After all, it takes a long time for each furnace to be refined, and it takes more than a year to warm it up and bake it slowly. There are really many times when it is unnecessary for monks to hold the furnace all the time.

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Of course, the refining of Resurrection Pill is extremely difficult, and a little carelessness will lead to the imbalance of medicinal properties or the loss of efficacy, and the refining will fail. When other stars refine Resurrection Pill, they are always careful for fear that they will be smashed by carelessness, but no one will be so refined as Awu.
One of the biggest reasons why Awu can predict in advance is naturally that small medicine can always feel the change of furnace properties in the blast furnace, and it can also play a good balance at all times. Every time it is necessary to adjust the temperature, Awu can still wake up. Awu’s refining pressure is much smaller, and there is no problem before preset.
In this way, Awu saved a lot of alchemy, and the second round of refining of nourishing the spirit pill went quite smoothly. It was originally expected to take about 30 years, and the alchemy had reached its end in less than 20 years.
The last panacea of the second round of Yangshen Dan is also the medicine god’s special explanation that we must not be careless, and we must have a group of herbal panacea in one go.
Awu didn’t dare to be careless. This group of herbs didn’t have a preset, but took a quiet rest for a while before they were carefully put into the refining process.
Starting with this group of herbs, the main medicine is a very rare wind-like herb, and it is quite difficult to modulate its properties. No wonder the medicine god will deliberately explain that such herbs are not estimated, so it is rare to see such strong wind-like properties!
However, with the help of small medicine, the alchemy of Awu is also perfect, and it is difficult to beat Awu in one step.
Not long after, Awu has grabbed the elegant wind and imprisoned the wind property, refining this strange herb in the blast furnace.
The herbs are of high quality, and Aou alchemy is still full of piety. I don’t know which elder went back to the market and the younger generation left the last bit of fuel.
Herbs are about to be refined. At this moment, there is a slight wind in the blast furnace, whimpering like a monk sighing gently, full of unwilling anger and regret.
Over the years, Aowu refining and refreshing Dan has also felt a similar breath, and I know in my heart that those who return to the market will sigh that fate will be somewhat unwilling and understandable. After all, everyone has a desire to survive, isn’t it?
But this time, Awu felt a little different, and the alchemy in his hand almost came to an abrupt end. If it weren’t for the coordination of small drugs, this important magic pot would be directly refined and exploded.
Awu stayed in his heart and set off huge waves.
Awu’s little hand trembled slightly as if the difficulty of refining this magic pot was beyond her ability and imagination.
Ah Wu kept asking himself whether he was right or wrong, and he kept asking whether the medicine god was a god or a demon.
Faith really collapsed, and Awu’s heart was full of nai.
At this time, the small medicine alchemy furnace stubbornly assisted Awu to maintain the medicinal properties, and there were strong mental fluctuations from the alchemy furnace. Awu seemed to hear the small medicine and shouted, "Don’t be distracted at all times, no matter who you choose in the future, the alchemy is irreversible at this time, even if you go back on your word, it is urgent to make an alchemy well, otherwise it will not only be an alchemy failure, but even your thoughts will be instantly exposed to people."
Awu’s eyes are a little hazy. Awu’s heart tingles. His hands tremble and he grabs the blast furnace. Awu silently asks, "Little Medicine, tell me if he is A Mu …"
Awu sensed that this wind-attribute medicine was his former companion A Mu!
Chapter 2517 Sad Dan
Small medicine has a bad memory, and many things are forgotten in the past, but things can still have some impressions for hundreds of years.
Add some trigger words, and the medicine can also distinguish something.
An alchemist’s small medicine slightly identified a horse and truthfully said, "Yes, this wind is quite familiar with its attributes, and the soul fluctuation is also very clear. If the induction is good, he is indeed brother A Mu."
Awushi already knows the answer, but she’s afraid to confirm it. The former companion she is most familiar with is A Mu.
Although I don’t have any special feelings for A Mu, after all, there is outdated communication and it is quite rare among the monks of A Mu’s wind property medicine family. Awu couldn’t recognize his sigh if he didn’t feel it. Once he felt it, he realized it instantly.
Small hands trembled slightly, and Ah Wu said in his heart, "Can small medicine stop an alchemist? Can you reconnect with A Mu? "
Small medicine induced an alchemy furnace, which truthfully reflected the situation in Awu’s mind and gently said, "Awu’s A Mu body has been refined, and just that gust of wind is also the last trace of A Mu’s obsession. His mind and will have long been destroyed by medicine, and he has fallen when he was beaten back to his original shape. At this time, it is possible to stop the alchemy, but A Mu can’t connect."
Over the years, Xiaoyao and Awu have been practicing together, and they are soul mates.
Awu instantly sensed the idea of a small medicine, and the small medicine thought that it was time to stop the alchemy and finish the emotional affairs. In the second round, the last nourishing pill had a group of herbs, and once this furnace of magic pills was stopped, it would be scrapped.
Then the end result is that Awu is not only a panacea, but also causes the drug god to suspect that if the drug god has any bad intentions, even the horse will explode, so it is not good to stop the drug.
However, Awu also feels that Xiaoyao has a love for himself. Awu also feels that Xiaoyao will resolutely carry out his will and is willing to meet the challenges with himself if he decides to stop the alchemy.
With tears in his eyes, his little hand trembled gently. After a deep sigh and a half-ring, Awu said to Xiaoyao, "Let’s go on. It’s good to hide this matter from you and me. But Xiaoyao, we are afraid that we should be mentally prepared, especially if you have to keep a certain fighting power key. It is estimated that you can break through this prison of hell at all times."
The small medicine blast furnace horse responded, "I know that Awu, don’t worry that this world can trap my cage base …"
After awu was silent for a long time, he said in his heart, "The medicine god has seen you, and I, Du Jie, have witnessed your arrogance. If I expected it, I will have some special arrangements for you in this prison of hell."
This furnace is already one step away from becoming an alchemist. Ah Wu’s heart smacked with a malicious little hand, and the wind property inside the alchemist furnace hovered and was absorbed into the alchemist. Ah Wu Qing drank a "condensate" of two alchemists to form an instant alchemist furnace.
Small medicine spirit also temporarily turned into a panacea lying in the blast furnace.
Awu took an alchemy furnace with one hand and two elixirs flew out. When his eyes closed, Awu opened his mouth and sucked two elixirs into his mouth and sat cross-legged without any expression on his face.
Ah Wu’s heart is full of sadness.
This is a sad Dan, a panacea refined from a former companion’s body. Think of elegance, A Mu shows a little friendship to himself, A Mu thinks that he will encounter that kind of inhuman torture medicine, and Awu can’t help but feel deeply sad in his heart.
The medicine bottle seals the medicine, repairs the soul, seals the medicine, repairs the body and life, and the elixir allows the medicine to be repaired for death. It is not allowed to stop the medicine, repair the limbs, dig the medicine, repair the eyes, cut the medicine and repair the tongue, and raise pigs in the same way. Let the medicine repair the body and life, and force the medicine to repair every trace of survival to generate a very high-quality elixir.
Thinking about A Mu’s tragic and humane torture, Awu’s heart is full of sadness and anger.
This is a sad Dan who exposed some people’s lies and collapsed the sacred belief in Awu’s heart.
When I was just making an alchemy, Awu perceived these high-quality herbs, and maybe even Brother Qing, a senior pharmacist, directly showed himself that these herbs were drug abuse.
At that time, Awu had some resistance in his heart, and he wanted to stop refining Recuperating Dan to promote his distracted practice.
When Awu was ready to make a decision, the Antarctic old man came over and told Awu earnestly that a racial successor must have a tough heart, recognize the situation of the drug family, recognize the cruelty of the monk world and be cruel.
The Antarctic old man also told Awu very implicitly that those medicines and high-quality elixirs were all sages of the medicine family, and those sages who were about to fall back to the market chose voluntarily.
Xiaoyao doesn’t believe in Awu!
Ah Wu came to alchemy again, but now Ah Wu sensed that A Mu personally refined his companion A Mu into a panacea.

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