In particular, the little boy who was given the name An Heibu had a crazy feeling of being hit by a pie. It is said that after being given the name, the little boy also muttered, "Really, my name is Ann?" I cann’t believe I ran in front of the teacher elder sister in Louyi? Are you kidding me? Bad bad black hip elder brother now don’t know how to think … "

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The truth is that Ann Heibu finally found herself thinking too much.
When pays photogenic attention to return to Nami Xianfeng with Awu, the martial sister Lou Yi is already very clever, with a bright smile on her face, a sister Awu and a black cloth brother …
Black hip also bitter face before him respectfully called a "black cloth elder brother".
Things are so wonderful! Ang Zhuo is also a brother, and a group of monks compliment him, which is quite a bit unaccustomed to fidgeting.
Of all the people, there is no change in their status, and they are still the lowest-ranking brothers, Yuhe, and there is not much change. They are humble and get along with everyone on an equal footing.
Not to mention that even though Yuhe’s status is really not so good, the fact is that even Abe Louyi respectfully called her "Sister Yuhe"
No, I can’t. Didn’t you see the totem princess Ann Awu called her Sister Yuhe? And does that Anhebe also show that Sister Yuhe is her own companion?
Black cloth or Angzhuo is better than white. It is absolutely impossible to get such treatment if you are qualified to repair yourself.
But I just got it for the simple reason that I followed Princess Awu closely in the special quiz with Princess Awu, that’s all.
Black cloth white can get the care of Awu because of Yuhe. Do you think he can put on airs in front of Yuhe?
There is no doubt that this generation of Yingjie Zhongan Aou is the real leader.
Strong fighting capacity, strong practice potential and strong alchemy have made Ann Awu, the younger brother of King An, a totem, fly higher and higher like a dragon in nine days, and hope that the whole Antu Tengzhong will be in full swing.
The first great change in An ‘aou after the entry was to quickly rise to the incredible Du Jie period when it was shortened.
Boy, it’s less than ten years before and after Ann Awu came of age! Straight to Du Jie!
It’s a genius to be able to practice to deify in this way, and it’s a genius of Tianjiao level.
However, Dandan Awu directly entered the Du Jie period. It is said that Zhenyuan is stronger than concise, and it is not necessarily her opponent than ordinary monks in the early Du Jie period.
What is the real reason? No one knows why Princess Awu rose to such a level.
However, King Tuteng gave an explanation, that is, Princess Awu has reached the Du Jie period since she came here. However, due to her rapid expansion of Dantian, she is too concise and cruel, and her external repair seems to be underage.
How did Princess Yu Awu appear such a magical side? The totem King An explained that it was the magic of her life-saving elixir.
Wang Tuteng comparatively explained what is called ultra-decaying material, which is a panacea beyond the ordinary meaning, a unique medicine that is suppressed by heaven and wisdom.
Super-rotten wood has super-auxiliary practice ability; Super-rotten wood has super transformation ability; Super-rotten wood has many abilities that need to be recognized.
In a word, there is nothing you can’t see, something you can’t imagine is powerful, and that’s super rotten material.
In fact, the words of King An of Totem have the same meaning, that is, the future of Princess Awu, a super-decadent life medicine, is limitless, and she may become King An of Totem in the future.
After becoming the younger brother of Totem Anwang, Princess Awu was rewarded by Totem Anwang with magic pills to supplement her real practice, which was displayed until the Du Jie period.
Du Jie is a special period. Usually, the situation is imaginary. During this period, the monks of all ethnic groups have a relatively constant practice style, and they will choose to go through a certain disaster before they break through and become distracted.
In theory, the strength of the monks who crossed the Nine Immortals became stronger after they advanced, but in the process of real practice, the Nine Immortals were not so easy to cross, especially the last one. The theory of Wei neng’s horror was that the racial monks did not dare to meet hard.
Another major feature of Du Jie is that it will be relatively constant during practice.
Whether the friar likes it or not, usually every thousand years, the disaster will come on time and the friar has to cross.
This period is quite dangerous for monks.
The Du Jie period is also a hurdle for the monks. If they can rush through the Du Jie period, the monks will be distracted and get Shou Yuan beyond ten thousand years.
Otherwise, Godsworn Shou Yuan will not be able to reach ten thousand years.
An Aou directly entered the Du Jie level and accumulated more than a solid foundation and became a totem.
Even the totem’s eldest brother has been praised for ten years before, and it was only on the first day of totem that Ann A Mu gave a comparison.
Many people once thought it was a good show.
Chapter DiErSiJiuQi Small medicine into Dan
Everyone is going to see Ann A Mu and Ann Awu compete to see if A Mu Gong is angry. It is reported that A Mu Gong and Princess Awu are actually fellow villagers, both from Jingyao Mountain City.
Princess Awu flies a kite, and the first vertical three-egg medicine god wishes the destiny to return to her body, which is more promising than A Mu Gong.
After entering the medicine valley, Dandan Awu got the ultra-high rotten material which was also in the middle of the medicine valley, while A Mu got the one of the four magical materials which closely surrounded the rotten material.
Moreover, after A Mu became the core brother, she also gave Awu a lot of help. Princess Awu was frank. Because of the support of A Mu, she got a lot of basic herbs to exercise her alchemy. Otherwise, she would definitely not have ready-made ones.
It turned out to be a fellow villager and it was nice. Suddenly, those who watched and hoped for a fight between the two were greatly disappointed.
However, at this time, there is another busybody who analyzes one mountain and two tigers unless it is a male and a female! Nowadays, the two best younger generations of An Totem are opposite sex. Is it possible that they can match each other without fighting?

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