In the fourth group, Feisheng Bar won the competition against Feisheng Bar in Bitui Sky.

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And the last group is still a suspense. The Mishima Alliance people lost Xuanning’s hands again.
The five places that have been promoted are the first group Shuxin Clinic, the second group Bicuitian, the third group Shushan Sword School, the fourth group Feisheng Bar and the fifth group Grand Kunlun.
The Mishima Alliance is the worst. It was only after the conclusion of the game that they found out the problem. With Xuanning’s strength, the big Kunlun team was all about killing, unless they were the strongest, because it was the first time that everyone had reservations, and the Millennium was approaching.
The victory of Bi Cui Tian and Fei Sheng Bar is not the strength, but the right strategy. Just like the horse racing in heaven and earth, they gave up several groups, especially the first group and the fifth group, so that they could win the power.
And Mishima Alliance is the sect with the largest number of people in the second and third rounds, but the result is nothing.
On the whole, this ending can be regarded as soaring, and the meeting is also a successful conclusion here.
"Things still need to be discussed after the successful conclusion of the first soaring conference, but please send the winners to the soaring conference one month later." Thunder didn’t say so much nonsense and directly announced the end of the soaring conference.
"Don’t worry about going. The soaring conference is over. I have another one who wants it …" Wentao began to sound.
Chapter four hundred and one Kunlun sent a warning
Sure enough, as soon as it soared, everyone stopped
"Doctor Wen ….." Chunyang reality waved his hand to understand that the law of his sects has soared to the same height as Wentao, and it is still slightly higher … A little bit higher. "The soaring conference has already made the sects fight endlessly. This method has hurt the gas. If you continue, it may hurt the vitality of each faction. It is better to keep the quota set."
Chunyang’s real words are very white. You’d better not make trouble.
Before that, if Wentao hadn’t made a shot at Kunlun, it would have won two places, but Wentao had to give up in a few games except Xuanning’s absolute victory, not to mention winning and not even getting into the deciding game.
Plus the hatred for the tsunami, Chunyang real people finally spoke after the soaring conference.
Chunyang reality this talk is to make the West Shu allies secretly pleased, especially Han Tongyu and others.
What they hope most now is that Wentao will fight with the Great Kunlun people and then pull the Great Kunlun to the same front, so that even the Sword School of Shushan will not be afraid with Bibo Haitian.
"Ah …" Wen Tao smiled faintly. "Your ears are all right. Did you tell me to fight again? I haven’t finished my words here. Why didn’t you come out and say that you were hurt and hurt? Is it because I treated other sects and made your Kunlun Sect suffer?"
"Gee …" Wentao looked at Chunyang reality and shook his head. "How can the head of the Grand Kunlun be so narrow-minded now and just want to find a reason to take revenge? I don’t think it’s necessary after reading it. If Chunyang real people want to take revenge, they can come directly, but my Shuxin clinic is small, but it can also meet them. "
Teng … The real person in Chunyang feels that his face is burning. Wentao’s words are strong enough, but he has the right benefits. If he should get angry with these words, then he is not the Kunlun Sect.
Although most sects are now called leaders, Kunlun Department often calls it as simple as taking charge of a sect rather than a sect.
"Sharp teeth and sharp mouth" Taoist Tianshou and Zhang became silent and flew to Chunyang. Taoist Tianshou also had a bad impression on Wentao. He now suspects that I have not found direct evidence about the previous events with Wentao.
Later, after being incorporated by the Kunlun Sect, the arrangement of the sects changed a lot, and all the Kunlun Sect leaders.
At this time, I flew to the road flyover Shoudao nearly the day before yesterday, coldly saying, "If you don’t have a little ability, you won’t be able to control anyone."
"Ah …" Luo Zhenfeng suddenly roared like a madman behind Wen Tao in this tense atmosphere
Everyone looked at him and wondered what he was doing.
Shouted for half a minute and finally attracted all eyes to himself. Luo Zhenfeng stopped patting his chest. "Scared me to death … scared me to death …"
He is really scared, but with a three-point smile in his panic, no one will believe that he is really scared.
"I don’t know the so-called …" Taoist Tianshou turned to have them just now. After all, he is no longer the former head of the Emei Sect, and he is no longer a unique person.
In this way, Road flyover Tianshou can’t talk about him.
At this time, the real person of Chunyang looks gentle. "Then I’d like to see what Dr. Wen will do?"
"Then watch and don’t interrupt. It’s also the courtesy of Kunlun Sect leaders. I’ll say it again." Wentao is just like teaching a child, but he doesn’t want him to say that he immediately changed the subject.
"Although I got a soaring quota in Shuxin Clinic, it’s not a big deal, because at present, people in Shuxin Clinic haven’t wanted to soar, so many people want to soar. Now I want to announce again that I will sell my soaring quota, and I will let you later …" Wentao looked at the "Director Luo announced that the highest bidder would get it then"
Boom … Wentao said that everyone suddenly thought that Wentao would sell the soaring places just too … too strong.
Although shocked, these people here are, after all, elites of various sects, unlike those who are scattered.
He didn’t pronounce it, but many people’s eyes were naked
If the former struggle is a sect, then the sale of Wentao is aimed at individuals, and some people have already pondered it.
Wen Tao once again looked like a real person in Chunyang after saying this. "I sold a real person in Chunyang and I got a soaring quota. It’s not a foul, it doesn’t hurt the gas, it doesn’t hurt my vitality."
"That’s your own business casually" said Chunyang reality with Taoist Tianshou, Zhang became silent.
Flying to the middle of Chunyang, reality suddenly stopped and turned to look at Wentao.
"Although Dr. Wen has a square world, it can be small and ancient fairy house as a single one, but it doesn’t mean that it can be rampant today. If you wake up today, I’m afraid you can’t wait for more than 20 years." Said the pure Yang true talent to leave again
Chunyang real person’s remarks are no worse for others than just now, and it is a super shock.
After hearing what Chunyang said, people didn’t know what happened when Wentao suddenly disappeared.
Many people in Fang Tiandi have never heard of the dragon clan’s sacred offerings, but there is nothing that has been forgotten for a long time. However, there are still some people who know about it when they know about it.
The biggest reaction is not Wentao but Long Tianhao.
"Old thing … pure Yang, you old deathlessly …" Long Tianhao scolded in his heart that he had crushed the red wooden chair armrest into pieces. What Pure Yang said today (Monday) is sure to cause a round of competition.
Moreover, this kind of thing is not afraid of thieves stealing, but of thieves thinking and letting people know, even if it is taken back, it is very troublesome.

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