"When did this happen? Why didn’t anyone contact me this time?" Looking at the three diamond-shaped signs of the car keys in his hand, he wondered and asked

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"The general office informed me that I didn’t say anything, and the driver didn’t say anything about handing over the formalities to me. I left it as soon as I saw the approval form signed by all leaders."
At the same time
"Wenxuan, your dad’s retirement application has not been approved. There is no mood in these two days, right?"
"It’s okay, Grandpa, but he went to the general manager to find the leader early today." Li Wenxuan took the needle back from Wang’s leg with a smile, sterilized it and put it in the needle bag.
"Alas, I don’t know what he thinks. Others are eager to retire a few years later. He is eager to leave when he is old."
"Grandpa, I know this. He told me that he was too tired in the past few decades. He was either physically tired or mentally tired, and he was afraid of a little mistake. How could he not hurry up after a fair rest this time?"
Wang heard silence. Yes, this nephew should be tired, too.
One month before last, the physical condition of three old comrades deteriorated and died one after another, which kept Li Chu busy. As a result, God was too nervous and tired to faint in the office.
Ding Qiunan, who has been married for more than 30 years, is the first time to see her husband tired like this, which makes her furious.
Directly pointed to the Health Bureau Director Joe’s nose and asked if he knew that Li Chu was also a nearly sixty-year-old man.
He also asked him if there was no one else in the health care bureau and he had to take this person to death.
Even went to the general manager to find the leader.
It is also because of this incident that Li Wenxuan took over the health care situation in Li Chu
"Wenxuan, how is your grandpa Shen?"
"The old bones are as tough as you. They are all basic diseases."
"What about that one?"
"Grandpa is not afraid that you will laugh at the old chief. My dad still doesn’t trust me. He still recuperates himself."
After listening to Wang, his heart was a fool. This is not reassuring. This point is that Li Chu thinks that there is something wrong with the body and the problem is not small. He is putting pressure on his son.
They are a few old guys who are in better health than that one. Although they are similar in age, they were treated earlier than that one by Li Chu, which means that Lao Wu has experienced a serious illness and his state is a little better than that one.
Thought of here, Wang shook his head and said, "Since your father is personally taking care of it, the problem should not be big. It has really been difficult for him in recent years to take care of us old people."
"Grandpa, you said that it was my dad’s worker. Of course, it’s me now.
However, my dad has repeatedly told me to be a doctor without taking his old path. "
"Ha ha, he really should not be satisfied. This is because our old men broke their word. Your father told me that he wanted to be a doctor, and we agreed. But then things changed so much that he was set up step by step by us. Alas, it is a bit inappropriate to think about it now."
Wang said to hold the chair armrest slowly get up.
Wen-xuan li said hurriedly got up and helped a wang with the wave he can
"What is he busy with every day now?"
"When the class goes back, I will teach four children to write calligraphy and read ancient Chinese lines. Jane and Chenchen are better, and they are often trained."
"Ha-ha ….. those two little fur monkeys will be shocked by your father, or they will be able to uncover the tiles."
Remember the twin brothers Wang walked over.
"Grandpa, I’ll bring them all over this weekend."
"Well, your grandmother has been chanting for several times. It hasn’t been half a month."
"At this time, my father is asking them to copy the Book of Rites. As you know, that article is too long. It hasn’t been here for two weeks, but I read it last night for another day or two and it should be almost there."
"Alas ~ your father’s education for children has not changed for decades, and he still pays attention to those ancient Chinese calligraphy."
"Grandpa, my dad always said to learn yourself first and then learn from others."
"I know" Wang nodded and led the granddaughter’s husband out of the hospital.
"Didn’t your father name and criticize the surgeon’s association for speaking a foreign language last month?"
Li Wenxuan walked beside Wang and listened to his old man’s house.
At the end of last year, the People’s Surgery Association held a seminar. At that time, that person didn’t know what he was thinking. He even made a suggestion to ask all the speaking comrades to speak English. Maybe this seminar was attended by foreigners or something.
As a result, when speaking at a more important meeting in Li Chu last month, he directly criticized the director by name.
I haven’t learned how to speak my own words yet, and as a result, my country held a meeting and asked to speak a foreign language. This man couldn’t get up after kneeling for a long time.
He also said that all six official languages of the United Nations have Xia language, and even foreigners admit it. When we turn around, people in our own country recognize that their own language is not as good as a foreign language.
Words are very heavy.
The most important thing is that these words were published in the newspaper the next day with an editorial at the back of the daily newspaper.
This is going to kill you.
The association responded quickly, and the comrade resigned on the third day.
In fact, he was also asking for trouble. He suggested that there was no response at that time, but people came out to say those words.
That’s good. I just had to resign as a supervisor, and it is said that there will be other follow-up
"Actually, my father has never opposed learning a foreign language. He doesn’t like people who know a little foreign language as if they think he is superior."
"I know this, otherwise he wouldn’t have taught himself so many foreign languages?"
"It seems to be a door. I didn’t listen to him specially, but I followed him to learn English, German and French."
"Wenxuan, how far have you learned your father’s medical skills?" Wang suddenly stopped and turned to look at granddaughter’s husband and asked
"My dad said that he couldn’t learn 70% of Chinese medicine and Western medicine." Li Wenxuan was a little embarrassed to scratch his head.
Chapter nine hundred and forty-one Recent situation
"I heard from Yue Yue that Jane is learning with your father now?"
"I have learned those basic knowledge for a long time, and my father has taught it since I was three years old."
"Then I know. I mean, have you started to identify Chinese herbal medicines now?"
"Go back and make it clear to your dad that if he dares to let my little grandson start tasting medicine now, I will break his dog leg."
Although his lordship is over 90 years old, it is still terrible to stare at his eyes when he speaks.

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