The old man waved his sleeve again to make these messages disappear.

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He closed his eyes and enjoyed the daylight.
"These are some’ comments’"
"The story that happened in my world was broadcast to other universes through the concept of" text ""
"Everything that happens here is a story in the eyes of other cosmic creatures."
"And in this way, I will broadcast my’ imprint’ farther and embed it in different universes to calibrate myself."
"Now I’m telling you these words, maybe now the literal form will appear in the eyes of those creatures."
"They may be surprised when they see this place."
"But no"
"I’m not going to hide my information, on the contrary, the more I know my life."
"The more people read this story, the more stable I am, and the less likely I am to disappear."
As soon as the writing on the board changes, you won’t leave me, will you?
Great Recorder, you are so powerful and powerful!’
You are the first of the three pillars, and you are the tallest pillar!’
Enjoying those words to compliment the old man, no more words.
In the’ eternal night’ universe, the sun randomly entered the cracks in the middle building.
He kept a divine attitude, and when his breath appeared, the black people in this room shivered.
Real Tang Xin and the gods are right.
Now Tianyang is the agent of Eternal Night, and Heimin is the last life of the universe born in Eternal Night.
Tianyang can also be regarded as the god of the dark people
He fell to the ground between the cracks.
The cracks in this room are very wide, with undulating mountains and dense forests.
There seems to be snow in the mountains.
Black people in this house of life are now hiding themselves.
Even the king of cracks dare not take a breath.
It is absolutely oppressive for them that the sun body emits the breath of "eternal night"
Even if the sun lets them kill themselves, they can obey orders
But Tianyang doesn’t have that idea now.
He put the two short blades of "Tianya Haijiao" and then closed his eyes and whispered, "Yin Candle, I need to meet you."
It is not difficult to meet Yin Candle for the third time.
Maybe because now he is the other side of "Yin Candle" and because he is in the "eternal night" universe.
So in an instant
When I opened my eyes that day, the cracks disappeared, and the mountains and forests disappeared.
See a star hanging high with a virtual width, a broken or disintegrating body.
Yin Candle sat in this empty space.
Same as before
He seems to be particularly resistant to looking at Tianyang, always looking in its direction and then saying, "Do you want to split the will?"
Tianyang nodded. "Yes, I wonder if this is feasible?"
This is the main reason why he met Yin Candle.
Chapter 17 Segmentation consciousness
Yin Candle looked around as if he couldn’t get the spirit, but he still said, "But there are many problems."
"One is that you will lose the sublimation ability and star connotation after dividing the will of the cockroach."
Of course, your ability to sublimate will be preserved before your body goes through a series of sublimation.
"That’s an objective fact. Did you leave with Mao?"

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