Ling Yuansheng and others directly sent the array to Baiguifang City through Baiyun Square City.

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Familiar people stay in contact and then scatter.
Is it so easy to find them even if Fufeng Qian has the heart to look for them?
Seeing thirty-three younger generations disappear into the vast sea of people, Ling Yuansheng turned to Ling Yuancheng and said, "Let’s go to Wufangcheng."
The two men sent the array directly to Wufengcheng through Baiguifang City.
Zhujidan is not so easy to buy. Ling Yuansheng took the black market road, which was higher than the market price. Lingshi took three tablets of Zhujidan.
The market price of Zhujidan is 30,000 pieces of lingshi, and he bought Zhujidan for 33,000 pieces of lingshi, plus three pieces of Zhujidan for 100,000 pieces of lingshi.
Cang Li ling’s background is certainly far more than that, but there are too many places where lingshi is needed. This 100 thousand lingshi is still hard to squeeze out.
There are three tablets of Zhujidan in the bag, and they went directly to the place where the array was sent back to Baiguifang City and then back to Baiyunfang City.
Then I retrieved the flying boat for six days before returning to Cangli Island.
Back and forth only in January.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Grandpa, that sounds really strange!
On the occasion of the crisis of Cang Li Ling’s family, every monk of Cang Li Ling’s family has paid for it.
Ling Youdao’s first-order alchemist, like other alchemists in the family, was appointed as an alchemist.
Over the past three years, the family has indeed refined a lot of first-order traditional Chinese medicine.
An alchemist needs an elixir for more than three years. The elixir has long been exhausted, and buying an elixir from Baiyunfang City cannot meet the demand.
Ling Youdao ended his alchemy and wandered around Qingcang Mountain to relax himself. Before he knew it, he came to the elixir garden.
"How did you get to the elixir garden?"
"Ah, the first-order panacea that can be used as medicine has been exhausted. Now it seems that the family has accumulated a large number of first-order pills, but once the war breaks out, these pills will not last long."
There is a saying that there is war in the earth world, which means burning money. Similarly, the war of cultivating immortals means burning spiritual stones and burning resources.
Ling Youdao couldn’t help shouting, "If only those who don’t have a mature panacea could mature quickly."
"Wait for chen river Jing!"
"But it accelerates the growth of elixir."
"Yeah! How did I think of it now? "
"This will help the family."
"But this matter needs to be well planned, and no one can find out that I did it."
Ling Yuansheng has a point that it is true that the people in the cultivation of immortals are sinister, and even among the same family, their interests are divided.
What is not shown is just because the interests are not big enough.
Of course, Ling Youdao also believes that the cultivation of immortals is really that kind of private, but how many?
Once Chen Hexin leaked out, the whole Cang Li Ling family would be finished.
His purpose is to save the Ling family of Cang Li, not to push it into the abyss of destruction. The heart of the river must not be revealed.
After thinking for a long time, he finally came up with a method that he thought was very good.
He took a caretaker of the elixir garden for four months.
He guarded the elixir garden and planted all the first-order elixirs and refined the elixir of Zengqi, Huiqi, Lingyun and Yundan.
Zengqi Dan is a first-order traditional Chinese medicine, which is suitable for monks to recover their spiritual strength in the middle period of practicing Qi. Huiqi Dan is a first-order Dan for monks to recover their spiritual strength in the late period of practicing Qi, and Lingyun Dan is also a first-order Dan for healing, which can greatly shorten the healing time.
The coordination effect of three kinds of Dan medicines is more than one plus one equals two.
In order not to arouse suspicion, he didn’t act until a month later.
Ling Youdao found a big wooden barrel and filled it with water.
Then he called out that there was half a drop of chen river essence floating quietly in the center of Chenhe River, where you could see the light flowing in chen river essence. He called these flowing lights when the light flowed.
Although there is only half a drop, it is accumulated by him over the years.
Ling Youdao called out the half drop of chen river essence and half drop of chen river essence into the bucket.
Instantaneous light rushes through the whole bucket. The water in the bucket is just like the former chen river essence, and sometimes the light flows inside.
Soon he cast a sex trick.

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