While this staggered Xiao Fan chased out with one punch, followed by the demon inflammation chest and shattered the heart together!

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Mouth spray blood demon phlogistic constantly back out, clutching to wear chest eyes full of horror.
"Wow, it seems that … the winner of this battle is me!" Xiao Fan also try to slow down a sigh of relief dumped blood of cutting way
"Damn … you just a human dare to hurt me so badly …" YaoYan panting breath followed chaos.
"But it doesn’t matter …" However, Yaoyan’s quick look recovered and the corners of his mouth pulled a grimace of a grin and said, "It seems that I am very interested in this recruit to completely solve you …"
As he spoke, he suddenly took a big mouth and suddenly burst out of his throat with the word "bah!"
"Six-character mantra!" Xiao Fan double pupil shrink dare not neglect hurriedly self defense again!
"Hey!" As soon as the word came out, the color of heaven and earth suddenly changed, and a thick beam of light condensed from the word showed the destruction of all things towards Xiao Fan!
"oh!" Xiao Fan eyebrows a wrinkly this energy shock crazy shaking up.
"Well!" "well!" "Bang!" "Mi!" "hmm!"
Followed by his five-character mantra also gushed from Yaoyan’s mouth.
Every word will appear by adding a beam of light and the strength will increase several times!
Six beams of light crisscross the center of Xiao Fan’s enclosure as if it were going to be crushed and killed!
"Ha, ha, ha, no one can resist after I exert my six-character mantra, even the Buddha will seriously hurt you, and this guy will be completely shattered in this power!" Yaoyan followed by laughing wildly.
"Boom!" The violent explosion cracked the intersection of six beams, and you can see that Xiao Fan’s figure at that point was severely torn to completely empty it!
"Ha ha ha dead?" Yaoyan laughed more rampant when he saw it.
However, at this moment, the six beams of light suddenly trembled and suddenly turned their guns towards Yaoyan’s anti-boom!
"Bang!" A beam of demon inflammation passed by, and the legs were instantly smashed and reduced to ashes!
"What? This ….. How is this possible? How can the six-character mantra attack me in turn? " Demon inflammation smile solidified the whole person serious than leng in situ!
Soon, the second beam of light came back again and destroyed Yaoyan’s left arm!
"This is impossible!" Yaoyan tore heart crack lung roar up.
"Nothing is impossible. You can do whatever you want with this means!" Xiao Fan sound rings in a few light beams left.
Immediately, four beams of light were left, and the sky was erected in a row.
After a golden lotus bone flower appeared in the light beam.
Lotus petals slowly reveal Xiao Fan’s intact figure, which is as sacred as a real Buddha, and fills the air around him like a finger.
"This … this is … magic-everyday!" Demon inflammation horror has reached the extreme!
"No way. How could that old guy give you this trick?"
"You are a celestial person! How could he do that? "
"It’s not up to you to be surprised. I’ll give you the six-character mantra back!" Xiao Fan raised my hand with a wave of his hand, and the remaining four beams crashed out and instantly smashed the demon body.
The sky echoed with heartbreaking screams.
The smoke and light gradually dissipated to reveal that there was still half a skull suspended and half a demon inflammation!
"Damn … unexpectedly … hurt me like this …" It’s shocking that Yaoyan turned into this picture but still didn’t die!
"oh? You’re not dead after all this? Are you immortal? " Xiao Fan also seem a little surprised to get up from the lotus.
Lotus turns golden light into Xiao Fan body again.
This lotus flower is transformed from Buddha’s power, and Xiao Fan finally understands it every day.
This door-god technique does not have attack power, but can manipulate people to display Buddhist means to turn their backs on them.
"Hum want me to die? I already know how easy it is … Your body has such a magical skill. It’s good to kill you. This magical skill belongs to me. If you have this magical skill, you will just be like an ant! " Yaoyan suddenly grinned.
"Well, you are like this and want to kill me? What did you bring? " Xiao Fan smell speech one leng.
"Take what? Hum, you’ll know what I’m really terrible about … "Yaoyan suddenly roared with a smile." Come on, Shaluo Shuangshuyuan! "
"Hey!" The surrounding scenery suddenly changed, and Xiao Fan could feel the turning power and was sent to another place with his body in an instant.
Datura petals flying all over the sky, two huge trees standing side by side, right in the middle …
Chapter 914 Never die
The leaves of these two trees are clustered, the leaves are oblong, and beautiful pale white flowers are dotted among the branches and leaves, and the stamens are all over the ground …
It is said that the Buddha sat in the double trees of Shaluo, enlightened the mind, enlightened the Tao and realized the secret of cause and effect.
However, in reality, the Buddha was killed by Jia, the double tree of Shaluo, which is both a Buddhist holy land and a Buddhist taboo.

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