Languochun face calm to Corleone nodded slightly.

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Sun Hao immediately came over for nothing, and it is estimated that there are some closet moves in the dragon family or the three gods fleet.
These moves will not move until they are dead or alive, but it is obvious that once Zangkang has made a big move.
The evil wind blows out from the Death, and it should be swift, violent and overlord rhinoceros.
With a jerk, the two overlord rhinoceros bodies seemed to be greatly hindered, and the speed dropped.
Behind them, the porcupine is even worse. Next to them, the porcupine seems to have been cut by a knife. In the evil wind of the flesh, it quickly melts into a dense skeleton of bones.
The skeleton was generated in an instant and took a few steps forward before it crashed into the sea.
In an instant, more than 20 tusked war pigs have turned their skeletons into the sea.
"Dangkang Dangkang …" Behind Dangkang issued a series of anxious howls, and the tusk porcupine stopped rushing forward rapidly, and a huge number of sea animals blocked the front of the porcupine.
The evil wind is blowing, and the bones are dense everywhere.
The original has been suppressed as soon as the family monks burst into cheers "soul-eating, soul-eating …"
Soul-eating evil wind sea beasts desperately resist the exhaustion of energy and disappear into the sea. At this time, Dangkang also called back his own fighting pig brigade and two thick-skinned overlord rhinoceros.
Big stupid rhinoceros is stupid, but it’s strong enough. Just now, the fighting pigs can’t stop the evil wind that eats souls. They stopped it and it’s okay.
Staring at Wan Yi’s family fleet, when Kang wanted to change his strategy, he once again cast his blood magic and sent two overlord rhinoceroses to kill the dragon boat.
Since the black Terran warships are not easy to mess with, let’s change the direction
But when Kang once again found that the Terran fleet in three directions was not easy to handle.
Dragon boat and dragon dam have also made moves.
A vivid golden dragon emerged from the white clouds. The white clouds not only blocked the two overlord rhinoceroses, but also the golden dragon could not rebound and killed nearly 20 tusked war pigs again.
When Kang’s eyes shrank again.
Both sides of the fleet took out their own unique skills.
Sun Hao also gradually understood the meaning of the fleet on both sides, and Sun Hao showed subversive power in the middle.
At the same time, subduing the sea animals has also aroused the vigilance of the two fleets, and they can’t continue to deceive others consciously. This is to relieve the pressure of the monks in the array, and secondly, naturally to subdue the fleet of the Three Gods in the Middle Road.
At this time, the left and right sides are still Sun Hao, but the Three Gods have deliberately found the town master, and naturally they cannot show weakness.
As soon as Zang Bei despised Lan Guochun, "No wonder Niang Fengyun won the first match. It is a dark chess at all."
Lost more than 40 tusks.
Dangkang is already very unhappy.
"Dangkang Dangkang …" Dangkang roared on the sea.
In the roar, the sea animals that besieged the three fleets suddenly stopped their crazy siege and sank into the sea.
Is almost instant kung fu three fleet around the sea animals disappear.
Fierce combat battlefield quickly quiet.
Poseidon’s semaphore flashed across the three fleets and quickly took over.
It is definitely not a good thing that the sea animals act strangely and suddenly disappear.
"When kang, when kang …" When kang face upwards roar again.
In the roar, it is not particularly magnificent, and its body rises from the sea in Ran Ran.
Then it slowly emerged a huge heel Fengyun comparable to a giant whale.
The whale reached out of the sea and held Dangkang and the porcupines around him high.
Almost at the same time, the overlord rhinoceros has four hooves and the waves are rolling, and the overlord rhinoceros also rises on the waves, but it is a head shorter than Dangkang.
When the sea around Kang floated like hills, a huge head and a huge body of marine fish floated out of the sea, and the sea seemed to uplift a big island.
"When Kang, when Kang …" When Kang roared, he raised his head and pointed his sharp fangs at the sky.
When Kang Jiao’s blue and white light flashed, his body rose from a seemingly blue and white Taiji figure.
There was a sudden thunder in the sea blue sky.
When a drop of deep red blood on Kang’s forehead was thrown out and floated to the middle.
"Meowed … whoa … Kangkangkang …"
Different kinds of sea animals on the sea roared at the same time, growling at Zhongdangkang and blood at Dangkang.
In the roar, all the sea animals opened their mouths and spit out a blood arrow.
When Kang’s blood goes round and round, the giant whale’s head seems to have produced great attraction. Generally, the blood arrows spit out by the surrounding sea animals have gathered to meet Kang’s hooves.
The blue-and-white yin-yang picture of the hooves suddenly turned red, as if there were two blood-red yin-yang fish swimming fast when they were healthy feet.
The eyes of yin-yang fish are blue and white.
"Dangkang Dangkang …" Dangkang roared, and the blue and white fish eyes of two bloody Yin and Yang fish dragged along Dangkang’s body and spread rapidly.
Through the body of Dangkang, the bloody fish of Yin and Yang quickly appeared, and Dangkang had a pair of white fangs.
White fangs and instant blood red.
The white light at the top of the left tooth flashes like a "ding". The eyes of the human eye are so bright that people dare not look straight.
The blue light at the top of the right tooth flashes like a "ding", and a piece of blue is as deep and mysterious as the deep sea.

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