"Where is the prestige of Brother Zeng Xiong? It’s wrong for Xiao to come to see him as early as possible!" Xiao Fan also shed crocodile tears hand laughed

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When two people flatter each other, it is quite a bit like hitting it off at first sight.
"The former Xueying sister invited the younger brother but didn’t know to refuse?" Once seated, Zeng Xiong asked with a smile
"Hey, I just entered the outer door with low strength and wanted to practice hard, otherwise even if I joined the freezing point meeting, it would only add to your brother’s burden!" Xiao Fan sighed, looking like the past was unbearable.
"Hey, brother, you are serious!" Zeng Xiong shook his head and said, "There are 77 groups in Fairy Palace, and my freezing point club is not the only one. Compared with other groups, it is still very weak. I wonder if I can invite you to join us now?"
"I came here today with such a plan!" Xiao Fan said and licked his lips to reveal his sly appearance. "But …"
"Brother, please feel free to ask you to join me. The position of vice president is you all the time, and all the alchemy materials and distribution management in the meeting are up to you?" Zeng Xiong hurriedly threw out benefits.
"Well …" Xiao Fan rubbed the bar and pretended to consider it for a long time before slowly asking, "I wonder if anyone in our meeting can be proficient in refining?"
"Refiner? At the meeting, there was a seven-refining teacher named Zhai Dong. Is there anything that Brother Murphy wants to refine? I can ask him to help you refine it! " Zeng Xiong picked his eyebrows and said
"Ha ha, brother, you misunderstood me … but can I also take charge of the refining in this freezing point meeting?" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick faint …
Chapter 595 Exhibition Conference
"hmm? What did you say?/Sorry? You want to manage the refiner? It won’t be … you can even refine, right? " Zeng Xiong and Gu Xueying stared at the monster at the same time and looked at Xiao Fan in general.
"So-so, a little bit!" Xiao Fan scratched his head and smiled. "But it should be better than what you said about the seven refiners!"
"Better than seven refining division? Could it be that … you can refine the Chinese fairy? " Zeng Xiong hurriedly asked
"In the fairy? I have some difficulties in repairing this. The elixir in refining is all a narrow escape, and the situation is even worse? " Xiao Fan shook his head and asked, "The so-called Seven Refiners Division refers to being able to refine fairy wares, right? So what is his success rate? "
"The success rate? Eleven, twelve, there should be. If you borrow the fairy palace polar furnace … it should reach 50%! " Zeng Xiong thought for a reply
"So I can achieve my success rate without the help of a polar furnace!" Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing
"oh? Such a high success rate? "
"Well, sort of!" Xiao Fan nodded his head. If he wants to refine the magic device, it’s just a fairy device. The success rate is not exaggerated. It’s at least 99%!
And this is before the hand does not need auxiliary tools such as furnace!
"Really?" Zeng Xiong’s eyes lit up
"Isn’t it true that Xiao Shaodi will know when he drills?" Gu Xueying said with a hand thrown a lot of refining materials to "Xiao teacher younger brother convenient not convenient to shine? There is a refiner room behind this. You can use these materials at will! "
"Try me? Well, then Xiaomou will be ugly! " Xiao Fan sleeve put away all those refining materials and immediately went into the refining room.
Xiao Fan’s refining method is very sharp and simple. It’s just like a joke to add a conformal pro-refining device, so he split those materials and refined three fairy pieces at the same time.
However, he can’t behave too badly. After refining, he simply stayed in the refining room for a long time. Guess it was almost the same before he walked out with three fairy pieces.
Back and forth for three days!
"This … this is incredible. It was successfully refined in three days?" See Xiao Fan out of Ceng Xiong and Gu Xueying hurriedly ushered in and said
"Because the materials are not enough, I barely refined three pieces. Look!" Xiao Fan raised my hand and threw out three fairy pieces.
"Three … three pieces?" Shocked Zeng Xiong’s face is even more obvious.
"Three days … even refining out three fairy? What a horrible speed is this? Even the five refiners in Fairy Palace may not have such a speed! " Zeng Xiong marveled at seeing three fairy wares.
However, although these three fairy wares are not outstanding, they are genuine!
"I … I gave him two pieces of materials at most. Why did three pieces come out?" Gu Xueying frowned and stroked a fairy in her hand, but the energy fluctuation handed out from the fairy did not prove that this magic weapon had just been refined. It was not Xiao Fan who took out the original fairy and the material of this fairy was taken out by himself three days ago!
"leftover bits and pieces are usually thrown away, but I’m not going to wave them. They’re just barely profitable!" Xiao Fan licked his lips, "such as? How do you feel? "
"It’s amazing wizards. You are definitely a wizard! Not only proficient in alchemy, but even the means of refining are so high and good! Just hand over all the alchemy and refining things at Freezing Point to your Zhaidong … Let him be your hand! " Zeng xiongpei nodded and said
At the same time, the Seniors’ Pavilion in Xiangongmen was once lying naked on the bed. A female brother shook her waist and hair, sipped huge objects, and the whole room was filled with a smell of intercourse.
"Hey!" Another female brother appeared in the room and witnessed the bed being unsightly. His face was full of expressions, and he knelt down and threw his fist. "But my brother is back!"
"Well, did you find out anything?" Ceng Ran lazy lying in bed motionless face asked with a hint of enjoyment.
"But Xiao Fei’s hometown of Wanjia Town is a hunting family with no problem!" The female brother reported, "Later, he went to the imperial city to take part in the scientific research, but instead of reading materials, he had an amazing talent for practicing martial arts. After that, he was discovered by a man named Zhuang Anfeng in the imperial city to join the imperial city Fengge."
"The whole Fengge tried its best to reach the alignment level in a short time, joined the outer gate of Fairy Palace and accepted the assessment, so you know it!"
"Well, so … this person has no problem?" Ceng Ran nodded and asked
"It can be wooed!" Female brother nods
"Hum is good, so I’m relieved!" Zeng ran’s mouth picked up and tried hard. The female brother patted his ass and said, "Okay, let’s change people!"
The female brother looked up and wiped the corners of his mouth and stepped back.
To report to the female brother, she got up, relaxed her waist and ribbon robe and landed lightly. She went to Zeng Ran’s side and leaned over to replace the former, gently lifting her lips and swallowing the big guy again …
"By the way, I’ll inform Zeng Xiong’s nephew later that Xiao Fei can give him whatever he wants, but only if he is more loyal to us!" Ceng Ran while enjoying the way …
The root of Xiao Fan’s plan is the perfect sewing. I have long expected that someone will investigate his life experience. Before Wanjia Town, he found a wussy Xiao surname hunting and changed their memory, making them believe that they have a son named Xiao Fei who has gone to the imperial city to be an official …
Moreover, this Xiao surname hunting has also been touched by Xiao Fanguang, who has gained wealth that can’t be spent for generations, and is now rich in Wanjia Town.
Xiao Fan has officially become the vice president of the Freezing Point Association. Imagine that the whole Freezing Point will be followed by a total of 370 people together with my brother. Even Zeng Xiong and Gu Xueying are polite to this vice president who is proficient in refining and alchemy.
"In a few months’ time, it will be the Fairy Palace Gate Exhibition Conference, which is tailor-made by Fairy Palace to form a group of brothers. Winners can get extra reward resources from Fairy Palace!" A few days later, Zeng Xiong found Xiao Fan again and said such a thing.
"oh? It seems that Fairy Palace is very encouraging brothers to gang up! " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows way
"It is natural for brothers to compete with each other in order to have outstanding talents!" Zeng Xiong nodded and said, "peace will not be born. This exhibition is also a platform for younger brothers to compete for the survival of the fittest!"
"Many things, such as alchemy, refining, fighting, array and so on, will be divided into advantages and disadvantages at this conference, so as to comprehensively select the most powerful group. This conference is also an opportunity for our freezing point to soar, not to mention that it is not available for the six Dan divisions!"
"oh? What is the specific process? " Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows, and he knew that Zeng Xiong was testing him to see if he was sincere. Freezing point would be very effective for them.
"It’s very simple. The whole conference lasts for 30 days and is divided into several projects!" Zeng Xiong patiently Xiao Fan explained.
The exhibition meeting seems to be nothing more than an exchange activity of the younger brothers, but it is actually cruel.
First of all, 77 groups participated in the conference, and 70 temporary groups were formed by idle brothers who did not join the group.
These groups will be sent to the trial site, and the danger is great, and they may die at any time. This also shows that teamwork and Qi Xin can work together to finally win the winning period for ten days.
The winner of this trial scores three points, the runner-up scores two points and the third place scores one point.
Then there is the free combat mode, in which 70 teams scuffle, the losers are eliminated, and the winners also judge the top three according to various rules, and the integration period is ten days according to the same mode.
Then there will be a free trade. At that time, the Fairy Palace will open a huge store and order the whole Lowa fairy practitioners to come to the front door. Seventy groups must come up with something to sell for ten days, and the winning points of the group with the most final income will be the same as the first two.
The president of the winning team will be selected by the elders, and will receive many awards, such as 100,000 fairy crystals, various materials not counted, and three high fairy methods. The Fairy Palace will be responsible for fame and fortune in ranking the most central position of the erected gate.
And the runner-up and the third runner-up will also get corresponding benefits, which makes people greedy.
Of course, because this exhibition is so sensational, it will only be held once every 100 years, and now it has become one of the major activities of Jiusheng Fairy Palace.
It’s a pity that the freezing point meeting of an exhibition has just been established, and it is sparsely populated, and it has ended up in the 69th place in the whole ranking. Not only did it not bring any benefits, but it also caused sixteen people in the exhibition to fall.
But this time, it’s different. In the recruitment meeting of Shen Xiong in the past 100 years, 370 people are all elites, and there are also experts such as Gu Xueying, Liang Zhenxing and Zhao Hong to join, which is even more powerful.

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