Zhao Tianheng knew that he had been calculated by Leng Yuanshan, so he must solve the case and then chase the fish through the net to justice. But there was still a question in his heart and he asked, "Will Cheng Lingyu’s elbow be scarred? And the groom caught a murderer when he died. "

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Sun Zhaoyu zheng, how could he know this? Du Feng naturally doesn’t know that if he knew that day, he would stop Zhao Tianheng from arresting Cheng Lingyu, but Zhao Tianheng said this to save a little face before Du Feng. Where did Du Feng think of this layer deeply?
Zhao Tianheng saw that the two men didn’t answer. "Don’t Leng Yuanshan want to find out the murderer or does he already know who the murderer is?"
Sun Zhaoyu thoughtfully for a moment and said, "My uncle definitely doesn’t know who the murderer is, but he is eager to arrest two people, and he also invited the mage. It is the third martial uncle who has high martial arts skills. Moreover, the cold house has secretly ambushed people since the groom was killed. Naturally, he is not afraid of ghosts or murderers."
"It is no wonder that Cheng Lingyu was arrested yesterday, and no one in his family dared to stand out except Qian Ya." Zhao Tianheng came here for nothing and wanted to come to Leng Yuanshan. Zhao Tianheng was angry at the moment, but if he wanted to find out the murderer, he had to endure a moment of anger. He ignored them and flew to the roof and went straight to Leng Yuanshan’s house.
Du Feng looked away from Zhao Tian Heng’s heart andao to see you still smiling, but he felt that he shouldn’t gloat like this. Seeing Zhao Tianheng’s joke, he turned to think that Qian Ya’s house was on fire, but it was a cold place. However, after several years, the evidence may have been destroyed, and Qian Ya’s eyes were no wonder so sad that day. Her heart seemed to want her family to complain and land, and she had to wear hands from Qian Ya. This Sun Zhaoyu was not the average person. He said that these things had a purpose.
Du Feng turned around and asked, "How many people know about the secret passage of Lengfu?"
Sun Zhaoyu spent a stay. "As far as I know, two cousins of the younger generation don’t know if they know there are cousins."
Du Feng bowed their heads and thought of Qian Ya’s things and just wanted to ask two sentences. But Sun Zhaoyu saw the flames in the east. It was the cold distant mountain family that got up. He didn’t want to jump. Sun Zhaoyu saw my uncle’s house in flames and followed Du Feng.
A moment later, the two men had arrived in the backyard of Leng Yuanshan’s house. At this time, there were many people holding torches. Du Feng grabbed a look and took a look. It was the second lady Pan Hua who came out carrying a person. Before he was busy, he checked the cause of death and the same murderer made another move. Zhao Tianheng looked at the roof coldly. He had already checked the cause of death of Pan Hua, but he didn’t want to see the face of Leng Yuanshan, which made him angry with the roof.
Leng Hai looked at his dead wife and fell to the pain. The housekeeper comforted him.
Du Feng sighed and glanced around his eyes, but he didn’t see the heart of Lengyuan Mountain. He thought that Lengyuan Mountain must have been difficult to find peace in his heart, and then asked the housekeeper, "I don’t know what you saw tonight?"
Road housekeeper got up and glanced at the roof. Zhao Tianheng looked at Du Feng’s heart again. Isn’t the surprise case broken before? Why didn’t the two famous arrests reappear from the first time?
He didn’t rush to answer Du Feng’s question, but looked at Leng Hai and Leng Hai, but he ignored it and cried.
Leng Yuanshan’s house has long known what happened outside, and he knew that Pan Hua was killed again, so he could hide it from the outside arrest. He had to get up, put on his coat and hobbled out with crutches. He glanced at Du Feng and the roof, and Zhao Tianheng shook his head slightly and said hoarsely to the road housekeeper, "Tell me what will happen to the road housekeeper!"
"Yes," said the housekeeper.
Zhao Tianheng stared at Leng Yuanshan’s teeth, but after all, there was no quiet roof.
Du Feng smiled and saluted Leng Yuanshan. Sun Zhaoyu also bowed down before Leng Yuanshan Leng Yuanshan but ignored him.
"I still saw the white shadow tonight, but we chased it out of the hospital and it disappeared," whispered the housekeeper.
Du Feng looked up at Zhao Tianheng and saw that he was looking at himself with a slight smile. "What do you think of Zhao Mingshan?"
Zhao Tianheng stared at the distance and said, "Cheng Lingyu is not the murderer." After saying this, he drifted away and wondered what he was thinking at the moment. But it won’t feel good to think about it.
When people heard this, they talked about it like boiling water and frying a pot.
Leng Yuanshan walked beside Du Feng and sighed deeply, "This matter still depends on two famous arrests."
Du Feng replied seriously, "It’s good to be cold and old and really cooperate."
Leng Yuanshan stared at Du Feng for a long time with a slight quiver, but when he saw that he looked modest and different, he barely squeezed out a little smile. "Leng Someone has been sincerely cooperating with two famous arrests, and besides, his family has died one after another. Is it inappropriate for Leng Someone?"
"It’s good." Du Feng thought of a good acting old fox, and he didn’t know what tricks to play. At the moment, he really couldn’t guess the old fox’s mind.
"Hai ‘er, get up and stop being sad. The two famous arrests will definitely find out the murderer." Leng Yuanshan looked at Voldemort and sobbed Leng Hai sternly.
Leng Hai turned around and looked at the cold distant mountain with his eyes closed. He bit his teeth and suddenly said mercilessly, "Shit, the famous arrest is worthless. I have done something to hurt people for many days. My wife Lingyu was badly hurt by your fault. You are quick to roll for me …" Said Leng Hai, who will get up and dance with his hands, and will drive Du Feng out.
Leng Yuanshan coughed two words: "Road housekeeper, help Haier go back to her room quickly."
Road housekeeper nodded busy to hold Leng Hai that know Leng Hai wrist dint pushed the road housekeeper went belly-up, housekeeper "ah Yao" called ass heavily sat down.
Leng Hai’s hands are close to Du Feng’s shoulders, and he will be pushed out of the cold house. Du Feng is busy flicker to avoid the cold and said, "I’m sorry to leave before arbitrarily."
Say "he snapped turned to Leng Yuanshan and said," Don’t be discouraged when you are cold. If Du Feng can’t solve this case, he will resign from this job and never step into this business again. "
These words are very sonorous, which also shows Du Feng’s determination to Leng Yuanshan. Listening to the body, he was stunned and stayed in place. Du Feng had already left.
Zhao Tianheng has been staying at a roof not far from Leng Yuanshan’s house. It all depends on Du Feng’s words when he left. He saw Du Feng’s persistent recognition of Du Feng for such a moment, but he also felt that Du Feng was too impulsive to talk nonsense, but he had to bear the consequences, just like he had broken Cheng Lingyu before, but he could afford this mistake. Moreover, he could not blame him.
After a while, Leng prone to silence, Zhao Tianheng leaned against the roof and stood still. It seems that he became a bodyguard of Leng Yuanshan’s family. He naturally believes that it is a stupid way to watch Lengfu day and night, but he still doesn’t believe that the murderer can’t be caught waiting for him, but it is not undesirable.
Du Feng went out of the cold house and thought that there was a trick to help Leng Hai and Cheng Lingyu drive me out of the cold house because of the contradiction between husband and wife. This strategy is not very good, but if I don’t know him in the past, I won’t think of him. This is deliberately supporting me.
Not far from the cold house, Du Feng went into a lane and stared at the cold house far away. He still couldn’t find a feasible way to force it. Obviously, it would be more difficult to get twice the result with half the effort.
The next afternoon, Sun Zhaoyu came out of the cold house. His depression seemed to have been hit hard. It seems that Leng Yuanshan didn’t give him a good attitude. Du Feng thought for a moment. During the day, the murderer usually didn’t commit a case, and there was Zhao Tianheng here. He quietly followed Sun Zhaoyu.
Sun Zhaoyu bought some days from Lengfu City, then walked to Wang Daoyan and followed him all the way until Wang Daoyan Du Feng hid in a big stone. He saw Sun Zhaoyu take things to the back hill for a moment, then returned to the front hill and entered a cave.
At this time, Du Feng was too far away from the cave to find out what Sun Zhaoyu was going to do. His shelter was ten feet away from the cave, and he didn’t know what was going on in the cave. He knew that he was going to enter the door, but there were two monks practicing martial arts outside.
It’s already evening, the sunset glow is red, the sky breeze gently blows the branches and leaves to play with each other and rustle, so I can’t do anything. I saw two monks picking some side dishes in front of the cave at the door, and then they went into the hole. It seems that in the evening, they are going to cook, but there are not many monks from the mountain, so four of them are left to be busy.
Du Fenglai didn’t want to fly to the cave. When he saw that it was very spacious inside, the cave walls were sunken and sunken, which was actually natural. He faintly heard the cave talking. He looked up but saw that there was a wall at the top of the cave. His body was just opposite to the natural wall. When he entered, he found that the wall was connected before and after, like a hole interlayer. He leaned forward with bated breath and peeped carefully, and he saw that the monk was sitting on a mat with a serious face. Sun Zhaoyu was in awe before bowing down.
"Master Tai asks you to eliminate the disaster for my uncle’s family" Sun Zhao Yu Yin said with a faint hoarse voice.
"Zhao Yu, do you know that you are a great uncle?" He didn’t answer the rhetorical question Sun Zhaoyu’s way.
Sun Zhaoyu shook his head and said, "I have done something wrong by myself. I can hope that Master Tai will come forward so that my uncle’s family can live in peace."
Du Feng thought that Sun Zhaoyu had done something wrong? What is wrong?
Looking at Sun Zhaoyu with soft eyes, he paused and then said, "Your Third Martial Uncle and I died seven years ago. When I came back from Shaolin to worship, I met him at the bottom of the mountain. At that time, he was hot and burned in many places. I took him to the mountain for three days before I woke up. At that time, I saw deep hatred in his eyes and wanted to help him resolve his resentment."
As far as Sun Zhaoyu is concerned, he tells the story of the past when he met the circle, but he doesn’t listen carefully.
When Yuan Chu woke up, he said to him, "It’s a pity that the benefactor survived. Seeing that you are seriously injured, you will have a problem with others, but when the grievances are repaid, if the benefactor is willing to keep the old woman here, the old woman can help you to bury the hatchet."
Yuan struggled to get up. First, he thanked him and saved his life. Then he said, "I’m already a monk. This is where I came from."
I’m glad to hear what he said, "You have a good knowledge, and I’ll accept you as an apprentice, and you’ll be all, so I’ll take your dharma number."
Yuan was very happy and immediately thanked him, saying, "Master, please be worshipped three times by your younger brother." He said that he was kowtowing three times and then sincerely said, "I will live in this mountain and learn from Master in the future."
After Yuan went with it, but he didn’t talk about all his previous deeds. He asked him all the questions, which increased his troubles. He never asked him for an introduction. He was clever and diligent. In recent years, he has gone far beyond sitting on the other two disciples.
After talking about this, I said truthfully, "If you cross over from the mountain, it will be futile for you to go there. Ghosts are not terrible. They are ghosts in people’s hearts!"

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