Zhou Lao also opened a limit to Yuan Heguang, allowing them to enter as they did when Finch entered themselves, and to remove materials.

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There is still a lot of food in these materials, although it is a little scattered, it is still edible.
Sun Deyi said that he would donate another 200,000 tons of dried earthworm, and they could try to export the dried earthworm industry to Interstellar Time at the same time.
However, this move is of little significance. Fusarium wilt affects the earth. In fact, a mass extinction is taking place. Although plants have disappeared, this has in turn affected animals.
Except for humans, a large number of animals are rapidly extinct because of hunger.
Even earthworms, which usually dig in the fields, are also affected.
At present, the land has probably been used to breed earthworms in interstellar time.
Zhang Tianyuan also donated 1.2 million tons of food belonging to the mutual aid association to Yuan Heguang from the warehouse as planned.
But these are a drop in the bucket.
A total of 1.4 million tons of grain is calculated according to the amount of one kilogram per person per day, which is enough for 1.2 billion people to eat a little more than one day.
If you really want to save the stars, you still have to rely on time trade.
Only by letting them work on their own and get materials from other times can their lives gradually get back on track, otherwise, no one can afford to support these 1.2 billion people just by sitting on the mountain and relying on assistance.
Of course, if you want to trade, you must be productive first.
However, in the current situation of interstellar space, the productivity is different, and the industry has almost stopped, and agriculture has barely lived.
What is urgent is to let Yuan Heguang and others restart the Qianfeng factory and restore some productivity.
At present, the mutual aid society has a huge market with a population of more than 10 billion, especially the demand of 700 million people, such as Zhou Lao and others, after moving to Qishi.
Especially considering that they have to save enough energy to get back to "212"
Rebuild a new world, where the market is as big as France can imagine.
It can be said that even if we can make some steel and cement during interstellar time, Zhou Lao will accept it according to the order
Of course, if the interstellar time problem was really that simple and could be solved by restarting the factory, Yuan Heguang would have solved it long ago.
The industrial body collapsed in interstellar time because it was a plane collapse rather than a missing link.
Simply put, from raw materials to processing to export transportation, the Ministry of Works ran away because of insufficient food.
This is the collapse of the sphere
But it is not a problem to supplement these with the existing mutual aid meeting.
Lack of raw materials can be sent from another time. Anyway, sometimes the tunnel needs to be planned reasonably, and the raw materials are no different from those next to the factory
Other links such as transportation can also be handled by other times.
In this way, the interplanetary time does not need to restore the face-to-face chain as before, and all these can be told by the mutual rescue association that they are responsible for the production, which is enough.
They are like a screw driven into a mutual aid society.
To be fair, this body is not perfect.
Huantaishi is more suitable for this connection. They have a complete response chain, a stable and safe environment and a complete response chain, which has stronger productivity and faster production speed.
However, none of the many branch presidents at the scene objected to this decision.
Because we all know that it’s best not necessarily the best time to hand over the marketing department to Mrs. Huan, then we can’t support the interstellar people …
In the face of human life and money, the opinions of the Ministry of Mutual Aid are still extremely unified
When the meeting is over, the articles of association will be settled.
In addition to food aid, some volunteers will be sent to help with medical care, education and industrial restart when they enter the interstellar space.
In addition, in the future, interstellar time will become a new time transportation hub, and it will become a connecting center of each time as odd time.
Interstellar time is generally quite safe except for serious desertification and frequent sandstorms.
Moreover, there is no KV virus trouble here, which is an advantage compared with odd times.
This meeting gave Yuan Heguang great excitement and confidence. He never thought that he could get so much help before the meeting!
Although Zhang Tianyuan seems that these assistance are a drop in the bucket and far from solving the interstellar dilemma.
But it seems to him that this is enough!
After returning home, Yuan Heguang immediately devoted himself to the matter of restarting industry and reviving productivity.
Zhang Tianyuan also temporarily pulled himself out to return to the game world to clean the map monster.
Before he came to StarCraft, he cleaned the game world for several days, and the monster wanted to reveal the "Mech Factory" drawings.
But that drawing didn’t even show up.
On the contrary, his miscellaneous drawings have exploded more than a dozen times.
However, Zhang Tianyuan thinks that the drawing may come out soon …
In an instant, half a month passed.
Even Zhang Tianyuan still thought that the drawings might be about to explode when Yuan Heguang suddenly came and wanted to meet him.
"What’s the matter with President Yuan?"
When Zhang Tianyuan returned to interstellar through the outdated tunnel,
At the first sight, I saw Yuan Heguang waiting for him alone in the office.
"We just received a message." Yuan Heguang got up and came over. "The opposite NASA contacted us via satellite."
Zhang Tianyuan frowned. "Is it because of the rocket launch?"
Yuan Heguang took out the report he had just received and continued, "Look, they mean to sound out-we should have a plan with us."
Zhang Tianyuan turned over this report and recorded the information received at that time-
They are very happy to see that another country on earth has restored its dream of space flight, so they want to know the details of a launch, and it is best to send them specific projects so that they can make adjustments to the future space flight arrangements.
The message from the opposite side did release the combined signal.
But Zhang Tianyuan has an evaluation on this.
"A friendly tone is no good."
However, he sent the report to his branch through unified management and asked his branch for advice.
A moment later
When Zhang Tianyuan received the results, he looked at Yuan Heguang and re-emphasized the principle of mutual aid. "President Yuan, our headquarters intends to interfere with your branch’s contacts with them, but now this wormhole project is jointly owned by both of us, and we all have a speech on it."
"I don’t think their arrogance at present has reached the standard."
"This is not only my personal attitude, but also the opinion of his branch chairman."
Yuan Heguang nodded to show his understanding. Although he has only officially joined the mutual aid association for half a month, he has also heard of the tragedy that happened the day after tomorrow, and he has also heard of the theory of "the inferiority of western languages"
"Since everyone agrees, let’s refuse for the time being."
Yuan Heguang made the final decision.

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