"Hum, don’t scratch your face before you put it!" The woman still won’t let him go. "It’s not a shame for you to rely on this broken chip to support you!"

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"Warning the third refusal to attack the chip management system with cold and violent language"
"If you trigger a warning three times a day, please go to the first floor of the building for re-education on your own 24 hours. If you fail, your body will be enforced by chip custody!"
The man didn’t say a word. At this moment, he didn’t feel anything. The little girl suddenly tugged at his hand and said, "Dad, dad, please beg for mercy. Let the chip brother not catch his mother again."
"No matter how many lessons she teaches her!" The man turned his back bitterly.
A woman can gnash her teeth and look at his back. She would have given each other a big ear shave before, but she can’t do such an attack at all because of the existing in-vivo injection of the management chip, otherwise the field will be treated on the spot …
"Big brother, big brother, please help my father to help my mother." The little girl suddenly said in the corner of the ladder.
A man and a woman suddenly got a fright, and then looked at the corner of the ladder, where nothing seemed to swing.
But when they take a closer look, they seem to have a slight fluctuation, as if there is something there.
"Chip brother, hurry up and help ghosts!" The woman ran behind the man and screamed.
"Calm down, calm down, scan the surrounding environment in Skynet connection"
"Discover that the book is friendly and cultivates the strong. Please don’t make excessive moves when communicating."
Fang Ning head emitted three big sweat, the original stealth method is so bad? I cann’t even hide it from skynet in China
But that little girl is really a little special, and she can see through a trace of herself.
If you were another master, you might be tempted to accept disciples at this time.
But who is Fang Ning?
How can you accept an apprentice when you see a child with some special talents when he is impatient to drive away from the apprentice?
At this moment, he heard a synthetic sound that only he could hear.
"Dear Dragon Venerable, manager 1,134,344,432 salutes you."
Fang Ning broadcast with his mind on. After all, he doesn’t know where this manager is.
"Hello, I’m sorry. I want to make an in-depth study of the social ecology here and understand the new life of a resident."
"Good Dragon Honorable Person, you have the S-level free activity limit here. If necessary, please contact us at any time and we will meet your reasonable requirements." The manager respectfully replied.
"Well, please take a seat and go."
"Well, I wish you a happy life."
At this time, the floor of a family of three has arrived.
They immediately stepped out of the ladder. It was a man who hesitated slightly. It was a woman who pulled him out of the ladder.
At this time, the two personal management chips were sent again.
Please stay calm after communication, and there is no danger. In addition, please abide by the confidentiality rules and don’t tell others what happened today.
The man stopped to look at the slowly closing ladder door.
There was a voice that told him that he had missed an unprecedented opportunity.
"You see, if you don’t practice well at ordinary times, it’s really embarrassing for a little baby to see through his body." Grandpa sneered.
"That’s really sorry," Fang Ning said bitterly, and then threw his body to the uncle’s custody to drill back to the system to find Tianbao.
"God, baby, how many people are connected to your unified module now?" Fang Ning asked.
"Tell the master that 1.34 million 2,342 people have been connected now, mainly composed of upright citizens, and some of them are workers of the order alliance and their families." Tianbaobei flew half-heartedly and said the page.
"What are the start-up funds that Grandpa gave you?"
"He doesn’t have anything but an auxiliary training method, which is still very good. The method of concentration is the most cost-effective. Long-term training can improve people’s concentration, memory and understanding, etc … It has an unusual interception of the deeper training method. More than 3,000 people have obtained the training formula of this method through the mode. This method prohibits external and private communication and can be obtained through a unified platform."
"Well, you put the man just now into the platform, let him access the module and publish a list of rewards for this achievement method."
"White master"
"Your ya is really soft-hearted," the big ye despised.
"I want you to take care of it"
Chapter nine hundred and sixteen Crazy
Fang Ning’s short experience of continuing to ascend the ladder after the three-person encounter still opened his eyes.

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