"Yes! Inspector Wang Ming, since you said you can’t wave this time, what can we do? "

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Although Wang Ming’s proposal was not opposed, most of the heads of families had no confidence in fighting Tyrannosaurus rex, and they didn’t know that a group of people had been clamoring for a long time and finally turned to Wang Ming.
"Well, now that I’m out, I really have some ideas, I think! Tyrannosaurus rex clan, although terrible, has a very strong fighting capacity, but they still have a strong average fighting capacity, that is, they generally have attribute clansmen and the number of top experts should be equal to theirs, but their overall strength is a little different.
However, this is not the end. I think we can build some fortifications and defensive buildings, so that we can intercept Tyrannosaurus rex by road, and those buildings can also have some mass destruction machines, so that our defense will be more advantageous, "Wang Ming immediately suggested."
"Yeah! Why didn’t we think of that! It’s fortifications. We’ll build the city into the only way for Tyrannosaurus, and then send our elite troops to wage a war of attrition with them. Moreover, they fought with the blue semites. It’s not impossible for us to occupy the right time and place and defeat them. "
"Yeah, yeah, there’s a point. Idle is also idle. You can really do this." When Wang Ming’s words came out, he was immediately supported by some heads of families
"Then who will do it! You know, we are facing Tyrannosaurus rex. It is not just to build some simple buildings, but who will finish the fine buildings when they are so short! " At this time, some people have some questions.
"The dwarves! I think the most suitable for the dwarves to build their fortress is almost a perfect seam. "No, Wang Mingkou naturally someone suggested."
"Well, the dwarves say something to the heads of the dwarves!" At this time, everyone turned their attention to the dwarves.
"Ahem! We really can build defensive buildings and we have some ready-made machines, but we dare not say that we can build the buildings before Tyrannosaurus attack. "The dwarves’ heads lightly coughed for two times and then said lightly that he was not shirking his responsibilities, and there was nothing to escape at this time, but he was really not sure.
"ah! No way! The dwarves are not sure that this matter is hopeless. "
"Yes! If the dwarves are not sure, they can’t be repaired! " Dwarves, heads of families, so on say others immediately discouraged way
"Dwarf people grow up, you are not too modest. Now we are saving for a rainy day. I want to invite your best craftsmen to come to us and the heads of families to jointly select the location and then jointly study the plan to deal with the construction. We will never let your family contribute financially, materially and manpower, and we will do our best." Wang Ming immediately said.
"No, inspector Wang Ming, that’s not what I meant. We dwarves have also built a city. I’m afraid you can not help us if you can send people!" Dwarf patriarch repeatedly waved and said that he didn’t refuse because of money.
"Yes! We will do our best to build this city regardless of whether the Tyrannosaurus clan promises or not. "
"Yes! Don’t shirk the importance of time for dwarves! "
Everyone said a word to me. The chief of the dwarves really couldn’t erase his face. He shook his head and sighed, "Well, since you believe me, let’s try our best!"
Chapter six hundred and six Problems
Wang Ming’s discussion was soon settled, and the bird race quickly set out to find a suitable race to set off for the Draco, while the dwarves sent the best people here to build more defensive cities for the Draco and many races.
"Master Wang Ming, do you really think that the dragon will not give many races a chance at all? You know, in any case, these races on the edge of the mainland are a big force to unite. Even after the fierce dragon and the blue semite fought hard, it is impossible for them to lose their hands. Even if they delay, they should agree to the requests of many races. At this time, we can build those defensive cities safely, not as fast as we are now. " Wang Ming and Ekimunto visited the terrain with the dwarves to confirm where it is more suitable to build the city according to the actual terrain. After walking for a long time, Ekimunto finally thought that there was nothing wrong with his idea, so he said to Wang Ming.
"Ikey Monto you! Even a small rich man has never tried a strong feeling, so you can’t understand the feeling of grasping others’ life and death in your own hands, and you can’t judge the thoughts of Tyrannosaurus rex.
You’re right. If they were a normal race, they would accept the request first and then recuperate and slowly annex the whole continent again and again. But Tyrannosaurus rex was so powerful that all other races trembled. They didn’t care about other races except the blue flash.
Even though their reality has been weakened by the blue flash clan, Tyrannosaurus rex people still don’t pay attention to these marginal races living on the mainland. Now that their biggest obstacle has been pulled out, their determination to unify the mainland is even more urgent. They can’t resist this temptation. "Wang Ming shook his head and looked at Yichimengtoney.
"Then aren’t they afraid that they will suffer more losses against us?" Ezekiel Monto still has some unwilling way
"No, they defeated the blue semites, and the blue semites also managed a number of races. Now they are all slaves of the Tyrannosaurus clan. These people are used as cannon fodder to attack us, and then the Tyrannosaurus clan will be better than us in terms of quantity and quality. It is important to win this war. They have a good time to recuperate. The Tyrannosaurus clan’s fertility attribute was born, and they will soon regain their strength, so they will not attack us and suffer losses!" Wang Ming said this because he got a lot of news about Tyrannosaurus from Yaqi, which made Wang Ming feel that Tyrannosaurus was powerful.
"The master wang Ming do as you say, their strength is so terrible that we have no hope of winning. Then why should we struggle? Why don’t you just surrender? Anyway, the slave fight may not have a good result in the end. "Ekimunto was a little discouraged at Wang Ming’s words.
"alas! If Tyrannosaurus rex is a race that manages this continent, I may also choose to surrender and let Wuyu Kingdom surrender less, which will also reduce some sacrifices, but Tyrannosaurus rex is too cruel. They will not have a good life if they rule his race, and the population of Tyrannosaurus rex is growing very fast. They are likely to make his race slowly disappear from this continent. "Wang Ming frowned and said seriously.
In fact, Wang Ming didn’t say that Wang Ming wasn’t worried about his race, but he was more worried about the existing race of human beings. Most of them came from another plane with Tyrannosaurus gens, and the indigenous people in this continent of human beings must be particularly unpleasant to Tyrannosaurus gens. Maybe if they are in a bad mood, they will directly destroy human beings. Now, human strength can compete with Tyrannosaurus gens. Wang Ming is more worried about Tyrannosaurus gens’ attitude towards human beings after notification.
"It seems that there is really no way to fight with them!" Ike Monto heard Wang Ming say that Tyrannosaurus rex might destroy his race, and his heart was filled with a sense of crisis, and he immediately gnashed his teeth
"Wang Ming overseer Wang Ming overseer stopped at the moment. This mountain range is our map. After all, Tyrannosaurus wants to reach the edge of the mainland. Moreover, the rugged mountains here are the most suitable places to build defensive castles." As Wang Ming was talking to Echimonto, an elderly dwarf came running over on a small beast.
"Woo!" Wang Ming stopped his horse and looked at the rolling mountains in the distance. He nodded, "Well, it’s really good here. It’s uneven terrain and it’s an excellent place for defense."
"Inspector Wang Ming, this is really a good place to build a defensive castle, but if the defensive castle is really to be built here, I’m afraid you can finish it with us regularly." The old dwarf looked at the mountains ahead and worried.
"ah! Can’t finish! Then we didn’t see it for nothing! " Ikey Monto listened to the old dwarf words worry way
"Well, we can’t finish it. I suggest that if we build it in such a short time, we should go back to our feet and come here. The road is very gentle, and we should be able to finish it even if we are in a hurry," suggested the old dwarf.
"No, it’s easy to build here, but the defense here is too poor, and Tyrannosaurus gens have a lot of blue-flash gens gathering races. If we build here, I’m afraid we can’t drag Tyrannosaurus gens to start work and it will be washed away." Wang Ming looked at the terrain around him and shook his head.
"But the mountain construction ahead can’t be finished!" The old man and the dwarf can endure the way
"Built, built is not a manpower problem? Uncle Dwarf, let’s send more people to help you! Yichimengtuo otherwise said
"Young man, it’s not a matter of manpower shortage. Even if you send more people to build castles in that mountain, they won’t be able to build castles. The technology and knowledge won’t help much," the old dwarf shook his head.
"That how to do? Is there really no way? " Ezekiel Monto is a little frustrated way
"There is a way to do this, and I am afraid it is difficult!" The old dwarf seems to think of something.
"Uncle, what’s the way? You can say that we can do it. After all, defending Tyrannosaurus gens is now the top priority for all our ethnic groups." Wang Ming asked at once when he heard that there was a door.
Chapter six hundred and seven Despair news
"This method is human!" Old dwarf light mouth way
"Humans?" Wang Ming heard that the human eyes were bright and what seemed to be white repeated.
"Yes, it’s human beings. You may not know that this continent belongs to human beings except us dwarves, and most of them have architectural experience. Although I don’t know how many human beings are in the extreme east mountains, if there are thousands of human beings, it should not be a problem for us to build several defensive castles." The eyes of the old dwarf also sparkled.
"Ha ha! Great, great, uncle, let’s settle this time. Let’s first choose the peaks that can help us expand our defense, and then we will start to build things for you to help mankind. We can discuss with all ethnic groups when we go back. I don’t think it should be a problem, "Wang Ming said excitedly.
Wang Ming originally planned to go back to the East Mountain range where human beings were born, and then try to find a way to let all ethnic groups accept human beings. But now Tyrannosaurus rex is under siege, and Wang Ming can give up temporarily without that time. But now this old dwarf has given Wang Ming a perfect excuse, and this is also a chance for human beings to integrate into other ethnic groups. After all, if human beings and many races fight against the enemy together, then some revolutionary friendship will also occur, so that human beings can naturally live in this continent and not be trapped in the East Mountain range.
In the next few days, Wang Ming was in high spirits, taking the dwarves in the mountains to mark the orientation and explore the terrain. After five or six days of kung fu, Wang Ming and his team finally visited it and went home satisfied.
"hey! What’s the matter, Master Wang Ming? It’s only been a few days. How can the core of Nightlife City be so quiet? Didn’t you say that all the heads of families are not leaving and so on? " Wang Ming, they quickly rushed back to the eternal night city, but when they entered the core area of the eternal night city, Ekimunto found that the initial quiet of the core area was not as lively as it used to be, and immediately wondered
"alas! It seems that things still let me guess "Wang Ming looked around and shook his head and sighed.
"Master, you mean tyrannosaurus gens news come over can’t! This man has only been gone for a few days! It is so possible to come back so soon after such a long journey! " Ike Monto felt a little skeptical about the time.
"I’m afraid it’s news that people didn’t come back, but don’t guess. We’ll know when we get here." Wang Ming replied with a wry smile, and then they had already come to their place in the eternal night city.
"Inspector Wang Ming is back!" At this time, someone in Wang Ming’s residence saw Wang Ming and immediately reported to the house.
As the child.when she was born, several women rushed out, all of them were beautiful and graceful, not everyone else was Wang Ming’s wife.
"Xianggong, you’re finally back. Something’s wrong!" Wang minggang yuet with daughters that take the door should come out and frown way
"Is it true that the news of Tyrannosaurus came back and they refused to make peace with us?" Wang Ming indifferently way
"Xianggong, how do you know that you have already got the news outside?" Yuet surprised to see Wang Ming surprised way

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