"If you dare to make moves on me, keep fighting."

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Sun Wu raised his wishful cudgel without thinking when he heard God say this.
He’s the Monkey King. How can he stand such excitement?
Ruyi’s golden cudgel hits the demon king with a stick on his shoulder, and he doesn’t avoid or flash.
If he can flash, he is not the demon king Wang Sunwu.
The golden cudgel was pressed so hard that the ground shook a few times, but the lich king was calm when his shoulder was hit with this stick.
"You are still far from it!"
The lich king looked at his shoulder and mocked Sun Wu with a great stick.
Sun Wu looked at the lich king in shock.
Just now, this stick is the characteristic of his strong hand and wishful golden cudgel. Even those great magical powers in heaven are seriously injured if they get this stick less.
Now, the reaction of the lich king is actually a milli-impact.
"You’re done. Now it’s my turn. Be careful!"
The lich king woke up to Sun Wu with a calm face.
As the lich king said this sentence, Sun Wu suddenly had a big warning sign in his heart.
He realized that he was about to fly back. As soon as he took back his wishful cudgel, he saw the demon king open his mouth before he moved.
The lich king let out a roar of wild animals.
A terrible pressure appeared with the roar of the demon king.
Everything around Sun Wu’s body is blurred, and even his body is covered with his indestructible body, and there are flame cracks.
Sun Wuding, the king of the lich king, seems to have lost his mind after yelling at him in a mess.
"There’s nothing wrong with him. He just fainted and rested for a few days."
After the lich king told Tang Sanzang, he stepped towards Tiger force big fairy’s body.
As the lich king called Tiger force big fairy’s head to appear back to Tiger force big fairy’s neck.
Then Tiger force big fairy emerged.
He came back from the dead.
The Lich King looked at King Che Chi again.
King Che Chi was startled. Unlike gentle demons, the demon king is a little too evil.
Mortals like King Che Chi are under too much pressure when facing the demon king.
Fortunately, just when the train was late, the king was extremely nervous and his heart was pounding, and the image of the demon king changed back into a demon day.
"Like what?"
Looking at the car late, the king asked calmly
King Che Chi only recovered from his panic when he heard the sound of heaven. He looked at Heaven carefully. "From now on, I will support Mr. Che Chi’s demons and demons."
The day is the promise that the car is late for the king.

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