Li Chongjiu couldn’t help wondering what Yang E Huang showed himself with this small arrow, but he looked up and saw Yang E Huang’s hot and warm eyes and bowed his head again.

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Li Chongjiu saw his name faceted.
Li Chongjiu suddenly remembered that he had calculated the meritorious military service when he joined the army, so he spent the whole night carving his name on each arrow.
At the beginning, the arrows are already not only Yang E Huang, but also one.
"Have you been carrying it with you all these years?"
Yang E Huang smiled brightly and said, "I dare not forget saving my life."
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but be somewhat moved by the afterglow of the setting sun shining on Yang E Huang’s black-and-white pupil, as if there were colorful lights overflowing, and a look hid a thousand words and smiled as charming as the sun.
Li Chongjiu didn’t know what to say at the moment to grasp Yang E Huang’s soft hands.
Yang E Huang saw that Li Chongjiu’s eyes were somewhat flustered and somewhat surprised. He wanted to pull out his hand but did not twitch. He bowed his head and avoided Li Chongjiu’s eyes
Half a ring apart, two people stand quietly.
Yang E Huang couldn’t help saying, "When are you going to hold this?"
"Of course, it’s a generation." Li Chongjiu laughed and saw the shame in Yang E Huang’s eyes as if he had won a big victory.
Hearing this laugh, Yang E Huang struggled to earn a big shame and said, "You are a gentleman who didn’t expect to be a frivolous generation."
Li Chongjiu said seriously, "At the beginning, I was just a commoner in Yanmen. Can I be remembered by the princess?"
Yang E Huang looked at Li Chongjiu and said, "I don’t know that sometimes I don’t know when I see it."
"I will cherish it," Li Chongjiu said primly.
Zhuojun Liu Heita attacked very urgently, so Li Chongjiu must return to Youzhou without delay.
Hengshan County is very important for the strategic position of Youzhou Army in the future. Li Chongjiu intends that Zhonghengshan County is a three-legged county in Taiyuan County to open up the future situation in Hebei Province.
Now Dou Jiande Li Shentong is eyeing up. It is impossible to discard Li Chongjiu, such an important town in Hengshan County.
Now I am sitting in Taiyuan County, Youzhou, with Weichi Gong and Hengshan County guarded by people?
The next day, Li Chongjiu called the generals to discuss again the people guarding Hengshan County.
Most of the generals belong to Wang Ma Hanwang. Although Ma Han is a general, Li Chongjiu thinks that he is not suitable for guarding Hengshan County.
One thousand Liu Heita or excavate such a name to attack Hengshan county in the future with Wang Mahan can’t resist it.
So people and Xue Wanche Xue Wanche were brave and resourceful. This time, he led troops from Youzhou to attack Hengshan County and captured Hengshan Xue Wanche. However, Li Chongjiu felt that Xue Wanche’s soldiers were very dangerous, so it was a big defeat to fight or not to win.
If he wants to guard Hengshan County, Samurai Lang will have some qualifications, and secondly, Li Chongjiu needs a safe person to guard Hengshan Mountain.
When Li Chongjiu decided to hand over Hengshan County to Xu Shiji, he ordered 10,000 elite wagang troops to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and one’s sense of honor birthright
As the saying goes, it is hard for a general to find Li Chongjiu to let Xu Shiji guard Hengshan County, and I hope he can provoke a heavy burden.
Li Chong-jiu decided to make Xu Shi-ji’s chariot guards, Hu Benlang, choose 10,000 foot soldiers from Wagang Army and incorporate them into the chariot guards, while Yu Yu was charged into the township soldiers.
Xue Wanshu, the chief of Ding County in Hengshan County, was temporarily absent, and he joined the army from the five-record room.
Yu Qi Wang Yang Chang Li Chongjiu asked him to make a county magistrate in Shiyi County.
In addition to general Xu Shijie, Li Chongjiu left Ji Chuanxing to supervise the army, and both of them shared the army. Guo Xiaoke Xu Shijie’s father, Xu Gai, returned to Youzhou with Li Chongjiu.
When Xu Shiji and Ji Chuan paid their respects to Li Chongjiu in Zhending County.
In Weichi Gong, he led the army back to Taiyuan County and left two thousand troops stationed in Jingxing, also guarding this important town.
Li Chongjiu and Xue Wanche led the army to return to Youzhou from Zhending County.
The army arrived at Valley County Chief Zhao Wansan County and greeted Fanyang County.
Zhao Wansan is mainly responsible for Xia Guo’s diplomacy in Dou Jiande. He is very guilty about this time when Liu Heita declared war, and he confessed to Li Chongjiu.
In the original army stationed in Gujun County, 3,000 troops led by Xiao Weijun, samurai Lang, have driven Youzhou to reinforce Liu Heita, and it has been fighting for several times.
The crisis situation in Zhuojun County is also a wave to Valley County. Zhao Wansan has led the mobilization of soldiers in Hejun County and is ready to go to Zhuojun County at any time to support Xu Wu.
In fact, after Li Chongjiu conquered Hengshan County, Gao Chu of Yanmen County reported that the original border was ready to move. Liu Wuzhou Song Jingang’s troops had stopped fighting and returned to Mayi County, and there was no transit harassment.
However, Liu Heita seems to regard the Youzhou army as something and continue to attack Liangxiang County. It seems that there is a decisive battle in the end
Li Chongjiu led the army back to Youzhou until he finally came to Liu Heita to withdraw his troops in front of the boundary of Zhuojun County.
Hearing the news, the foot soldiers of Youzhou Army breathed a sigh of relief. Xu Wu did not rashly pursue Liu Heita, but took advantage of the situation and led the army to collect Liangxiang County.
At this moment, the crisis in Youzhou is gone.
As soon as Liu Heita went to Li Chongjiu, he left Youzhou this time. Not only did he get his name, but Xu Shijie, Guo Xiaoke and more than 10,000 elite wagang troops continued to attack Taiyuan, and then he attacked Hengshan County in Li Tang. Suddenly, his power increased greatly.
When you see Youzhou City, the three armed forces are cheering together.
The three armies stationed in Malaysia took a short rest, and the soldiers polished their armor, raised the standard and played the victory drum music to return to Youzhou.
Not yet in the city, Shi Wenyanbo, the governor of the secretariat, Sima Chen Xiaoyi, the chief of Wei Zhi, Lu Chengqing, the chief of the county, Shi Gao, Xu Daojun, Sima Lin, the chief magistrate of Jixian County, and more than 100 officials of Zhuojun County, as well as the gentry of Youzhou, such as Lu Qian, and thousands of people were all greeted outside the city.
The foot soldiers in Youzhou couldn’t help but be excited to see the crowd waiting in front of the gate in the distance.
At this time, the drum music sounded louder and the soldiers returned to Youzhou with high morale.
"Congratulations on Gu Gong’s victory!"
Wen Yanbo, on behalf of the officials of Youzhou, saluted Li Chongjiu, and Li Chongjiu also replied, "Thank you for waiting outside the city for a long time. It is because of the help of the officials and people of Youzhou who can break Hengshan County, otherwise we will not be able to win so smoothly. It is to thank all the people."
When they heard Li Chongjiu say this, they reciprocated and said, "How dare you?"
Speak Li Chongjiu behind YiLiu horse-drawn carriage driving is also slowly.
Hundreds of cavalry in heavy armor are like stars holding the moon, and there are still hundreds of soldiers advocating after the protection.
The driver stopped slowly and drove a beautiful girl to drive.
Seeing this girl aside, the gentry of Youzhou officials couldn’t help but stir up, and many people were excited.
Chen Xiaoyi Xue Wanshu led all the officials together.
Chen Xiaoyi first bowed down in a grand way and said with a trembling voice, "I was the original county magistrate of Yanmen County, and Chen Xiaoyi visited the Princess Hall, and the princess was chitose and Qian Qian was old."
After Chen Xiaoyi’s visit to Youzhou, many white-haired and elderly people all bowed down to Yang E Huang and called for chitose.
In this scene, the king of Qi will be in a panic, but Yang E Huang said, "Chen Juncheng still has a lot of people to stand upright."
Chen Xiaoyi kowtowed again, dragging the robe from the ground and said, "I am saddened by the difficulties in Jiangdu, but I have the heart to see the Princess Hall today. Yan Shi is ashamed."
Yang E Huang said, "When Chen Juncheng was in Liu Wuzhou, you were trapped in a lonely city and vowed not to surrender the thief. Father had long known that his mother had made a fuss and turned against thieves, but Da Sui was still as loyal as Chen Juncheng."
When Chen Xiaoyi heard this, he hid his face and said, "I am ashamed of heaven."
Aside from Xue Wanshu’s fuels, he said, "I am the general of Zuo Royal Guard, and my father has died of illness last month. I have come to plead guilty for my father."
Yang E Huang said in a gentle way, "This is not a war crime. The Xue family has been loyal to Xue Lao for generations, and the father of the country will not blame it."
Xue Wanshu said with tears in his eyes, "I thanked my father for the princess hall. I wish I could not go to the grave to worship my father and bring the princess words."
After Chen Xiaoyi and Xue Wanshu, Zhuo County was not recommended by officials one by one.
"liuyong, the beadle, was in charge of supervising the construction of Bingjia when he was in Liaodong, and met the beadle in Linshuo Palace the other day to worship the Princess Hall."
"At the end of Xu Zhou’s expedition to Liaodong in those days, General Mai Tiezhang, a captain, fought at the end of the Liao River and will worship the Princess Hall."
"The veteran is the day when Cao Cao of Zhuojun joined the army …"
When Yang E Huang saw the ceremony, everyone said a few words gently, but seeing Feng Yi’s elegance, luxury, dignity and courtesy made everyone he met feel like a spring breeze.
Li Chongjiu can’t help but think that the heavenly family nobles are the heavenly family nobles. I have said a lot about Zhuojun officials in Youzhou for three years, but I haven’t seen them so respectful to myself.
But Yang E Huang is just a few words, and these people are grateful one by one, as if they hate not to die, and several gentry in Youzhou are crying.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help feeling that birthright is birthright.
Although Yang Guang was assassinated in Jiangdu, there were still two generations of grace in the Great Sui Dynasty. Otherwise, Li Yuan’s Wang Shichong Yu culture, even though it is well known to everyone in Si Mazhao, must still be pulled out of the tiger skin of the old dynasty to gather people’s hearts and have a solid foundation before it can be effective.
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