Zuo Lengchan said he couldn’t help but frown. When he picked it, he saw a supporting tent crossbar being picked and flying.

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Scratching the sound of the crossbar was directly picked up by Wang Shouren and flew out for a moment. When the cold light flashed, Zuo Lengchan grabbed a single-pole shape from the sky and split it toward Wang Shouren as a pledge.
Wang Shouren shook his hand and the big gun tinkled, and the two men had a fight.
Wang Wu led hundreds of foot soldiers with ware and crossbows in their hands, but whether it was Zuo Lengchan or Wang Shouren, the speed was too fast, and the night was shrouded and the torches flashed around. Those foot soldiers locked Zuo Lengchan’s figure by law.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Anger to vomiting blood!
In addition, many foot soldiers around are aware of the movement here and trying to get here. Even these foot soldiers can’t help, but they are in the way. Even the elite hands brought by Wang Wu are influenced by these foot soldiers.
Seeing this, Wang Wu couldn’t help but exclaim, "All the other people have to get out of here and make room for adults. I don’t know if you are in the way?"
Those foot soldiers smell speech can’t help but take a look at Zuo Lengchan and Wang Shouren, and then look at those who leaned forward but couldn’t help but were easily killed by Zuo Lengchan and caught by Zuo Lengchan as a shield companion. Many foot soldiers hesitated a little and retreated in succession.
Wang Shouren hands a pike rolled up all over the sky gun shadow to tell the truth, Wang Shouren is not very skilled in gun art, he is not just practicing fitness and practicing saints.
Poetry, ceremony, royal and shooting Wang Shouren are all involved. Even he didn’t think that he didn’t concentrate on his practice, but he was a man with amazing speed of improvement, but he reached his innate state in his thirties.
Zuo Lengchan, this is an ordinary game. As a result, I didn’t expect Wang Shouren to have such a repair. The only thing that made Zuo Lengchan breathe a sigh of relief was that Wang Shouren didn’t seem to have much experience in fighting.
However, there is one thing that makes Zuo Lengchan lose heart. During the meeting, Zuo Lengchan can clearly feel the progress of Wang Shouren.
The most terrible thing is that Wang Shouren’s diligence speed is almost visible to the naked eye, from being suppressed by him to slowly adapting.
Wang Shouren’s marksmanship is somewhat unfamiliar, that is to say, this marksmanship is not practiced by Wang Shouren Gen. After a fight, Zuo Lengchan noticed that there were many flaws in this marksmanship. In a short time, Wang Shouren’s whole person was like a thoroughly remoulded person, and Zuo Lengchan was amazed at the speed of improvement.
Tinker bell, Wang Shouren’s pike and your gun were cut off, and Zuo Lengchan’s eyes flashed with a malicious look and deceit. The front was full of gouges where whole pieces were missing broadsword, and it split toward Wang Shouren as a pledge.
Wang Shouren can wave his hand to interrupt and rob the shadow of the stick all over the sky
Peng broke and robbed the broadsword, and the broken knife in Zuo Lengchan’s hand was shattered all over the floor, but the gun in Wang Shouren’s hand was completely shattered.
A palm full of chill is patting Wang Shouren’s shoulder. On the spot, you can see that Wang Shouren’s body has regressed a few steps, and his face is somewhat abnormal and pale.
Looking around for an opportunity, Wang Wu saw Zuo Lengchan repel Wang Shouren with one hand and exclaim, "Everybody shoot me!"
Voice fell moment heard ware rumbling arrows broken straight to Zuo Lengchan.
A palm to hurt Wang Shouren, Zuo Lengchan is preparing to completely settle the other party before the high-spirited. As a result, he came to Wang Wu to exclaim and gave birth to a new warning sign.
It’s even more amazing that the ware shoots lead bullets than hidden weapons. Even Zuo Lengchan can’t be careless about the innate qi instantly pouring into the wide sleeves. With a wave of his hand, the long sleeves roll up more than a dozen lead bullets. The cold qi pouring sleeves are as tough as cowhide, and they actually roll up the lead bullets and dance with Zuo Lengchan’s long sleeves, thus dissolving the impact force carried by the lead bullets.
Moment Zuo Lengchan body foaming at the mouth with dozens of arrows will Zuo Lengchan just position submerged to dozens of arrows.
If Zuo Lengchan didn’t avoid it, even the innate strong were afraid that this arrow would be shot by the range hedgehog.
Eyes narrowed Zuo Lengchan caught a dozen lead bullets with a long sleeve and suddenly saw a dozen deformed lead bullets flying back.
Snow, snow
Suddenly, more than a dozen foot soldiers armed with ware had blood on their bodies, and they fell to the ground and twitched a few times, so they lost interest.
Wang Wu bears the brunt, but Wang Wu is more alert than those foot soldiers. Zuo Lengchan strikes back and Wang Wu is more alert than raising his shield.
However, even so, the strength of the innate strong is not worse than that of the fire. In a few moments, Wang Wu felt that the shield in his hand suddenly shook and then his waist ached.
Wang Wu consciousness stretched out his hand and touched the waist, and a stream of blood slowly flowed out. Look at the shield surface, but there is a small hole, which is obviously scored by lead bullets.
The only thing that Wang Wu can be thankful for is that his shield blocked a lead bullet and brushed his waist, that is, he cut a belt and walked a muscle the size of a thumb.
With a sudden bite of his teeth, Wang Wu shouted at the panic and dozens of foot soldiers shouted, "Shoot him for me!"
During the recovery, all the soldiers can shoot arrows in their hands.
What a Zuo Lengchan! Seeing this, he stretched out his hand from the side of a tent with a jerk. Suddenly, a large piece of linen was pulled to the tent in his hand. Then, he threw a blaster and the arrows were all knocked to the ground by the tent in his hand.
Eyes glanced at the foot soldiers Zuo Lengchan frowned eyes flashed a kill machine.
Zuo Lengchan is ready to shoot Wang Wu and other foot soldiers to slay them. When I was there, I saw Wang Shouren spit out one mouthful blood. That one mouthful blood fell to the ground, and there was a chill.
Obviously, Wang Wu and others were able to really get Wang Shouren to force out the ice qi of Zuo Lengchan intrusion.
Since the invading body ice qi was forced out, it was better to say that it was a little injured.
Wang Shouren took a calm look at Zuo Lengchan and unexpectedly kicked his foot with a broken spear.
Zuo Lengchan body flash to avoid the flying spear attention shifted to Wang Shouren.
For Wang Wu and others, Zuo Lengchan is not at ease, but Wang Shouren is a strong enemy. Everyone with congenital strength may die if he is not careful.
Eyes fell on Wang Shouren and Zuo Lengchan couldn’t help but frown, because at the moment Wang Shouren was whistling "pro-health camp!"
There are more than five hundred people in the whole pro-Weiying camp, but Wang Shouren personally selected the elite from the army. Although it is not necessarily the strongest force value of five hundred people, it is definitely the most obedient to the command of five hundred people.
What Wang Wu just brought is part of the 500 pro-guards.
At the moment, Wang Shouren wandered around with a big drink, and the pro-Weiying troops should immediately drink one by one with spears, shields and broadswords.
Seeing this situation, Zuo Lengchan couldn’t help but look at Wang Shouren with some disbelief. Zuo Lengchan shouted at Wang Shouren, "Wang Shouren, don’t you dare to fight a war!"
Obviously, seeing Wang Shouren actually ordered pro-guards to encircle and kill him, which would not surprise Zuo Lengchan.
Zuo Lengchan: It seems that Wang Shouren is a congenital strong person, so it is natural to be proud of the innate strong person. They definitely don’t allow outsiders to intervene.
Wang Shouren glanced at Zuo Lengchan faintly and smiled a little. "If Wang didn’t guess wrong, the pavilion should be the left head of Zuo Lengchan of Songshan Sect in Jianghu!"

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