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After all, the knight-errant armor moved instantly. He floated and slapped him flat, and then hit Qitao!
That QiTao seems to have underestimated the speed of the knight-errant armor. At that time, he didn’t dodge, but "bang" turned into a bubble.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" All around, that’s when his voice came.
"I am looking for me in this poor ghost. You can’t find my real body, and your skill is deep!"
Qi Tao smiled and he had to laugh. I don’t know how many strong people are dead. He is a simple but unbreakable trick!
This knight-errant armor is really fierce. It’s the first time he’s seen him meet the strong. I’m afraid people can avoid that trick.
It’s a pity that he can also be exhausted alive!
He is destined to be hit by the law, and he can kill one ghost after another in vain and finally run out of strength and be slaughtered by him!
Then he can have a very powerful ghost servant again.
Fang Ning "series you capsized! Agreed to a recruit … "
Then he saw that his body was in control. In that shot, Qitao Phantom did not take back a palm, but continued to draw a circle and then launched in one direction. Then Fang Ning heard a dragon song …
A slender and powerful red dragon suddenly appeared in a circle from his palm and then slammed into the chest of a fierce ghost in a group of ghosts! Followed by the whole dragon hovering in!
Then the ghosts dissipate, and the fierce ghost’s eyes return from dull to flexible, followed by fear, despair and disbelief …
QiTao figure slowly show "that’s impossible! How did you find my real body so easily! I’m a different person. I’m sorry I can’t die here. It says no one can kill me at this time! !”
He struggled to finish the sentence, then his whole body ballooned quickly and finally exploded with a bang! Blood, bones and rags scattered all over the square
The whole square is calm again.
Fang Ning, you’re all red and purple, and the night can’t hide you. What’s so strange that Yingwei’s body and posture can find you?
Tong Shi (Tong Shi took the initiative to attack the demonizer Qi Tao.
Use the Upanistic move "Yan Long Xiao Tian" to consume the third level anger tank.
Qi Tao’s true body was attacked by Yang attribute, and Rowen suppressed Qi Tao’s passive skill "changing shape and changing shadow" and failed to display it.
Critical strike! Visual defense! Crushing attack!
Qi Tao, the enchanter, takes 1 damage.
Qi Tao, the enchanter, is dead
The system has gained experience value of 75,000 points, and it has been upgraded to level 11 …
Get a lot of vital qi values. The first level vital qi tank is full.)
Unified "is a trick."
Fang Ning: "You are awesome and don’t explain it anymore … not good!"
"He’s not dead? !”
Fang Ning: "No, I mean, you beat him to pieces. Let’s blame the daily flying dragons for exploring the clouds. We can’t lose another piece of income …"
Fang Ning has just finished seeing that the system controls his body and has gone towards two surviving hummingbirds.
"Great Xia, thank you for saving my life." When I visited Party A and Party B, I kowtowed repeatedly.
Unlike facing Qi Tao, they are not afraid to turn Qi Tao into a knight-errant armor, because they hummingbirds all know that knight-errant armor never hurts a koo in the file.
They just entered the business and asked themselves that they really didn’t commit a crime. They thought this knight-errant came over to comfort themselves and let them go, right?
Chivalrous man A "Go around and find out what the man dropped …"
Agent A and B got up and looked around such a big square when they heard the news. So Qi Tao would have fallen all over the place.
The two men looked at each other, took out their hand and bowed their heads to find it carefully. They also looked for it with a sad face, and then they were deeply grateful that this knight-errant armor was one hundred times stronger than that Qitao. Fortunately, it was a good man …
You can’t leave until you find something good to work for.
Chapter 29 People are awesome for you
Qi family changfang
"Mr. Qi, you have entrusted the completed photo and video materials to be encrypted and confirmed to you. Please call back the remaining remuneration."
Qiye "did a good job. It’s really worthy of the hummingbird information. It’s really pervasive. You’ve done a beautiful job of impeded people. It cost me 50 million to have a member of my own department who didn’t die, didn’t get hurt, and didn’t rely on some old things."
Hummingbird: "Hehe, General Qi’s words are not very pleasant to hear. Why is it an old story? It’s a bloody pile tragedy. The knight-errant crusade against him is very popular!"
Qiye "Hum, I’ll give you double the rest of the reward. You make your own rules. You’d better keep it yourself. I don’t want to hear anything outside."
Hummingbird "Hehe, since you spent money, those things can’t be done from now on, but I don’t know if Qi always wants to sell us information?" If the price is negotiable, it can be deducted directly from the rest of your remuneration. "
Qiye "What information do you want?"
Hummingbird "Chivalrous Man A" killed Qi Tao. I wonder what his grandfather’s wonderful doctor Qi Yunsheng would do to Chivalrous Man A? But I’ve heard that Qi Yunsheng loves Qi Tao so much that he can give him whatever he wants, and he can make whatever he wants. The old man is said to have quite a few stories. "
Qiye "imperial doctor doesn’t cure himself. They will meet again soon …"

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