"You don’t talk nonsense" Fu Xiaohao bowed their heads and glanced at his watch. "It is estimated that they are going to party all night for a while and ask them to relieve the guard and let’s get something to eat or we can’t carry it."

4 minutes, 40 seconds Read

"I’m not going. I want to find a place to release Yi." Ding Guozhen shook his head.
Twenty minutes later, two brothers on the ground of Tuzha Street rushed over to replace Ding Guozhen and Fu Xiaohao.
In a little while.
Ding Guozhen, sweating profusely, came to a shop with colorful lights on.
"Come on, brother?" A young man stood up at the door and asked
"Police sign" Ding Guozhen imitated Lao Mao’s tone and said,
The young man was stunned. "What are you asking for?"
"building separate levy"
"Ah, then you say you want to play! This scared me. I still want you to have a condom. "The young man smiled and turned and shouted," Come to a row and let the eldest brother choose. "
Ding Guozhen’s house was swept around. "Is it any better? It’s hard for me to sign it like this."
The young man pondered for three seconds and tactfully responded, "Let’s dim the light and let Big Brother sign again."
Ma’s warehouse Liu Shu took the words and said softly, "Help me contact a man named An Zai and tell him I want to buy some goods."
Chapter 533 Clues are interrupted again
Jeames, the temporary office building of Chalk Investment Bank, couldn’t wait to hold the golden rain stop. "My angel, you are so beautiful."
"… Mr. Jeames’s building is too noisy and it’s not convenient for me here." Jin Yu stopped to escape and replied, "Let’s go."
Jeames was stunned and worried about what the platinum rain stopped, and immediately picked up his clothes and replied, "Good lady, let’s go to the apartment opposite."
"Thank you" Jin Yu stopped laughing and put his hand on Jeames’s arm.
A few minutes later, they left the side door and walked to the opposite high-end apartment, while his middle-level cadres in the office building led a dozen girls to get up all night.
Ding Guozhen immediately returned to the car and asked Fu Xiaohao, "Have you finished eating?"
"Finished eating"
"Is the golden rain still inside?" Ding Guozhen picked up the water bottle and asked 1 again.
"No, she and the ghost guy went to the apartment opposite." Fu Xiaohao yawned and replied, "He is still inside."
"Did you take the photo?" Ding Guozhen grinning teeth.
"Yes," Fu Xiaohao said with a camera. "It’s estimated that the golden rain will stop jumping off the building and be a real hammer for the executives of foreign-funded enterprises …!"
"Come and see" Ding Guozhen excitedly grabbed the camera.
About an hour later.
Liu Shu dialed Qin Yu’s words and said bluntly, "I found out about An Zai, but I can’t do anything."
"What’s the matter?"
"An Zai is a man who is more polite," Liu Shu explained gently. "Because the bomber was his guest, he refused to disclose the other party’s news. I asked my friend to give him several benefits, and he never spoke until he died."
Qin Yu’s head exploded when he heard this. "This dog day is still a fastidious person."
"One more thing."
"What is it?" Qin Yu asked
"I think An Zai’s clue may be broken again," Liu Shuqiang explained. "My friend told me that An Zai had just fallen out with his eldest brother Erlonggang not long ago and might not touch the gun business after that."
Qin Yuwen Meng Huan
"What do you think? If he doesn’t do this job, it will be even harder for us to catch him."
"How so inch!" Qin Yu distractedly scolded, "I just wanted to check him out, so I quit. What bad luck is this?"
"What do you think?"
"Can you go in at Erlonggang?" Qin Yu frown asked
"Can talk but can’t do things there are two circles with us" Liu Shu shook his head gently.
"All right, let’s do it first, and then we’ll study one."
"Well, call me if you have something to do."
When they finished, they ended the call.
In the office, Qin Yu said with a dry three-cure frown, "Don’t just sit here and do something!"
"I’m really unlucky," said the old cat smoking a cigarette. "I just got a clue here, and An Zai quit. You’re still stepping on the horse."
"Don’t say something missing," Qin Yu squinted and replied, "If this case can’t be solved, it’s estimated that Lao Feng will have to jump up and bite, or hurry to find a confession."
Zhu Wei crossed his legs and held a glass of water and said, "The only way is to catch An Zai and smuggle him back to the area to set a trap."
"Eldest brother, he’s an outlaw. How can it be so easy to get him back?" The old cat frowned and replied, "What’s more, he is not good at home, and we have nothing to catch him from the beginning."
Qin Yu pondered for a long time and suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Isn’t An Zai very good with his cousin? But do something about this?"

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