When it was close to Unite, several unusual muffled thunder suddenly sounded in the snowy day, followed by strong winds in the depths of the sky, dark and heavy clouds twisted and rotated in the four sides, forming a vast expanse in an instant, such as Wang Yang’s sky vortex hanging over the whole competing city, devouring the snow and swallowing the thunder.

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This unusual vision attracted the attention of many strong people in the city, so five streamers started in several parts of the city and drew a series of dazzling lights. In a short time, they fell to the head of the city, three people fell to the moon, and four people left the Moxiang period. Not far away were the North Sea ferryman Lao Zhou, the old shopkeeper, the wine flag, the water moon, the white hair fairy, the Bai Zhiling brother and sister Tianbei Wang Ao and the bodhi old zu.
"This is …" Three people look at the sky and don’t really frown.
Very old and well-informed, the old boat looked dignified and observed for a long time before he reluctantly confirmed the origin of the vision and said, "the scene of destruction."
"Breaking the border?" The three men in the month were unbelievable. "Even if it is a robbery, it is impossible to cause such a terrible scene."
Soon he remembered what was on his face with horror. "Is it God’s introduction? Is it alien or … "
"It’s Chen Xuandu!" Wang ao, the bodhi old zu, seems to have seen the clue from that deep whirlpool, and gradually stretched his brow and smiled. "The crazy poem and the sword are fascinated!"
In the black robe, Chongyang suddenly raised his head and his eyes showed off.
The moon people’s brothers and sisters’ eyes are staggered, and they can’t believe it from each other’s eyes.
With the sword, the whole body of the sword is wrapped in smoke, and it seems to be as exciting and exciting as the vast whirlpool in the depths of the sky!
Outside the city, the forest of steles interrupted Jia Dufu and Zhu Da, and they were also plundered to fall to Chengtou.
Finally, on this day, a saint appeared again, and Chen Xuan, who is different from Mo Qinan in his crazy poems and unique swords, is really a saint with excellent killing power, comparable to the two saints in Jiange in those years.
Lao Zhou stroked his beard. "The first step into the threshold of God’s introduction will be the word-wide Peifeng Tower."
The old shopkeeper raised his flag with his hands on his belly, smiling. "It’s still possible to melt the robbery against the wounded physique and wake up the gods. Now I want to go crazy in March, and I want to use this world war I to throw my life and death to sharpen my kendo and get through to the gods. The courage and boldness of the illusory Tianmen are double."
Hidden cave white-haired fairy added, "Heaven doesn’t kill me, kill people, don’t pity me. Chen Xuandu’s predecessors didn’t blindly imitate the poem and sword that borrowed the enemy, and people were the most proud. He walked out of his own avenue."
Wang ao bodhi old zu in a good mood "how many years I Tianbei six surname ten valve also finally out of a saint or blade master! How do you say rowing? "
Lao Zhou said, "The first person in Tianbei belongs to his real name!"
Wang ao, the bodhi old zu, laughed. "It’s really painful to be fascinated by the heavy snow!" How can it not be revealed? Wine head to drink … "
Tonight, the traveler’s inn is also very lively and prosperous, and the business is completely broken. after the war-fires of three months is lifeless because the bodhi old zu of the Wangs, the sixth surname in Tianbei, has sent word to invite a banquet to compete for the championship.
Of course, not everyone will accompany Wang Ao and the bodhi old zu. As a result, the war has been deadlocked for a long time, and the original deer have been rushed to the battlefield on the north-south front line. When the war started, the two armies fought against each other, and the hundreds of powerful people did not return today. I don’t know life and death, and I don’t know the outcome. The part of Yu Shoucheng was either entangled in the law by the Buyi Building for a rainy day, or each had an official position.
In the end, Wang Ao and the bodhi old zu pulled him to keep up the show, and there were also two brothers and sisters in Shuiyue Cave and four senior drinkers sharing a table.
Besides, Liu Shisan and other 24 young people are mostly here.
There are also many brothers, Wang and Chen, who have six surnames and ten valves …
Talking about people’s ancestors tonight, saying it’s not a crazy poem or a sword, Chen Xuandu’s half-life story has teenagers, fresh clothes, angry horses, poems, swords, lofty sentiments, grievances and lingering, which has attracted applause from Taiwan.
The wine shop is full of laughter and enthusiasm.
Outside the wine shop, the north wind roared and the snow poured out, and thousands of lights were suddenly lit. In the depths of the dark night, the extreme north suddenly fell, and a meteor rolled like a giant fireball, and people fell at an incredible speed.
The vision disappeared about a dozen times, and an old gentleman with white hair and beard and a Confucian robe and a sword appeared at the north gate of the original city.
Just like a ghost in a white robe, it disappears in place and shrinks into inches. In three or two steps, it appears that there is a stone tablet in front of the door with a head glaring.
I didn’t see the old gentleman in Confucian robes until the candlelight set each other off. Who is Chen Xuandu?
There are contacts at the entrance of the inn, and those who never stop see that Chen Xuan is back from the war, carrying a snow-covered half-Zhang Qing cold-faced head in his hand, and feeling the crazy poem and sword all over his body, which has not been annihilated, burning sword and mighty murderous terror, threatening to stay away from it.
Chen Xuandu strode into the inn and immediately attracted several eyes.
Wang ao, bodhi old zu, wine head, brother and sister in Shuiyue cave were the first to notice the "furious" qi activity, and then said that people’s gossip set each other off. As soon as the gavel fell, it was said that when the wild poem and the sword didn’t kill me, people didn’t pity me, and the wine shop was quiet.
It’s like painting a painting by the sage Zhao Gonglin.
The surprised and surprised faces in the wine shop, together with the eyebrows at the bottom of the eyes, are lifelike. All lines, light, shadow, drinks and objects can be picky in the freeze-frame painting.
Chen Xuan, an old Confucian scholar, is the only one among all the stillness in the painting.
He walked to a table that had not been filled for twenty-four years with his sword on his back and his head, and Li Changsheng was located next to the Five Mountains.
The head was thrown off the table at will.
It’s that he’s the fifth in the strategy of catching and killing opponents in front of the two celestial ranks, and he has the ability to sacrifice mountains and rivers and hurt his physique. Even Bai Zhiqiu treats Rong with caution!
The stillness in the wine shop was suddenly broken by a storm that broke into the door, and then all kinds of praise and worship were heard one after another.
"Wine" is sitting in danger. The old Confucian scholar and the old saint Chen Xuandu caught a glimpse of Liu Shisan.
Willow thirteen hurriedly got up and called to the counter "Younger fast wine".
Before the sound fell, he bowed his head, rubbed his shoulders and rubbed his back to serve respectfully.
It took a while for Song Lingyun to react. He was too excited and went into a hurry. Thanks to Li Changsheng’s help, he moved out of the backyard and brewed a new jar of spirits.
The sealing paper of the jar says fireworks.
The old wine head at the next table endured the pain of cutting meat and quickly got up. The altar people fireworks, but he has worked hard all his life and has not tasted a drop. Now he is very reluctant to be "spoiled" by Chen Xuandu, but he wants to have the cheek to rub a bite with Chen Xuandu and be satisfied.
The brothers and sisters Wang Ao, bodhi old zu, Shui Yue, Bai Fa Xian and Bai Zhi Ling couldn’t resist the smell of wine and came towards Chen Xuandu with wine bowls in succession.
"The wine is coming, the wine is coming." Liu Thirteen took the altar man’s fireworks from the school sister’s arms and sniffed his face and enjoyed it.
"Senior, this is an old wine head, and it’s called fireworks. It’s even better than the famous Qingshenshan wine. After drinking it, it will become a masterpiece."
"You see, the old wine head hurts."
"Ha ha, the elder ignored him, not to mention feeling distressed. This is a unique fireworks in the world. According to the younger generation, there is one elder in the whole competing city who deserves to drink this wine."
"It’s just that Mo Qinan, a senior in Buyilou, has come or that guy who claims to be cool and arrogant doesn’t have this qualification."
"Sword into god! Who can match today’s brilliant record of being the fifth master of the sword-cutting strategy? "
"Come on, let thirteen seniors have a full cup and have a good time tonight …"
Willow thirteen lost his mind with horror.
Crazy Poem and Sword Chen Xuandu sits upright.
Look calm
I can’t breathe!

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