The lantern ghost jumped at me immediately after being attacked by me, and hit me directly in the stomach with strong force, which made me fall to the ground.

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"Pain …" I was getting ready to get up when the warning sounded again.
"Cat! Watch your face! 」
Face? I looked up and found that Lantern Ghost was jumping high, intending to hit me with the acceleration of gravity.
I quickly rolled a few times to the side to hide from the lantern ghost and hit it vertically. When the lantern ghost landed, the ground was knocked out of a concave hole by it.
"It’s a good thing to flash quickly, or I’ll be hit flat." I got up in fear and quickly splashed clean water on the sword and round shield head
When the clean water touches the weapon, it immediately turns into a light film to completely cover the object.
Lantern ghost jumped at me after a wave of failed attacks. I quickly waved my hand and cut it, then I cut it in half and the ashes disappeared instantly.
"The water purification effect can be maintained for about six hours, and then it needs to be supplemented." After the Lantern Ghost disappeared, Yao Ri immediately explained to me, "Besides weapons, it is best to pour some clean water on your body, which can reduce the monster’s attack power."
"Okay, I get it."
I took out half of the clean water from the warehouse and gave it to Yaori, so that he could also increase some defense, and at the same time, I poured clean water on it to make it resistant to monster attacks.
"Let’s try the umbrella monster. It’s just a little better than the lantern monster," Yaori said, pointing to three or four umbrella monsters gathered nearby.
Those umbrella monsters float around in a low profile. They always float in groups when they act, and there are no umbrella monsters who are alone or alone.
I ran to the group closest to me and started to split the strange umbrella surface of an umbrella. After the other person was injured, an exclamation mark appeared on his partner’s head and immediately surrounded me.
Triangular blades stretched out from the edge of the original smooth umbrella, and they quickly rotated around me and gradually approached me. It seemed that I wanted to cut me into several pieces in this way.
I quickly lowered my body so that the umbrella surface could not attack me. At the same time, I knocked out the long swords and made a spin to cut off the handles of their umbrellas.
Umbrella monsters without umbrella handles can fall to the ground and spin around. Their rolling motion has aroused fine dust. I waved a few swords at them for a few seconds, and they were shattered.
I swatted off the dust, but I didn’t think the umbrella monster was threatening, but the situation was really thrilling just now.
Looking back to Yaori, I found that he was fighting with the skeleton man. One shot in the pistol hit the skeleton man with a near-metal impact. Every time the skeleton man was hit by a bullet, he stepped back and his bones would be damaged. After Yaori hit more than ten bullets, the skeleton man was successfully destroyed by him.
"Skeleton man is not difficult, but it’s even more difficult to find it again." Yaori walked towards the grave, where there was a three-legged turtle.
From a distance, I tentatively hit a bullet at the other side and hit the turtle shell without any damage.
Under attack, the three-legged turtle moved slowly, bulky and huge, and walked towards the distant sun.
I wielded a long sword and cut off the sharp blade at the foot of the Tripod, which cut its foot and injured it, and then the Tripod shrank into its shell.
I launched a series of offensives with the Tripod turtle from afar and Japan, but no matter how hard we attacked, the long arrow and the bullet couldn’t hurt the turtle shell.
"If we can’t hit this root, let’s find another monster." I stopped and wiped my forehead.
Just when I was looking for another test target, suddenly a strange wing rang behind me before I wanted to look back. My neck was suddenly choked and I didn’t struggle, so I was bitten by the other side.
"This …"
When I turned into a ghost, I couldn’t help but get angry and scold "What the hell?"! This is the ghost town of the East! What are you doing here, vampire? 」
"Although the background of the cat here emphasizes the oriental atmosphere, the monsters in feng du don’t have oriental ghosts." After I died, I looked back. "Werewolves and Catwoman didn’t pass by us in the city? They just belong to the design of the western world. "
I seem to have such an impression after Jing Yaori said this.
"honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk."
"yeah! "I didn’t have the spirit to scratch my hair." Forget it, it’s all dead anyway. Let’s go to the cemetery to find the ghost! 」
In the cemetery covered with a layer of white fog, Ghost Bo appeared slowly in a black suit with crutches.
"Resurrection of 170,000" has no superfluous pleasantries. He offered us a high price.
After the resurrection, we will tell the ghost what we want.
"I’m going to see the ghost king." Ghost Bo looked at us contemptuously. "You can subdue it with this skill? I advise you not to dream and play with your own lives. "
"If you want to tell us how to go, we will take care of it ourselves," I replied firmly.
"Ga la la will be responsible for yourself! "Suddenly and violently the same shouted.
"Do you really want to go? "He confirmed again.
"That’s right." We nodded.
"Honk! Gone! If you want to go! 」
"Even if will die also don’t regret it? 」
"No regrets"
After repeated confirmation, we found that our mind was determined. Ghost Bo took out a pipe from his arms, took a deep breath and spit out a few smoke rings. He was silent for a few seconds before he said
"One hundred thousand people pass."
"…" If you want to take money from us, why ask a bunch of questions?
He paid for the passage quickly, and his cane knocked twice on the tombstone next to the grave. The tombstone should be slowly poured forward, and the grave was divided into two halves, and an underground passage appeared.
"If you go here, you can reach the Palace of the Ghost King."
Ghost "went to the side of the passage and knocked the crutches on the edge of the passage for a few moments. In the dark hole, two rows of small lights were lit, and the lights spread to the deepest part along the walls on both sides of the passage.
"The route inside is very complicated, just like a tangled ant hole. If you are not careful, you will easily get lost. Please help yourself."
Throw a final warning to Ghost Bo and turn away.
"Let’s go." I took the first step, followed by a thunderstorm in the distance.
Although the entrance passage is narrow, when we reach the bottom, the walkway in front is much more spacious, but …
"As soon as there are three options to choose which channel? "I have a headache and frown

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