This speed of cultivation is simply against the sky.

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"You said … one finger was enough to run me over?"
When the tall boy was frightened, suddenly there was a deep and remote cold sound.
When the tall boy shivered, he saw that Li Xuandao came to him like a ghost, and his face was three inches away from his face. His sharp eyes were like two long swords stabbing into the boy’s eyes.
The tall boy screamed and his eyes instantly exploded into a blood fog.
He covered his eyes and stepped back a dozen paces before plopping down in the direction of Li Xuandao.
"Li Xuandao, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I didn’t know you had broken through the semi-sacred land. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to come to you if you killed me. The trouble is that Lei Wangtianhan is instructed by Tianhan. If you really want to settle accounts with Tianhan, please give me a break."
The tall boy’s heart has been completely occupied by fear. He kowtowed and begged for mercy. He was not arrogant just now.
However, if Li Xuandao doesn’t hear it,
He walked slowly at a constant speed from Gu Zi and said, "Come on, can your finger run me over?" I want to have a look. "
Li Xuandao’s footsteps are like drums, and the hearts of tall teenagers ring.
The fear of the tall boy’s heart has reached the extreme, and he slammed the whole floor into pieces and dared not stop.
Li Xuandao turned a blind eye and squatted in front of the tall boy, gently pulling the tall boy’s slightly rough right hand
"Your right hand is calloused and tough. You should be good at boxing, right?"
Li Xuandao asked with his head down.
The tall boy didn’t know what Li Xuandao wanted to do and nodded blankly. "Yes, I’m Gu Gudi, the emperor Wu Jun, who is best at boxing. I’ve been practicing boxing for more than ten years …"
Li Xuandao’s sigh suddenly sounded before the juvenile words were finished.
"But your fingers are not enough to run me over!"
Li Xuandao eyes yoshimitsu flashing suddenly clenched his right hand.
A burst of dense bone cracks sounded.
The tall boy screamed hysterically, and his whole right hand was completely shattered like a mass of mud hanging limply.
Then Li Xuandao once again pulled up the young left hand.
"Li Xuandao, I was wrong. Please leave me alone. I really know I was wrong."
The tall boy shook his left hand desperately while begging for mercy.
However, Li Xuandao’s right hand is like an iron tongs, and he can break free by the struggle of a teenager.
"Your left hand is not enough to run me over!"
Li Xuandao laughed coldly and clenched his right hand again.
A resounding scream has just sounded, and it is like being abruptly cut off.
See tall young eyes foaming at the mouth has been completely unconscious.
Li Xuandao, in turn, broke the boy’s limbs, and then it seemed that he was tired of playing and slowly got up from the ground. His cold eyes swept the door in all directions, and more than a dozen outside brothers had been scared and collapsed.
"What are you doing here?"
Li Xuandao frowned slightly and suddenly shouted, "Get out of here!"
"Yes, yes, yes"
"Let’s go. Let’s go now."
More than a dozen outside brothers fled one after another if they were granted amnesty.
It was not until a dozen outside cousins had gone away that Li Xuandao’s room was completely quiet.
He looked at the back with a full face of excitement. Huang Zhen took out a CV 21 Dan from his pocket and handed it to him. "Swallow this magic pill first, recover your body, and then tell me what’s going on when your injury stabilizes."
"Thank you, Li Gong"
Huang Zhen was full of gratitude.
These Xuanji Dan were all made by Li Xuandao who risked his life to complete the wild temple. Every one of them was very precious, but Li Xuandao did not hesitate to give it to himself when he healed himself.
Li Xuandao was as generous as Lin Tianchen said.
However, Huang Zhen didn’t know that Li Xuandao didn’t like these Xuanji Dan and wanted him to be able to forge a more powerful panacea with his hands.
After half a column of incense, Huang Zhen has stabilized his injury
Before Li Xuandaokou, he explained, "Li Xuandao, Lin Tianchen and I tipped you off. I don’t know how to let the cat out of the bag. Now Lei Wangtianhan has caught Lin Tianchen and interrupted his limbs. I fled to you for help when people were unprepared."
Huang Zhen plopped down on his knees and begged, "Li Xuandao Lin Tianchen is my best brother. I beg you to help him."
Li Xuandao suddenly opened his eyes wide with sharp colors.
Although he had expected that the Blood Lotus Sect would be tempted to attack him, he never thought that the Blood Lotus Sect was so despicable that he took the lead in taking the knife from people close to him.
"You get up."
Before Li Xuandao, Huang Zhen lifted his face from the ground and emerged indifferently. "Lin Tianchen is not only your brother but also my Li Xuandao brother."
"lead the way!"
"Let’s go and avenge Lin Tianchen!"
Chapter 22 What is a decisive war?
"Li Ge is here.
Huang Zhen pointed to a three-story building in front of him with a full face of resentment. "Besides Lin Tianchen, there are more than a dozen of our law enforcement brothers who have been Tianhan. I don’t know if my brothers have been interrupted like Lin Tianchen."
Li Xuandao looked cold and said indifferently, "Let’s kill blood out."
Huang Zhen was shocked by Li Xuandao’s rampant tone and hurriedly said, "Li Ge must not slay his cousin in Taibai Town. This is a capital crime. If the sects blame you, no one can protect you."
"So what?"
Li Xuandao picked his eyebrows. "Lin Tianchen is dying. Do you have any thoughts about the consequences? When will the fear of wolves and tigers break through the realm of saints? "
Listen, Li Xuandao reprimanded Huang Zhenzhang for opening his mouth, and suddenly his eyes flashed with an enlightenment.
Soon he pulled out the sword behind his face and revealed the ferocious way. "Li Ge’s lesson is that his brother is dying. What consequences should I consider?" Blood out, I must kill all these rabbits today and let them know that I have offended Huang Zhenchang! "
"Very good"
Feeling Huang Zhenshen’s murder, Li Xuandao secretly nodded, "You remember that Jian Xiu is going to make a decisive war and go forward. You must not lose your spirit, otherwise the sword will become dull and never reach the peak."
Huang Zhen carefully memorized every word Li Xuandao said until he confirmed the mistake. Then he embraced the fuels and said, "Thank you, Li Ge, for teaching me that Huang Zhen will always remember it."
"Then come and watch the game next to you. I’ll give you a demonstration to let you know what a real war is."
Also ranging from Huang Zhen promised Li Xuandao a kick the building door.
Moments of noise sounded from all sides.
"Who’s mom?"
"Dare to rush into Lei Wangtianhan’s residence and get impatient?"
"Is there really a fear of death at the end of this day?"
A dozen outside brothers rushed over with swords while swearing.
The first black teenager’s eyes swept away and he couldn’t help laughing. "Haha, I said, who was it that just slipped away? Why did my law enforcement captain find help to get revenge?"
"Rolling you!"

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