just that pack to force scene.
Department was adolf saw the eyes.
In front of the two gold-level animal benders, Xiafa and Catherine.
He can really pretend to be a little aggressive.

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