Kill their souls directly without destroying their bodies

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Because of this, Yang Guang also refined them into the so-called senior since busy.
After all, it is very good to be able to refine the senior Wu Zong busy puppet from the junior Wu Zong level corpse, and then Yang Guangcai can refine the intermediate Wu Sheng busy puppet from the Wu Sheng corpse.
Reality should also be called strengthening.
Of course, things have been different in the past.
Yang guang also knows that if he wants to achieve the so-called Emperor Wu’s words, then he must first complete this "enlightenment" condition and it is still the so-called nine artistic conceptions. What’s wrong?
Yang guang was also given a choice.
It’s like when Yang Guang realized that the so-called nine artistic conceptions appeared in his mind, whether it was worldly desires or him, it was faster, better and more convenient than those who realized the artistic conceptions normally.
And now what should he do?
Jiu Dao Dao Jing
But it is not the so-called Dao Dao Jing.
You know, when Wu Sheng wants to raise his artistic conception, it is actually the artistic conception of seven emotions and six desires, and Feng Lei Dao Dao Dao.
Not the Tao!
You should know that artistic conception and Tao Jing are two different concepts.
One is just meaning, that is, understanding a little bit of so-called fur.
What about Tao Jing?
Reality is the so-called strongest Tao.
It can also be called the so-called embryonic form of law
Fate causality
Samsara, Five Elements and Yin and Yang
Destruction and source
Time and reality are the so-called laws.
But it’s okay to praise the environment.
And if it is the law, then it should be called the so-called great skill.
Or the so-called great causality and great destiny.
You know, cause and effect and fate are unpredictable things.
It’s too mysterious
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Necessary conditions
Yang Guang is very white. Once the so-called Emperor Wu can really understand this strongest Tao, it is simply going against the sky. Is the so-called great destiny a so-called higher realm condition?
Maybe, but maybe not.

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