I can’t put all my chips on such a summer Sonia doll …

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Do it quickly …
If we can stall these orientals, we can …
We’re going to enter the Parxiula Department …
I believe that these East Renye Fang will not follow in …
That’s it …
"(La Cavendish) Do it quickly. Don’t love fighting Colin and Russell. You two pin down the enemy. The rest of you follow me and go straight to Palshura!"
When the sword stabbed by Li Wei penetrated the chest of Ella Kevin, it gradually changed in her heart.
The so-called wound is like a petal that instantly withers the stamen, and then after these colorful scattered marks, a dark red bat flies directly towards Li Wei’s other side.
A sudden change!
And with the signal from Ellie Kevin’s side, the rest of them are also taxiing.
Everything went on as Ellie Kevin had just drawn up.
But this is what Ella Kevin planned and what Li Wei just didn’t understand.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-seven Poor five minutes
Just as Ella Kevin Li Wei was fighting with each other, they didn’t know that a series of irreversible events were taking place in this land forgotten by history.
"(incantation) Velashi Maaha Bruweila Shanaa …"
Revenge incarnate …
Goddess anger …
Let everything hate the flames in your hands …
Let all the pain turn into a sharp sword …
"(incantation) Velashi Maaha Bruweila Shanaa …"
Ella Kevin doesn’t know what she saw and participated in when she went to Gilwell.
In Li Wei, he also believed that what happened to the Nangong War, the younger brother in the same robe, and what changed.
"(Xia Sonia) Little slacker, it’s time for us to start …"
The dagger that polished the cloth was put back to his waist. Lilith Quinn carefully concealed the love in Gilwell’s eyes, which was still asleep.
"(Xia Sonia) No … Lilith, let Jill sleep for a while … sleep for five minutes …"
In the cute Jill Wheeler, her eyes are still closed, and then her face continues to rest on Lilith Quinn’s leg, moving back and forth and muttering in her mouth.
"(Xia Sonia) but it’s been five minutes since you …"
And when Lilith Quinn heard this sentence again, she felt more familiar with it, and her expression at the moment was really a little naive and spoiled.
"(Xia Sonia) the last five minutes …"
But the lovely Jill Wheeler’s answer is still so hard to refute.
It turns out that when people wake up, especially when their own bear children wake up, they all have this grinding for five minutes.
"(Xia Sonia) but your grandfather is still waiting for you to find it …"
However, before Lilith Quinn could finish this sentence in her heart, she heard Jill Wheeler whispering in her arms.
"(Xia Sonia) Lilith … you just let me sleep quietly for five minutes … Grandpa performed a chest-crushing stone at the village entrance some time ago … Grandpa is strong …"

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