When the tide is over, the evil waiter can’t be afraid to leave the middle world.

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This speculation has been confirmed by thousands of people, but he has no idea how many high-ranking waiters can go out in normal times and how long they can go out.
Probably know the waiter’ quota’ limit.
The limit of waiters and servants is related to their origins.
Servants promoted from tribal minions have lower restrictions on their activities than those directly created by evil spirits.
A thousand-faced servant is a small servant who is’ brilliant in military exploits’ and has limited activities at the same time.
He/she is active all over the world.
Take back your thoughts and swim and continue to observe the four directions.
There are three other figures in the palace besides him.
Huge, big and short.
The huge figure is light red and more than ten meters high.
The tall figure is three or four meters high.
Dwarf wax gourd is red Yan and is 1.5 meters tall.
Together with the instructor in the middle of the town, the three of them and a puppet are the strongest force in the fuel organization! Far more than going to Yunhui’s support team.
Time goes by
After Liu Feng and the Secret Puppet entered the stadium, the Yunhui war has been going on for less than half a day.
Fang’s tutor also stayed in silence and chaos for a long time.
Red Yan reveals a pair of little tiger teeth. From time to time, he looks at them and walks around the palace.
She’s getting a little impatient waiting.
Abrupt she teleported to appear in front of the palace window, stood on tiptoe and looked out, and her eyes lit up.
Wyndell Dichinson light
"Target has appeared"
Fang You also saw the enemy and did not hide it.
Rolling the Heihe River from the other side, where it passed, the annihilation storm disappeared, and the world was broken and reorganized, as if this Heihe River paved the way.
Several giant shadows of meteors can be seen in Heihe River, which is a nine-star fallacy.
"Nine stars and two nine planets three nine stars …"
Red Yan murmured and licked his lips.
She looked at the direction of the swim and revealed the meaning of being forced to wait.
"Wait a minute, today will definitely make you kill enough."
Heihe river, he can only find stars, nine planets, mysterious shadows, evil spirits, waiters and servants hidden in hard to find.
The enemy is more cautious than expected.
The Heihe River has passed not far away, and it may disappear in a few moments.
He drank "light red!"
The war puppet engraved with light red stripes suddenly disappeared and appeared. It seems that it is not far away, but it is very far away in Heihe River.
The box is humming!
Do your best to spew out of your body.
It crashed to the ground.
Ultra-ancient puppet war weapon light red …
Extreme energy forms an energy river around generate, which is more than ten times as vast as Heihe River. Its waves impact the black polluted river, blocking Heihe River and blowing black waves everywhere, disappearing and falling into a large area.
A large area of lakes has changed from gray to black, which is a thousand times polluted.

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