"There are these? Enough … "Xiao Fan thoughtful nodded his head.

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At the same time in the underworld Xiao Fan elements busy deeply spit out a sigh.
At this time, he has already returned to the dusty hall with Gu Ning’s five elements. After tapping the number, he found that nearly a thousand masters have been lost in the battle with the dead black soldiers these days, and even five masters of Qingyang League Emperor’s condition stage were killed unfortunately.
But in comparison, this kind of loss is still acceptable.
"Our numbers are getting smaller and smaller, but the strength of the keeper is getting stronger and stronger … but is it so good?" Juechen walked around the hall with his hands on his back, and his face was full of sadness.
"There’s always a way to deal with him if you can’t cross the bridge. It’s impossible for Pluto to be arrogant for too long!" Encourage Xiao Fan patted Juechen shoulder way
"Well, I hope so ….." The dust doesn’t mean optimism, and immediately thought of something. "By the way, you took away more than 30 masters. Where did they go? Did you go with you in your spare time? "
"Well, don’t worry, they are very good now and will soon become our strongest force!" Xiao Fan smiled mysteriously and hugged his fist. "I still have some important things for him, so I’ll leave now!"
Then he went to the main hall and was discussing with Huo Dao what ink was. He whispered in his ear, "Elder Ink, please take a step to talk …"
"oh? The president led Qingyang. Are they like this now? " Ink twist twist beard asked
"They are naturally fine now!" Xiao Fan said and stepped out of the hall.
Ink ponder to a step immediately follow Xiao Fan out of the side of the ancient condensate like ghosts followed.
In a courtyard outside the main hall, rockeries are lined with green leaves, and a beautiful pavilion stands with a mahogany arch bridge. A crystal clear stream flows slowly through the arch bridge.
Goldfish with colorful colors are swimming anxiously in the stream.
Xiao Fan grabbed some fish food and spilled it into the stream. With a warm smile, he watched the goldfish crowded around, their mouths closed and their mouths closed, devouring fish food greedily …
"If people can be as free as fish, it is not a bad thing …" Xiao Fan said leisurely.
"Fish taste don’t envy people? You can go to places with your feet and create everything with your hands, but they can always be trapped in the water and wait for someone to feed them food before they can live … "Ink walked over to Xiao Fan and said slowly.
"It is said that people envy others, but they don’t know that others envy themselves …" Xiao Fan nodded and turned to look at the ink. "Can you guess what I meant when I called you out alone, Elder Ink?"
"Ha ha, the president made a joke, old man. I have long been stupid. How can I keep up with the president?" Ink couldn’t help laughing.
"How does Ge feel about Huo Qing?" Xiao Fan very casually asked.
"oh? What is he doing? " Ink and wash frowned and said, "Huo Qing, a boy with good potential, can also be called an excellent man. When I went out to travel and met him, I started to love the rich and help the poor. After many twists and turns, I joined Qingyang School and stepped into the world of immortality!"
"Are people good?" Xiao Fan chuckled, "That’s right. People who can be loyal to hades to that extent have something to recommend them!"
"What? Hades? The president brought the old man didn’t quite understand what you mean … "Ink was surprised.
"Don’t quite understand … or are you just playing dumb?" Xiao Fan’s tone became high, and the words were mixed with a touch of cold charm.
"Does the president suspect the old man of something?" Ink and wash frown
"I didn’t doubt your head, but many things … now I think back carefully and find many unreasonable things …" Xiao Fan rubbed his bar. "So if the ink elder can solve these doubts, he will immediately bow and apologize."
"The president said this … seriously, if you want to know anything, just ask, old man, and I will know it!" Ink and wash firmly said
"good!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "First … Elder Ge Qingyang fought bloody battles with other disciples to establish Qingyang Sect, but when did he take refuge in Pluto?"
"The second pavilion learned that Huo Qing was also a keeper of hades, and it was decided that the Qingyang League had something to do with it. Step by step, it was secretly designed to lead the needle to make everything look so reasonable and make people suspicious. After I entered the Qingyang Sect, I kept a low profile and closed it all the year round until the Magic Alliance invaded … but in retrospect, I suddenly felt that the Magic Alliance would attack the Qingyang Sect? Who released the news of the bounded yuanshi in Qingyang Sect? "
"Of course, at that time, there was a magic alliance ghost … however, many things happened later … The ghost figured it out even if it had borne the sky, but everything still happened … there must be a key figure and a superb means to secretly manipulate everything …"
"And this person … I want to think about it … you are the most likely!"
"I’m not going to list a lot of things I’ve received. Can Elder Ink and Wash answer my two questions first?" Although Xiao Fan has been smiling all the time in the process of speaking, the intonation is cadence, gentleness and slowness, but the implication of coldness is more and more obvious.
"Ha ha, I’m afraid the President can’t say anything about this?" Ink spread out his hands. "Do you have to be an old man? People like Yu Qing and Qingyang may also do such things! "
"Very simple!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "First of all, Qingyang Root has no motive and won’t be stupid enough to push himself to the wall. At that time, Qingyang School had the main words, that is, Jade Qing gave him almost all the profits, and he wouldn’t personally destroy himself!"
"On the contrary, you are an elder of Qingyang Sect, and you are not subject to Qingyang’s weight. Just like Yu Yu, you are too old in name and have no reality in your hands!"
"Of course, the elders have died in World War I, but Yu Yu’s personality is irritable and perverse, but you are calm and won’t do anything like Yu Yu’s suicide!"
"it shouldn’t be said that what you didn’t rebel early was actually because the roots weren’t enough for you to shoot!" Xiao Fan continued, "No matter how good your disguise is, your expression changed slightly when I told you that Huo Qing was a keeper of hades. Even you may not have noticed the change!"
"Ha ha is really a joke. It’s just speculation that the President led you to say so much, isn’t it? My ink painting and your side have also experienced many battles, with no credit or hard work. I don’t know why the old man seems to make the president look down on me, but even so, there is no need for the president to go through such a lot of trouble to give the old man such a charge. " Ink sneer at a retorted.
"So … ink elder mean wronged you?" Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "If that’s the case, you’ll sue the ink elder!"
"Since Huo Qing, the misunderstood pavilion, is a lackey of hades, the pavilion should also show some sincerity to show its innocence!"
"Old man, I naturally want the president to say what orders he has!" Ink with a wave of his sleeve way
Chapter 51 To get the boat.
"Good before I have found the hades hideout and made a passage to hades. However … the passage is too narrow to pass alone …" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
"Hades … hideout … Murphy President brought the old man I to assassinate hades? This is not too highly of me! " Ink look a surprised way
"Ha ha, of course, I’m not asking the ink elder to die. A friend of mine in the celestial world has sent a special fairy to the world by special means. Although the quality of this fairy is not too high, it can destroy the keeper’s lair in an instant and make him have to show up!" Xiao Fan mysterious laughed
"What? Fairy world … sent fairy? " Ink eyes stare bigger.
"That’s right. You have to go into that passage and put that fairy on the side of the passage, and then you can retire!" Xiao Fan nods a way
"What is the fairy with such great power?" Ink was asked.
"This … for the time being, we can’t say that we will act at dawn and bother the ink and wash elders to prepare well!" Xiao Fan said leisurely
"That … hades hideout? Do you know? " Ink continued

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