The whole person is like a person evaporating.

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However, at that time, Hao Yue, a small official, was always confused about his father’s sudden disappearance, so he made unannounced visits and was finally found by her.
Guan Tianba’s last convenient place was Zeng CuO’s mansion!
That is to say, the last person he saw was Zeng CuO!
Guan Haoyue followed this clue and finally confirmed that Guan Tianba was secretly killed by Zeng CuO and … it was with the expert of Donghao Xiandian!
But although Guan Haoyue knew the truth, all the venerable people in the whole fairy palace were Zeng CuO’s minions, and the only thing she could believe was the Ma family of four families in the fairy palace at that time.
Not long after she told Ma Jia’s owner the news, Cuobian made an excuse to kill Ma’s family!
Guan Haoyue wept bitterly for a long time and dared not tell anyone that he could keep this secret in his heart and keep it in Fairy Palace to temper himself, hoping to avenge himself by his father one day.
However, Guan Haoyue’s amazing talent soon reached the fairy realm, and some senior elders saw that she was the only blood of the official door owner, giving her the position of the elder, but it was also a false name with no substantive benefit.
Although Zeng CuO was a little dissatisfied, he didn’t make any objections, so he acquiesced.
Perhaps for Zeng CuO, Guan Haoyue is not a threat to her roots.
Soon after, Guan Haoyue quietly joined forces with the whole Lowa State to oppose Zeng Cuo.
She won’t be too much, but who knows, it surprised her more.
The second reason is that most of the masters or door lords in these sects will be forcibly taken away by Zeng CuO as soon as they reach the realm of Jinxian, and then go back!
But the reason is that no matter how the official Haoyue investigates it, the results are still slim.
Slowly, Guan Haoyue wooed many masters to secretly plan against Zeng CuO.
Soon Guan Haoyue met a master, and the master organized a special secret organization to deal with Zeng CuO-Heaven Punishment!
The official Haoyue and the scorching sun hit it off and joined the punishment code, Crescent Moon, and became one of the leaders of the punishment.
But what is the real name of the sun, and what to deal with Zeng CuO? Even Guan Haoyue doesn’t know.
But with the same goal, the enemy is the friend.
It’s really unsatisfactory for these.
Take everything Xiao Fan will know.
"I see … the sun … is really mysterious!" Xiao Fanwen picked his eyebrows and thought for a long time, but still shook his head and said, "I really don’t know what Zeng CuO wants with Jin Xian’s hand in the whole state of Lowa?"
"Fairy soul marrow?" Officer bright moon one leng "what did you say? You said fairy marrow? "
"Yes, I know an elder who was extracted by Zeng CuO because of the marrow of fairy souls. Now he can stay somewhere and never see the light of day!" Xiao Fan nods a way
"It’s impossible that Jin Xian will be killed soon without fairy marrow!" Guan Haoyue shook his head and said, "Besides, the fairy marrow is the unique core of the golden fairy, and there is no way to extract it alone?"
"This can’t be wrong. The elder didn’t die immediately because he was lucky enough to live in a special place!" Xiao Fan definitely said, "And … Zeng CuO is definitely collecting the marrow of fairy souls!"
"Fairy marrow … if Zeng CuO really has a way to extract and strip fairy marrow … then I will know his purpose!" Guan Haoyue bit the silver tooth and said, "He really did that!"
"Which one?"
"You have been to the core hall and you should know that there is a fifth floor on the fourth floor in the core hall?"
"Er, I know. Didn’t you say that no one has ever been in the fifth floor?" Xiao Fan scratched his head and said, "What’s in it?"
"What’s in it? I don’t know, but I heard that … "Just here, the official Haoyue suddenly shut up and immediately stared at it and suddenly became nervous.
When I saw Zeng CuO, there was a golden flame burning, and plumes of black were looking around like a fiend.
"Damn that dead trot? Suddenly the breath disappeared completely, but … I estimate that he can’t go far! " Zeng CuO turned his eyes to Jiashan forest after several rounds of transit.
"Hum little prick must be hiding from this side. Can this hide from the old lady?" Zeng CuO grimaced, raised his hand suddenly and violently, and a force of immortal yuan jetted out and turned into a huge fireball, which hit the foothills!
"Boom!" A huge mushroom cloud rose from the ground, and Fiona Fang was razed to the ground by a move!
"I still haven’t escaped!" The official Haoyue fireball came with Xiao Fanchong and dodged a bullet at the moment.
"Hum didn’t appear the same?" Zeng CuO looked at the corners of their mouths and said, "Guan Haoyue turned out to be you!"
"It was Miss Zeng who told you not to be proud of my father’s revenge sooner or later!" Officer haoyue bite a tooth and said
"Ha ha sooner or later? No need. You can’t wait until then. The old man should have died long ago. I didn’t expect you to have been with the old man all the time. The old man is kind to the old man. I can waste you and let you live, but … give Xiao Fan to me! " Ceng CuO said with a hand way
"So I have to thank you?" Guan Haoyue sneered, "My real father didn’t deserve to have saved you from such a wolf ambition!"
"Old patience is limited. When I give you three numbers … one …" Zeng CuO was too lazy to talk nonsense and went straight to the ultimatum.
"second …"
"No, you’re not his opponent. Leave me alone. Go and meet the sun and them yourself!" Xiao Fan hurriedly said
"That how line? My duty is to protect you. I can’t leave you alone! " Officer haoyue shake head a way
"Three …" When Zeng CuO uttered the word "three" at the same time, Xiao Fan suddenly bumped into the official Haoyue’s shoulder and immediately raised my hand to burn the wounds and roared out, being trampled into a red mans galloping towards the horizon!
"I didn’t expect you to have spare capacity? But want to run? Dream! " Zeng CuO ignored Guan Haoyue and turned towards Xiao Fan!
Xiao Fan recovered some physical strength slightly in the process of being imprisoned, but now she overdraws again and manipulates the burning wounds. At this time, the fastest speed is far away.
But as for how he accelerated, Zeng CuO was always chasing after him.
"I’d like to see when you can run with your tattered body!" Zeng CuO ran after him and shouted.
"You will know when the time comes!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth to pick his purpose turned out to be turned back to the nine immortals!
At the same time, Guan Haoyue stared blankly for a while and immediately set off to fly to Wolong Sect.
Soon Xiao Fan just entered the Fairy Palace, and at the same time, hundreds of thousands of masters of Wolong Sect rose into the sky and headed for the Fairy Palace!
"Xiao Fan your head is broken? Actually running back? " Zeng CuO also wondered what Xiao Fan was thinking.
"It’s not bad, you’ll know later!" Xiao Fan stumbled all the way and rushed into the Tseng CuO Mansion of Tai Presbyterian Hospital again!
"What’s this little trick? Guan Haoyue tried his best to save him and he ran back? " Zeng CuO looked at it and was puzzled.
Xiao Fan, who once again returned to Zeng CuO’s mansion, saw his own death at a glance. Jin Jiu couldn’t help feeling a pang of sadness in his heart, but he didn’t feel sad when he rushed into the tunnel where the ex-prisoner trapped him.
"I’m so stupid. Why didn’t I think of it long ago? Fairy soul marrow … it must be this! " Xiao Fan rushed to the gloomy room full of dry bodies and did not dare to stay for a moment, directing the burning wounds and slamming them straight towards the opposite wall!
Chapter 657 Fairy Soul Pulp
Xiao Fan and Cong?

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