Huang Mei, the bodhi old zu, was a little surprised. He knew that listening to truths was a god beast, but he really didn’t know that listening to truths was such a big card.

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Chapter 14 Rogue, a snake ape colleague.
"Of course there are other ways."
After the day replied, "Master is the future Maitreya Buddha, and the gold medallion is his magic weapon. His ability to hit the gold medallion will usually give him a face."
This is a mythical world. For Sun Wu and others, gold is a powerful magic weapon, but for some great powers, it is just so.
On the contrary, Maitreya, the real master of Jinbei, has more cards in the future.
"It’s not that you have to listen to the truth to break the gold cymbals, but that Sun Wu can find a way and ask for help from the truth."
After the explanation of the day, the bodhi old zu Huang Mei looked at Sun Wu and others in the occult light art and said, "If they delay going to Sun Wu so much, I don’t know when I can get out of the gold cymbal?"
God thought, "In that case, give them some pressure."
Then the day after tomorrow, he told the bodhi old zu Huang Mei, "Brother, please invite Mrs. Niu Mowang, Princess Iron Fan."
The heaven says please, but how can the bodhi old zu Huang Mei not mean it during the day? They have no friendship with the princess of iron fan. The bodhi old zu Huang Mei will invite the princess of iron fan, and I’m afraid she won’t give him a face, let alone come to the little screamo temple.
All this please can be the enemy before the enemy.
Yellow-browed bodhi old zu Shen is reluctant. "I really want to help you, younger brother, but Princess Iron Fan is a princess of Luo Cha. The power of banana fan is poor."
"I’m afraid I have nothing to ask her to come over."
He doesn’t want to admit cowardice in front of the sky, but princess iron fan is really not a common monster, so it is better to put the words in vain now.
Some unexpected days looking at the bodhi old zu Huang Mei.
He has always felt that this senior brother’s qualifications are ordinary and uncertain, and even if his fortune is profound, his future achievements may be limited.
But the performance of the bodhi old zu Huang Mei now really makes him look askance.
A person who is a loser is not afraid of it at all, but he doesn’t know it.
In the plot, the armless ape is too ignorant to harm others and himself.
When the sky was about to speak to the bodhi old zu Huang Mei, the Queen of Demons said, "Your Majesty, leave this matter to me."
Look at the Queen of the Demons
The bodhi old zu Huang Mei also looked suspicious and asked, "Can you do it?"
The Queen of Demons said, "I’m an ordinary snake demon princess with an iron fan. I won’t be too wary of me. I’ll invite her to visit the little screamo temple. Maybe she’ll agree."
The Queen of Demons speaks with a pure and innocent look.
"all right"
After agreeing to the request of the Queen of the Demons, Tian added, "I will go with you."
The bodhi old zu Huang Mei went to invite Princess Tiefan, who was not interested in traveling with him. He gave the bodhi old zu Huang Mei a black lotus at most, but now that the Queen of the Demons is going to heaven, it is natural to change her attitude.
When the Queen of Demons heard that the day was coming with her, she couldn’t help asking, "Is there two of us in your majesty?"
Tian is very confident that "it is enough to need both of us"
The bodhi old zu Huang Mei felt uneasy when he saw that the sky was leaving. "What should I do if those immortals knock at the door when you leave Xiaoleiyin Temple, junior?"
The title of Xiaoleiyin Temple is too short, especially since Heaven has fallen into a fairy demon, and neither Heaven nor Lingshan Buddhism will let it go. The bodhi old zu Huang Mei consciously cannot cover it if the sky is not based on his strength.
Heaven says, "Brother, don’t worry."
"Little Leiyin Temple is doomed to a disaster on the Journey to the West. Those gods and buddhas will not attack Little Leiyin Temple until Sun Wu comes out of the gold cymbal."
"Besides, I can travel by myself with the help of the black lotus, the God of Yuan. If something happens to the little screamo temple, I will come back."
After the day to appease the mood of the bodhi old zu Huang Mei, he called the Queen of the Demons to leave.
"Poetry, poetry, let’s go"
The Queen of the Demons is like a kannika nimtragol, leaving the small screamo temple with the sky.
Princess Iron Fan waved a banana fan wildly because of her quarrel with Niu Mowang.
As a result, Niu Mowang was not fanned away by her, but was fanned away by the king and queen of Luo Cha, Princess Iron Fan.
Princess Iron Fan hurried away from King Luo Cha Palace to find her parents.
She walked a lot.
After counting the trace of princess iron fan, I approached princess iron fan while traveling with the demon queen.
The Queen of Demons can feel that Heaven has a strange attitude towards her, and she also wants to ask Heaven directly if she recognizes her identity.
But she was afraid to break the present atmosphere that made her feel good.
The Queen of Demons is looking forward to finding Princess Iron Fan later.
Peer Road, the Queen of the Demons has gradually changed her name to the sky from the king to the general. When did it become like this? Even the Queen of the Demons didn’t realize it herself.
When she reacted, she kept calling General Tian. Fortunately, Tian accepted this new name unexpectedly.
When Queen Tianhe found Princess Iron Fan, Princess Iron Fan was fanning herself in a shady banana fan in the scorching barren hills in the hot sun.
Princess Tiefan has a bad temper and she is still very upset at this time because she can’t find her parents. When she realizes that the sky is looking at her, she growls, "What do you think I’m doing, dead monkey?"
She has a bad temper, and she is a woman with three virtues and nine evils. It is reasonable that a strange male suddenly looks at her in the wild.
Only when the Queen of Demons faces the sky can she come out of innocent girl and see Princess Iron Fan, so that she wants to send it on the spot.
On the contrary, the sky calmed the Queen of the Demons with a calm face. "Don’t be angry with poetry!"
Then the day after tomorrow, I looked at Princess Iron Fan and said, "Girl, you are Princess Iron Fan of Luo Cha!"
Princess Iron Fan is a natural girl. Luo Cha has a bad temper, but she is not angry when she speaks ill words. Instead, it is normal to talk to her and call her a girl.
So instead, Princess Iron Fan was embarrassed by herself. She nodded and asked, "Who are you?"
Although this tone is still stiff, Princess Iron Fan obviously intends to restrain her mood.
"I am the younger brother of Maitreya Buddha. Later, because a friend had a holiday with Sun Wu, a small screamo temple was set up on the westbound road to stop the great cause of learning Buddhist scriptures-"
When I was about to introduce myself and say what I had come for, I noticed that the demon queen wiped a sweat and hid in the shade next to her.
At this time, the sky did not care about talking to the princess of the iron fan, but looked at the Queen of the Demons with some intention. "Are you uncomfortable with poetry?"
Seeing the sky, the Queen of the Demons smiled at her heart, "The hot environment of snake-like nature makes me feel a little uncomfortable."

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