Whitewater Yong is well known, and Whitewater thought about it when he saw a gun in front of him. He led the army back first, but the gate didn’t act as a loyal army outside.

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At night, the city gates are closed and locked, and neither Whitewater nor Bai Biao, Bai Bao, have arranged defenders, but they have all been stationed in the city barracks to recruit Xinding Chengtou themselves-anyway, if anyone dares to go into the city and push it along the avenue to kill it, it is still Whitewater who says that arrogance is on top of the world.
What is this Bai Taibao doing? He watched the monty dance in his palace … The butter candle burned brightly, and there were wine and delicacies in front of him, and the imperial concubine danced monty dance with the ladies in the palace, and the emperor was forced to watch the veiled soft-man monty dance with these guys like Whitewater. The emperor’s face was naturally green and his teeth were gnashing.
Finally, Whitewater gave him back his face and didn’t let the queen mother and queen jump out, but he held it in his arms, but the imperial concubine was younger than Whitewater, but she was very well maintained. Whitewater liked it, and the mature woman Whitewater didn’t see the age difference with the imperial concubine-this man grew a face as young as twenty years old, and his eyebrows were like iron-fried flames, and he really wanted to be called Batulu White Pacific Insurance.
It is said that it is necessary to follow the example of Meng Degong’s story. Everything is done by Master Dong’s activities. Sleeping in the dragon bed and disorderly killing people in the harem hall. This piece is not Dong Xiangguo’s violence. "The end of life is bad …" Whitewater is also lamenting that "Meng De is not easy to learn."
Yes, since the killing of Empress Tai, the name of Bai Taibao is better than that of Yuwen Hu. It is a class with Si Mazhao and Dong Zhuo. It is not as good as that of Cao Mengde and Hou Jing … Anyway, everyone knows that this whitewater is unknown and everyone is waiting for him to kill the king and usurp the throne.
This year, it’s only his case that he is so simple and rude, and the foundation is so weak that he can still do this kind of thing for thousands of years. There are only two people, Dong Zhuo and Bai Lang.
Whitewater wantonly used to play with his arms, and the Emperor Guifei finally put up with those monty dances and couldn’t watch them. Whitewater risked being killed by Whitewater and went back to the harem. Whitewater was not angry, but those tulle monty dancers in the laughter were shaking all over, but they still insisted on jumping-how did you know that the Qin Guild wouldn’t kill them all?
Whitewater didn’t even kill the emperor, and naturally it won’t be angry with these empresses and ladies-in-waiting-this man didn’t kill him except the eunuch in the harem.
In the capital, there are too many civil and military officials who are ambiguous and collude with Chengtou recruits. There are naturally many-Bai Bao and Bai Biao, but where do teenagers have played with these cunning guys? This night, Wang Jun entered the city and Chengtou defenders did not move.
Whitewater is wearing a half-shirt, armor skirt and boots, while the half-length of the existing forearm has armor, holding a golden cup in his hand, drinking water and wine one build what did not build. His arms have been replaced by Qin Keqing’s "Order Bai Bao and Bai Biao to point soldiers to armor". Whitewater said to the soldiers around him "Take a weapon"
Two guards carried weapons of whitewater to whitewater and stretched out their hands to grasp that "it’s too timid for these guys to dare to let those rebels and thieves in now!" Whitewater came out of the palace with an iron mace and a straight knife. No matter whether the thief emperor secretly called his own forces or not, he stood upright and walked towards Suzaku Avenue. Behind him, he gradually followed the armored Qinbing. These people were all armed with shields, swords and bones, ranging from behind Whitewater to meet the cavalry in front of them.
The fire is like a dragon, shouting "kill the rebellious white waves!" "Kill the thief!" Whitewater is a sneer. "Look at the dark ahead. It must be the thief’s lair. Let me go and kill him!" Then he also smiled, "No, it’s from Ma Rulong."
Whitewater stared at the sight of the cavalry, and the left hand iron mace swung out to fly the other side’s janjawid and also took away the other side’s horse’s head-the horse’s head was beaten to powder and half flew out. In an instant, Whitewater waved out the cavalry’s half body with his right hand.
Moment whitewater tornadoes generally involved in the other cavalry array draw into the cavalry are broken directly blocked the blunt come over cavalry is not whitewater also recoil in the past, QinBing behind him is also a roar body is broken cavalry virtual shadow coincidence moment this power speed is up.
In front of him, after being beheaded by Whitewater, Qinwangjun cavalry turned around and fled, regardless of this, directly trampling on their own back to follow up the infantry army array, while Whitewater took advantage of the situation and rolled back to kill them. At this time, the oriole also arrived. I never thought that this sister would go to her to ride a peach-blossom horse bow to shoot arrows.
The arrows were like a shower, and the white waves taught her the art of Qi-flowing and returning to strength. So the oriole directly became a series of arrows and rain, and she shot two pots of arrows with both hands even in the blink of an eye, and each arrow shot one person accurately. "My’ sister’ may be the most terrible one in my family, and this kind of eyesight is rare."
Whitewater is also tongue-lashing. He waved a weapon but killed more than a hundred people. This oriole even killed nearly a hundred people in a short time. This explosive ability is really terrible. The opposite side directly smashed the whitewater with Qinbing, and the oriole with her own crossbowman pressed to drive the defeated troops forward along the avenue.
Chapter six hundred and forty farce
At this time, Bai Xiao has arrived, and she is weak. The double-headed gun can pick up cheap with her brother. Now there is no enemy soldier in the white sea. All the departments are running away with their backs towards him. The so-called diligent army has collapsed. Bai Bao and Bai Biao have attacked diligent army from both sides, which is the end of the road.
There are still a few white waves in the city. If they are futures dead, even if they save the emperor, they are futures dead emperors. If the emperor does not run white waves, he will be abolished. If he runs away, he will be a happy man. It is also called that the emperor died in a chaotic army-anyway, he came to this world to let the sword and soldiers fight a reality on their own, which is more "positive" than the usurper.
If you can’t learn from Meng De, you can rely on the so-called "West Cool Army" to suppress the sky. Like today’s "princes", it is far less powerful than the princes at the end of the Han Dynasty. "The whole spirit of the boss empire is also weak." When whitewater kills people, I still think about this. "This article seems a little old. If there is no new impact, it will be a little powerful, but the three generations are less than a hundred years old."
The imperial court gave him the feeling that the history of Qing Dynasty lacked a vigor, and the overall atmosphere was the kind of lifelessness. Being a surname Dong really had no psychological burden at all. It’s a pity that all these people were killed by puppets. If you think about it carefully, isn’t this Dream of Red Mansions Manchu? That atmosphere is normal. At this time, the iron mace in Whitewater’s hand has been bent, and he has never deliberately penetrated the lance. This iron mace is just that every soldier hits people and hits them. Isn’t it a little bent?
Of course, the knife is a little dull, so Whitewater inserted a few unlucky people who didn’t run far into the ground with an iron mace and a straight knife, and moved one hand "or did it by himself."
In the sight of this army, the king of Dong ‘an County was desperate to escape but didn’t run away-Whitewater stepped on his head to display martial arts, and his head quickly approached. Whitewater fell from the sky in front of the king of Dong ‘an County. "Although I haven’t seen it before, it’s time for your report to be good." Whitewater politely took the head of the king of Dong ‘an County and killed all the guards and commanders around him by the way.
This is the end of the road. This group of routed troops directly surrendered to Bai Bao’s Bai Biao troops, while the other way into the city was not blocked at all. By the way, some people in the Forbidden City, including civil and military officials and Schoenberg, also joined in. After the brothers met, Bai Bao Bai Biao was a little flustered. "If the emperor ran away, wouldn’t it be …"
Whitewater caressed beard and laughed. "If the Forbidden City is still out of the Forbidden City, the emperor will probably’ collapse’ in vain. It’s not the first thing we have to wait for him to die …" Whitewater ordered Bai Bao to stay and rectify his military forces. He took his own Qinbing and more than a thousand siblings and slowly walked towards the Forbidden City. At present, the loyal soldiers who occupied the Forbidden City dragged out a small gun-the cannon was too heavy to squat without a tiger. This small gun brought a lot.
Most of the guns fired by the white-water single-handed tiger crouching gun missed and hit him. Those guns also slipped and flew "invulnerability!" In the cry of panic, the other party disappeared like snow-they escaped without killing anyone. This group of loyal soldiers dispersed directly at the sight of whitewater’s invulnerability. "It’s still quite fast to say that you didn’t even run well and seize the Forbidden City."
Whitewater met the emperor and another prince who were blocked in the city-they were blocked by the scattered and disorderly army, but they didn’t run away, that is, they lost eunuchs and guards around them. There is no reason not to run away. Don’t say that it is difficult to go to the city to hang the rope. As a result, these people actually blocked the harem and didn’t run away. White waves also shook their heads and sighed, "I don’t know if I don’t fight, I don’t know what a wonderful waste it is. I can’t bear to usurp the throne."
When eunuchs and eunuchs seize the opportunity to rob and set fire to the palace, people’s desire for destruction will rise. This kind of thing is also normal. It is even more normal to kill them in white waves. He simply pulls out carrots and threatens each other. One by one, the eunuchs and eunuchs stick their heads in the ground with their spines until they are scared out of their minds.
In the past night, the situation in the palace also calmed down. Bai Bao and Bai Biao arrested a lot of civil and military officials who took the opportunity to do things, as well as the loyal governors, governors and generals. Of course, they arrested a sovereign, and there were also more than 300 people who were detained outside the Hall of Supreme Harmony and moved to a chair-or the emperor was sitting outside the Hall of Supreme Harmony.
"The emperor’s eyes are rebellious ministers and thieves! Please also order the killing! But it would produce virtue. I am not a shura evil spirit. I will kill their harem and send it to the workshop department. "Whitewater is also a hand to the emperor around me. Before the emperor can answer, he has taken out a white imperial edict and pulled up an academician around him." You write an imperial edict! After reading it, we’ll cut off their heads. "
The emperor sat still and looked at him with that. "Hey hey? Not quite right? " The emperor’s face is blue and white. Take a finger and sound his nose. "Out of breath?" OK! You rebels and thieves! The emperor made you angry and died! Mother! It’s all hard! " Whitewater when a shout "too? Too where? Come out and his mother acceded to the throne! "
Results Bai Bao to ear with whitewater said a few words "what? Died last night? Is this too embarrassing for the rebels and thieves? This, this, this … "Whitewater is like singing opera" Wow! This is so good! If so, wow! " He punched his palms and stamped his feet again and again. "Always kill all these people first!" For a moment, he was back to his original state, and his fingers were compared to ordering pro-guards to kill people.
"This can make it difficult for the old Qin Guogong to act as the emperor’s agent." Hu Fei’s white water is at its peak, and he is trying to usurp the throne. Even a surname Dong can’t do it. This person is also fooling around. He doesn’t care.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Sweeping
Once a loyal minister and a good soldier, Bai Lang Bai Shao Bao helped Wang Ting so many times, it was very unpleasant to accumulate an atmosphere-seeing that you disorderly ministers and thieves lived so well, Bai Lang, although the road is different and the same as mine, has a little bit of feeling that it doesn’t seem bad to accumulate it. Now it’s time to vent it, just taking advantage of your martial arts to break and then get rid of this bad idea at one time.
Whitewater pays great attention to himself, and he should never be reduced to his own master’s field. This monster spends most of his life in a bitter kiln all the year round, either squatting in a bitter kiln or going to squat in a bitter kiln road. I don’t want to spend a day in whitewater. What he is doing now is definitely the kind of bitter kiln that should be killed, but now he is killing other people’s homes.
In front of Whitewater, there is a piece of advice table on the desk, and the writing style can be said to be very simple-the drafting of the Hanlin was cut down three times. Finally, there is someone who is willing to write it, but let him write it like a flower, which is definitely not enough. Whitewater asked him to copy a copy, that is, to change the names with the dynasties. Then, he asked the soldiers to arrest the civil and military officials in the capital and let them sign the table one by one.
On the other side, there are soldiers washing with water all over the blood-this is the body of the captive who killed you diligent Wang Jun. Earlier, the body was thrown out and cut to feed the dog’s head, and it was piled up outside the city to build a Beijing view. Whitewater sat there and watched the immortal come over to sign the knife one by one. Anyone who refused to sign it was hacked to death and thrown it away. You immortal also had a history and never wanted to see it again today.
From morning till night, there were actually six officials who refused to sign or were all small officials. After killing them, Bai Lang said, "These people don’t know how to live or die, but you know the time, so don’t forget to visit me early in the morning!" Say and wave to let these people go. "Watch them and don’t let them run away."
On the second day, two-thirds of the people came and one-third tried to run. The property was being stolen, and there was no ceremony. "The first emperor was unwell and unfortunately died of anger. I will be the emperor." The grief-stricken person also went to that place. From the present court, it is called Qin, and the capital remains the same. Your officials are promoted to the next level, so one is Mao, and the Qing people stand up. "
Whitewater raised a lot of money because he commanded many soldiers and horses, and these people were knighted and sealed the Schoenberg field-but Whitewater also agreed that the area of Schoenberg field would not increase or decrease from then on, and the tax area would be fixed. At the same time, Whitewater directly issued an imperial edict that "officials and gentry should be integrated as a police officer to cancel the poll tax", and no one dared to oppose it around the capital-who dared to hide it when Whitewater wanted to clear the field?
White Wave Martial Arts If he rechecks it, he can roughly confirm that the area error reaches a certain proportion and kill the official in charge of auditing. If there are illegal matters, then collude with several parties to kill all the families. Because white wave has just killed Qin Wang’s soldiers, there are actually no troops in all parts of the north that can stop him-even if there are thousands of white waves ordering Bai Bao and Bai Biao to expand their rates to ten thousand people, one to Liaodong in the north and one to Shandong in the east, these two places should be occupied first.
It’s difficult for him to send troops to Hebei from Hebei to Shanxi. Whitewater went to his two sisters to defend the capital, of course. Since he defeated the loyal army, the situation he faced has become very good. When he usurped the throne, the situation has become even better. Those immortal should have quickly figured out that the emperor’s death is almost a new throne and he has no own team. Don’t they take the opportunity to join in and seek the interests of civil servants?
That is, at present, the emperor is a little too cruel, just like Emperor Taizong, and after the implementation of the tax law, he doesn’t give any attention to civil servants. You have to pay as much tax as there are fields in the cabinet and records, and a grain of rice is not allowed to be short of fame and tax. Not only can you not pay taxes on fields, but even commercial taxes have been paid a lot, and official property declaration laws have been issued. Of course, the so-called Royal Guards and the East Factory are also in vain.
The March of Liaodong and Shandong is like marching. As soon as Qin Jun arrived in various places, people from Whitewater surrendered. The trip to Hebei, Henan and Shanxi was also very smooth, and no one dared to stop him. Bai Bao Liaodong was in trouble. He was stopped by straight women, and these straight women took the lead in Liaoyang and other places to resist the siege of Julian Waghann and Bai Bao. It is no problem to be self-controlled.
After receiving the news, Whitewater ordered Bai Bao to lead an army to Shanxi, and he personally led a thousand riders to Liaodong.
The army of King Qin of Nan ‘an County didn’t move on. He stayed in the great river, so he didn’t go north. It looked like a pair of rowing the river and ruling the country. Especially after hearing the news of the emperor’s death, he cried and found a young vassal, Wang Lixin. He said that he would crusade against the usurper and traitor, but the action was to build a water army and establish a defense line. This city is still Nanjing, but in order to keep the king of Nan ‘an County in Nanjing, he must push the defense line north.
Nanjing can only be said to be relatively stable until it is pushed to the front line of the Huaihe River. However, when it is pushed forward, the king of Nan ‘an County is most afraid of riding in the north-the elite cavalry of Qin Jun has blown to the sky just like Bai Lang’s own martial arts, and Bai Lang knows this and he doesn’t go to Liaodong. "Bai Biao, you keep good care of the mountains and seas, and then go to Liaodong to kill all the straight women after killing the army of Wang Jiangbei of Nan ‘an County!"
When Whitewater marched to Hebei, it replenished horses and horses, and then quickly attacked Huaibei in the south. At this time, after Nan ‘an County King’s army occupied Xiangyang, Nanjing Army also crossed the Yangtze River and occupied Xuzhou, while Whitewater Thousand Riders with Armored Riders and Carts directly slammed into Xuzhou "Surge City Surrender! Otherwise, the chickens and dogs will not stay! " Whitewater life command call this guy didn’t set up camp, but just surrounded the cart.
"This is called marching and capturing!" This guy can still say this, but it’s just about the same. Since the Wang’s army in Nan ‘an County and the civil servants and military commanders in Xuzhou’s garrison won’t surrender, Whitewater has no problem at all. There is no forest in Xuzhou to cut trees and build ladders, so he has to come by himself. "You are waiting for someone to go to the gate!" The whitewater, armed with a sword, rushed directly to the wall …
Chapter six hundred and fifty Dingding
As in the past, whitewater forcibly clings to the wall, and he moves like a giant spider. At this time, whitewater is a piece of cake to climb the wall. When he gets to Chengtou, he will kill the enemy by dividing by three and five. After seeing him climb, the defenders of Chengtou will disperse in a hubbub and kill several people without coming at all.
Going down the stairs, there is a wave of ware volley, which is not painful for Whitewater. He stretched out his hand to block the other side of the door and suffered this wave of ware volley. The soldiers lost their ware and fled Whitewater, so he swaggered into the city and introduced his army into the city.
Come to the city with retired bureaucratic gentry organized a big wave of "country soldiers" and "strong men" to defend the city because they saw Whitewater coming in with a large army, and the soldiers who paid for it fell apart directly. The consequence was that they paid for it. These big gentry were finished-Whitewater treated the gentry badly and they wanted to surrender.
Naibailang issued a letter to the officials and gentry to pay the grain, and there is no sea ban in industrial and commercial tax at all. Anyone who wants to pay the ship tax and goods tax can sell the goods to overseas gentry. All the tax-sending roads are completely blocked. The new emperor is like a mob, and the Confucian scholars are the urinals.
It’s no wonder that Whitewater looked down on the present Confucian scholars. You should know that he knew Han Confucianism in those days. They were all able to hack people with sabres and horses, political people, and even the Confucian scholars in the Tang Dynasty were fierce. Even the Confucian scholars in the Tang Dynasty had many flying eagles, but they took heroes from horses.
And now Confucian scholars? That’s a dog, a Confucian, a fly, a dog, a rotten root, and no manhood. So the gentry still wants to give them a good look in vain? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Whitewater thinks it’s a big shame to meet these guys while washing their feet.
Most of them go straight to the property without looking-no scholar Jinshi in this city is poor.
Then these people are tied with ropes and their right hands are strung into a string, and then they are used as petty officials and collectors after they are ready to register-so the gang shouted that St. took the initiative to tie up their own homes to register "What to do for these big officials is also willing …" Whitewater said to his own department with disdain.
After the fall of Xuzhou, the white sea marched straight for the king of Nan ‘an County to cross the river, and the field battle won the battle. In front of him, the king of Nan ‘an County had 50,000 cloth camps and a hundred camps in Fiona Fang. After all, the king of Nan ‘an County didn’t grow up eating shit, so he fought with Nan Man for many years.
"Fighting with a stinking chess basket like Nan Man can get worse and worse, man!" Whitewater laughed after watching his opponent’s barracks. He was in high spirits and worked hard to ride his horse in front of his thousand cavalry, shouting his name and holding high the stableman’s long knife in his hand.

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